Quest 93

From Ethene
Name Bag Organization Technique
Location Luckland Island, Owner's Mansion 2F
Coordinates E4
NPC Sasalana
Requirements Level 34
Initial Rewards
Experience 14800 P
Fame 69 P
Rewards Equipment bag can hold up to 75 items (+25)
Replay Rewards
Experience 3700 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Gold Nugget
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


Matoi located at A6

  • Next, go to the City of Megistris and speak to Pappol upstairs inside the house at B1.

Pappol Located upstairs in B1

  • He will charge you with hunting down a mob in the Gilzad region.You're looking for Wild Chappies, E3, C3

  • With the bunny fluffed up and the item in our possession, head to the Dolworm Kingdom's depository (the small purple safe icon) at B-2 and speak to Special Storage Memeri, she will offer to take you to your next destination (Megistris)

  • With the bottle in our inventory, head back to Megistris at B-1, speak to Pappol again, oh no! it contained a virus! let's scramble to Verinard Castle town's church where we can find a vaccine!
  • Talk to Kyasso in the church, who tells us the vaccine was hidden at a stone monument in the Boonah Rainforest at G-5.

  • Interact with the stone to get what you need, you'll be asked if you want to be sent back to Megistris

  • Report back to Pappol in Megistris B-1.
  • With that crisis averted, we can report back to Sasalana to complete the quest, who will grant us an extra 25 equipment slots. Nice!