Quest 743

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Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長)
Setsuran (セツラン)
1000 Year Fang (1000年の牙)
Location Guardian Knights HQ (守護騎士団本部)
Starting NPC Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長)
Description -
Requirements Quest 742 Completed 
Initial Reward Proof of Guardian
+20 SP to every Guardian Tree
Replay Reward Proof of Guardian
1 Urbea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame 26400XP / 200
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 742 Next Quest Quest 744

  • Accept the quest from Commander Dandio (ダンディオ団長) inside the Guardian Knights HQ (守護騎士団本部)
  • Your mission is to defeat Corpse Corporal (リビングデッド) using ブラスターフィスト
    • ブラスターフィスト is unlocked by putting 28 SP in Guardian's てっぺき Tree
    • Corpse Corporal are located in Juleria Underground Mine (ジュレリア地下廃坑) on Wena Islands.
  • Complete that mission and go to Wind Town Azlan (E3) inside the building and talk to Shakunage (シャクナゲ) at the church.
  • Go to Hopeless Wasteland and talk to Setsuran (セツラン) for a boss battle to start.
    • The last horde of enemies, be careful of your MP usage.
    • They use strong offensive spells like before but also breath attacks so, bring a Ranger or equip armor/robes with high Breath Guard. Don't forget the Mirror skills.
  • After another emotional Dragon Quest X moment, go back to the HQ, talk to Commander Dandio and this questline will be finished.
    • Proof of Guardian's effect is "Sometimes survive at 1HP"