Quest 75

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Spirit of a Thief (盗賊の心意気)
Location Gatara Capital City - H5, In the corner of the Tavern, to the right as you enter.
Starting NPC Darul
Description -
Requirements Quest 74 Complete 
Initial Reward Thief Coup-de-Grace "Itemized Kill"
Experience Scroll - THF (6)
20 points in all Thief skills
Replay Reward 1 Gold Nugget
4110 Exp / 3 Fame
EXP/Fame 8220 / 137
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 74 Next Quest Quest 76


Requirements: In order to complete this quest, you must know the Thief skill "Half-Inch". It is the top skill in the Thief tree and allows you to steal from enemies.

  • Head to Gatara and visit the Tavern. Turn right to see Darul and Ishtar standing in the corner. Speak to Darul to start the quest.
  • Seems the Whirlwind Brigade is determined to give thieves a bad name in Gatara and have stolen a couple objects from citizens.
  • Talk to Bitcho, a dwarf that lives next door to the tavern at F-4. He lost his father's badge, stolen from him by Ruff Ruffians.
  • Talk to Pinat, a Puklipo with turquoise hair standing in front of the woodworking station at F-8. The first urn he ever made was taken by Killer Bees/Scornets.
  • Both of these monsters hang out in Gulag Underpass, so head out of Gatara and head south into the underpass.
  • Steal from, and then defeat, each of these monsters. Ruff Ruffians (the dogs) have the badge and Scornets (the hornets) have the urn.
  • Return to Gatara and bring these items back to their rightful owners.
  • Meanwhile, Darul and Ishtar have been busy and found out Chammle's whereabouts.
  • Head to Goble Desert East. If you have access to Dolworn Kingdom, you can warp to Dolworn Kingdom Entry and leave the city.
  • In Goble Desert East, your destination is Quicksand Lair at the northeastern corner (G-2). Get in there and take down the boss.
  • Talk to Darul to complete the quest and be rewarded with the Thief's Coup-de-Grace: Itemized Kill (お宝ハンター 'Treasure Hunter') !

Itemized Kill is a special attack that nearly always disables(Shock) the target for several seconds while dealing damage and guaranteeing a normal drop when the fight is completed.

Completed Summary - Chamour, the head of the Whirlwind Brigade, was inspired by the Darul Bandits to stop hating thieves and get back on his feet. Budecho, the former king of thieves, taught me some of the best techniques of thievery as a thank you.