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A Minstrel of the Pukulipo race.

Your jack-of-all-trades, the Minstrel (MIN) (旅芸人) is like a classic Bard, able to slip into a wide variety of roles in a party but most at home being a support. They have access to Fans, Staff, Daggers, Boomerangs, Fisticuffs and Shields, including the exclusive skill tree Litheness (きょくげい Kyokugei). With the ability to cast a little offensive magic, a little healing magic, and use a handful of unique weapons, these dazzling darlings slip into a versatile but important role.

Their coup-de-grace is Rough N' Tumble (アクロバットスター), which increases evasion and 50% counterattack for 2 minutes on your team, also increases one level of tension on the user.


Vocation Quests

Quest 77 - Disciple of a Traveling Entertainer (旅芸人の弟子)
Quest 78 - The Disappearing Traveling Entertainer (消えた旅芸人)
Quest 79 - At the End of Training (修行の果てに)
Quest 80 - A Man Who Forgot His Tricks (芸を忘れた男)
Quest 81 - The Height of Laughter (笑いの極み)

Vocation Tree Skills

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current vocation.

Litheness (きょくげい)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
ボケ (Boke) Boke Pratfall Drops a pan on your head, attempting to get nearby enemies to "laugh" and incapacitating them. If it works, your tension will raise 1 level. Skill 2 - 4
全職業でみりょく+20 (Zen shokugyō de miryoku +20) Charm In All Occupations +20 Natural Charm +20 - Passive - - 12
ツッコミ (Tsukkomi) Tsukkomi Sobering Slap Attempts to remove an ally's paralysis, dazzled, sleep, and confusion statuses. Skill 4 - 22
全職業ですばやさ+30 (Zen shokugyō de subayasa +30) Agility In All Occupations +30 Natural Agility +30 - Passive - - 34
タップダンス(専)(Tappudansu) Tap Dance (Exclusive) Tap Dance Increases your evasion rate for 3 minutes. Skill 3 - 46
全職業でこうげき魔力+10 (Zen shokugyō de kougeki maryoku +10) Attack Magic Power In All Occupations +10 Natural Magical Might +10 - Passive - - 54
キラージャグリング(専)(Kirājaguringu) Killer Juggling (Exclusive) Have a Ball Deals six attacks to random targets in front of you for 0.5 times damage, with a small chance to confuse any targets hit. Skill 8 - 68
全職業でかいふく魔力+10 (Zen shokugyō de kaifuku maryoku +10) Recovery Magic Power In All Occupations +10 Natural Magical Mending +10 - Passive - - 78
全職業できようさ+20 (Zen shokugyō de kiyōsa +20) Dexterity In All Occupations +20 Natural Deftness +20 - Passive - - 82
ハッスルダンス(専)(Hassurudansu) Hustle Dance (Exclusive) Hustle Dance Recovers at least 70 HP to all nearby allies. Skill 8 - 100
きようさ+30(専)(Kiyōsa +30) Dexterity +30 (Exclusive) Deftness +30 - Passive - - 110
エンドオブシーン(専)(Endoobushīn) End of Scene (Exclusive) ? Removes sleep, paralysis, confusion, dazzled, transformation, and small statuses from all nearby allies. Skill 4 15/25 120
ゴッドジャグリング(専)(Goddojyaguringu) God Juggling (Exclusive) ? Deals eight attacks to random targets in front of you for 0.5 times damage, with a small chance to lower attack power by 1 level of any targets hit. Skill 8 25/75 130
たまにカウンター(専)(Tama ni kauntā) Sometimes Counter (Exclusive) ? You now have the ability to sometimes counter enemy attacks. Passive - - 140
たたかいのビート(専)(Tatakai no bīto) Beat of Battle (Exclusive) ? Increases the attack power of nearby allies by 2 levels. Skill 4 0/130 150
超ハッスルダンス(専)(Chō hassurudansu) Super Hustle Dance (Exclusive) ? Greatly recovers the HP of nearby allies. Skill 10 I(60/120), II(40/80), III(30/60) 180*
いやしのメロディ(専)(Iyashi no merodi) Healing Melody (Exclusive) ? Recovers 100 HP for every 6 seconds for 1 minute to all nearby allies. Skill 8 I(80/160), II(60/120) 200*

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