Quest 239

From Ethene
Name Secrets of Organizing
Location Luckland Island
Coordinates E-4
NPC Sasalana
Requirements Level 68+
Initial Rewards
Experience 16300 P
Fame 69 P
Rewards Equipment bag can hold up to 100 items (+25)
Replay Rewards
Experience 4075 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Gold Nugget
Quest Progression
Previous 93
Next 379


  • To begin the quest, speak to Sasalana on the 2nd Floor of Owner's Mansion.
  • After accepting the quest, head to the Popolia Mushroom Mountain.
    • You can easily get there via a Bazoom Girl (or by going northeast from Orphea if you haven't been there yet).
  • Once there, go to the area of E-4 and hunt Rainbow Scissors until they drop Rainbow Wing Dividers.
  • Head to Julet Town and go to the Sewing Guild. Speak with Rottie to receive a Sea Breeze Sack.
  • Go back to Sasalana in Luckland and give her both items.
  • After speaking with her, return to the Sewing Guild in Julet Town. Speak with Rottie again.
  • Finally, return to Sasalana to finish the quest.