Quest 90

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Quest 90 - Ender (終わりを告げる者)

Name Ender
Location Mount Gatara
Coordinates B-4 (inside the Junk Castle)
NPC Prince Biang Dao
Requirements Clear Quest 89
Initial Rewards
Experience 35800pt P
Fame 89 P
Rewards Three Warrior's Axe
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards Yellow Eye (3)
Quest Progression
Previous 89
Next 91


  • A cutscene will play when you enter the Junk Castle at Mount Gatara B-4.
  • Go to Raniaka Fault Zone and examine the Axe Altar at D-4. A scene will play, and you will be teleported to Calsadora Volcano.
  • Proceed through the Calsadora volcano and enter the cave in H-3. After a scene, a boss fight will follow.
  • Another scene will play out after defeating the boss and the quest will be cleared.