Quest 81

From Ethene
The Height of Laughter (笑いの極み)
Location Orphea Region West
Starting NPC Polfan
Description -
Requirements Lv30+ Minstrel 
Initial Reward 7 Minstrel Scrolls
Replay Reward 3950 XP
1 Urbea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame 7900 XP/ 172 Fame
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 80 Next Quest Quest 82


  • Talk with Polfan in the cave at D4~D5 of Orphea Region West and they will ask you to fight Lulu Leach, who can be found at the Cave of Megilaza.
  • To get to the Cave of Megilaza, head to Windmill Way from the west side of Orphea Region West and then make your way south to Megistris Territory. Continue south from there to enter the Cave of Megilaza.
  • Once you're inside the cave travel all the way to the end and interact with the door to start the boss fight.
  • After killing the boss and watching the cutscene, travel back to Polfan to get your reward.