Quest 82

From Ethene
Swordmaster's Sorrow/Wandering Monster (なげきの妖剣士/さまよえる怪物)
Location The King's Room at Glen Castle
Starting NPC Minister Chigri(チグリ大臣)
Description Minister Tigri of Glenn Castle has asked me to go to the Lion's Gate village and listen to eyewitness accounts of a mysterious demon. The demon was looking for Lemur's Chalice and apparently headed for Glenn Castle.
Initial Reward Red Eye x4
Replay Reward Red Eye x2
EXP/Fame 24896P/50P
Replay EXP/Fame 2448P/5P
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 83


  • Talk to Minster Chigri to receive a quest.
  • Ahead to Lion Gate.
  • Talk to Borazaru by the suspension bridge. And get the sighting information.
  • Go back to the castle. Report to Minister Chiguri to clear the quest.