Quest 83

From Ethene
Swordmaster's Sorrow/Past Revealed (なげきの妖剣士/明かされる過去)
Location Servant Room in Glen Castle 1st floor(グレン城の1階、使用人部屋)
Starting NPC Danderu(ダンデル)
Description -
Initial Reward Gold Nuglet x3(おうごんのかけらx3)
Replay Reward Urbea Copper Coin x3(ウルベア銅貨x3)
EXP/Fame 27488P/52P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 82 Next Quest Quest 84


  • Talk to Minster Chigri.
  • Talk to Danderu in the Glen Castle 1st floor servant room to receive the quest.

Note; If you choose "Go Now(今すぐ行く)," you can warp to Inn on the Bridge , Gert Strait.

  • Check bookshelf(B-4). Obtain " Glen History Vol. 47".
  • Go back to the castle. Give the book to Danderu to clear the quest.