Quest 239

From Dragon Quest X
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  • Quest Name: Secrets of Organizing
  • Quest Giver: Sasalana
  • Location: Luckland Island Owners Mansion
  • Target  : Rainbow Scissors
  • Requirements: Level 68+
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, +25 Equipment Slots.

After accepting the quest, head to the Popolia Mushroom Mountain. You can get there by going to Pukuland's Orphea Village, take the east exit, then no to the NE exit. Alternatively if you have a Megazoom stone you can teleport to Pippi's inn and just go North. Once there, go to the area of C5 and hunt around for the Rainbow Scissors enemies. Defeat them until the item you need drops. They enemy is Pink in color. After that, head to Julet town in Wena Isles. Go to the Tailor Guild and speak with Rottie for the bag. Return to the quest giver. After speaking with her, return to the Tailor Guild. Speak with Rottie again. Now once again return to the quest giver for your reward.