Quest 740

From Ethene
Prisera (プリゼーラ)
Setsuran (セツラン)
Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長)
Just and Gentle Strength (正しくて優しい強さ)
Location Guardian Knights HQ (守護騎士団本部)
Starting NPC Prisera (プリゼーラ)
Description -
Requirements Quest 739 Completed 
Initial Reward Guardian Helm
Guardian Gloves
+20 SP to every Guardian Tree
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Cooper Coin
Moon Dessert
EXP/Fame 23100XP / 80
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 739 Next Quest Quest 741

  • Accept the quest from Prisera (プリゼーラ) inside the HQ.
  • Go to Hopeless Wasteland and speak to Setsuran (セツラン).
    • There's a Pink Teleportal outside the HQ, interact to be in the door outside Hopeless Wasteland for fast travel.
  • Zoom to Gartlant Castle Town (E7) and talk to Geida (グイダー) to obtain the Key Item: おいしい保存食セット
  • Talk to Prisera in the HQ, then talk to Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長) in this same building.
  • After the previous step, go to Hopeless Wasteland and a event cutscene will play to start a boss battle.
    • A horde of enemies will appear one after another, use ranged attacks and maybe Equip a Mechanical Eye to increase Tension up after defeating enemies.
  • Go back to the HQ and finish the quest by talking to Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長).