Quest 74

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Budecho's Request (ブデチョの依頼)
Location Gatara Capital City - H5, In the corner of the Tavern, to the right as you enter.
Starting NPC Darul
Description -
Requirements Quest 73 Complete 
Initial Reward Thief Pants, Thief Tunic
Experience Scroll - THF (4)
20 points in all Thief skills
Replay Reward 2 Ogon Fragment
3090 Exp
EXP/Fame 6180 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 73 Next Quest Quest 75


Requirements: In order to complete this quest, you must know the Thief skill "Half-Inch". It is the top skill in the Thief tree and allows you to steal from enemies.

  • Head to Gatara and visit Darul inside the tavern at H-5.
  • Go to Budecho's house and have a parley with him.
  • Go to Chaldea Cave located in Chaldea Mountain Road D-8.
  • Travel to C-1 inside the cave an enter to see an event.
  • Hop over to Verinard South in the Wena Islands and find a Scalloby.
  • Use Half-Inch to pinch the scallop, then defeat the monster.
  • Return to Chammle inside the Chaldea Cave for an event.
  • Then talk to Budecho
  • Finally, talk to Darul to complete the quest.

Completed Summary - Through his request, Budecho's true identity and the existence of the head of the Whirlwind Brigade have been revealed. They are father and son and seem to have a history together. Darul thanked me for the valuable information I obtained and gave me a reward.