Quest 739

From Ethene
Prisera (プリゼーラ)
Sealed Stone Statue (封じられた石像)
Location Guardian Knights HQ (守護騎士団本部)
Starting NPC Prisera (プリゼーラ)
Description -
Requirements Quest 738 Completed 
Initial Reward Moon Dessert
Guardian Boots
+20 SP to every Guardian Tree
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Cooper Coin
Moon Dessert
EXP/Fame 22000XP / 40
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 738 Next Quest Quest 740

  • Accept the quest from Prisera (プリゼーラ) inside the HQ.
  • Interact with the sparkling point located in Popola Region (B6) to get Key Item: 魔封石
  • Hand over the Key item inside the builing in Wind Town Azlan (E3) to Shakunage (シャクナゲ) to receive 魔封のじゅず.
  • Go back to Prisera and the quest will be completed.