Quest 742

From Ethene
Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長)
Setsuran (セツラン)
On Thin Ice (薄氷の上で)
Location Guardian Knights HQ (守護騎士団本部)
Starting NPC Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長)
Description -
Requirements Quest 741 Completed 
Initial Reward Unlock Pep Skills (ゾーン技):
ブーストオーラ and 防塞領域
+20 SP to every Guardian Tree
Replay Reward 3 Urbea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame 25300XP / 160
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 741 Next Quest Quest 743

  • Accept the quest from Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長) inside the Guardian Knights HQ (守護騎士団本部)
  • Go to Wind Town Azlan (E3) inside the building and talk to Shakunage (シャクナゲ) at the church.
  • Return to the HQ and talk to Commander Dandio, a event cutscene will start.
  • Go to Hopeless Wasteland and talk to Setsuran (セツラン), interact with the statue in the back and a boss battle will start.
    • This new horde of enemies use strong offensive spells like Kafrizzle and Kaswooshle.
    • Good thing Guardian has a skill to cast Bound (reflective spell) to the entire party for a short amount of time (退魔の鏡), you know what to do.
  • Go back to the HQ, speak to Dandio and finish the quest.