Quest 89

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Quest 89 - Calsadora's Red Strategies (カルサドラの赤き計略)

Name Calsadora's Red Strategies
Location Mount Gatara
Coordinates B-4 (inside the Junk Castle)
NPC Prince Biang Dao
Requirements Clear Quest 88
Initial Rewards
Experience 26560 P
Fame 69 P
Rewards Platinum Ore (5)
Replay Rewards
Experience 8280 P
Fame 17 P
Rewards Urbea Silver Coin (1)
Quest Progression
Previous 88
Next 90


  • The quest will start upon entering the Junk Castle. Shortly after, a scene will play and you will be zoomed into Molinara Forest.
  • Defeat Genji Beetles in the eastern part of the forest until you obtain the Ancient Battle Blade (古代の戦刃).
  • Defeat Green Scissors in the northern part of the forest until you obtain the Magic Gear (魔道の歯車).
  • Return to the Junk Castle and a scene will play. After that, the quest will be cleared.