Special and Chance Skills

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Special/Coup de Grace skills

After completing a vocation's 4th vocation quest, you will unlock that vocation's Special Skill (known as Coup de Grace in IX). These are powerful skills that have a chance to appear every time you do an action or take damage. Each Special skill is unique to each class, and when used in a pinch, they could potentially save a failing fight into a winning one. When a Special skill is available, "Special/ひっさつ" will appear in blue at the top of your command menu.

Class Skill Name Description Showcase
Warrior Critical Claim (会心必中) Deals an unresistable critical hit to a single target.


Priest Saint's Song (聖者の詩) Recovers the HP and status effects of all allies, and revives all dead allies at about 50% HP.


Mage 0 Zone (ミラクルゾーン) Reduces MP costs of spells to 0 and increases your spell power and casting speed.


Martial Artist Roaring Tirade (一喝) Incapacitates all enemies and raises your tension 1 level.

Roaring Tirade.gif

Thief Itemized Kill (お宝ハンター) Deals an attack to a single enemy that stuns them, and causes them to have a guaranteed item drop. Also increases the chance the enemy's rare item will drop.

Itemized Kill.gif

Minstrel Rough 'n' Tumble (アクロバットスター) Increases dodge rate of all party members and raises your tension 1 level. Also, you may occasionally counter normal attacks while the effect is active.

Rough 'n' Tumble.gif

Battle Master Tension Boost (テンションブースト) Raises your tension to the maximum level. Example
Paladin Knight Watch (パラディンガード) Causes all enemies to become angry at you, and you take no damage for 30 seconds. Example
Armamentalist Magic Roulette (マジックルーレット) You and nearby allies will recover 999 MP every 3 seconds for 10 seconds. There is also a chance you and your allies' damage dealt will be increased for 15 seconds. Example
Ranger Brownie Boost (妖精のポルカ) Raises party's Attack and Defense by one stage, and restores 30HP/5MP every 3 seconds for 2 minutes.


Sage Spelly Breath (神の息吹) Raises user's Magical Mending/Might by one stage, restores 20% of the user MP and shortens spell casting time to 1 second for 60 seconds. Sagespecial.png
Superstar Shocking Twist (モンスターゾーン) Angers enemies and causes them to become paralyzed when they attack you. Also gain a Goddess' Grace and damage reduction effect. Superstarspecial.png
Monster Master Wild Side (ビーストモード) Reduces your action interval to 0 for 40 seconds, and raises your attack and defense by 2 stages. Example
Item Master Gadget Type-0 (強化ガジェット零式) Creates a magic circle on the ground that will double damage and recovery, as well as increasing critical and haywire rates of allies standing inside. The circle lasts 20 seconds. Example
Dancer Deity Dance (荒神の舞) Increases the entire party's tension by 4 levels. Example
Fortune Teller Zodiac Code (ゾディアクコード) All cards in your hand will have Aura and using tarots will not consume a turn for 40 seconds. Example
Druid Mark on Nature (天地鳴動の印) Shortens you and your active summon's action interval, as well as increasing damage dealt and critical rate. Example
Gadabout Hocus Pocus (パルプンテ) A random effect is chosen out of several to occur. (Link to effects here) Example
Death Master Death Power Boost (デスパワーブースト) Raises your Death Power to the maximum amount. Example
Demon Swordsman Demonic Method (錬魔の秘法) Increases your movement speed and skill activation speed, and reduces your action interval. Example
Pirate Ultra Cannon (ウルトラ大砲) Places down a giant cannon that periodically fires at enemies for a time. Example

Chance Skills

After completing a certain quest during version 3, you will unlock the ability to use Chance skills. These will randomly trigger during battle much like Special/Coup de Grace skills, but every vocation is able to use every Chance skill. After a Chance skill is used during battle, it will take some time to recharge before it can be used again in the same battle. When a Chance skill becomes available, "Chance/チャンス" will appear in pink at the top of your command menu.

Triggering Chance Skills

Depending on the type of action that occurs in battle, there is a certain percent chance that your Chance command will become available.

Action Type Trigger Chance
Execute any command ~2%
Defeat an enemy ~2%
Take damage from an enemy ~2%
Deal critical damage ~5%
Avoid an enemy attack by parrying, blocking, or dodging ~5%
When an ally's Chance command triggers ~2%

The chance to trigger a Chance command off of an ally's Chance command trigger is called a Chance Chain (チャンス連鎖).

Chance Skill List

Skill Name Description Charge Time (seconds) Showcase
Dragon Soul (ドラゴンソウル) Deals large lightning damage to a single target and reduces their wind resistance. 60 Example
Pearly Gates (グランドクロス) Deals wind damage to a target and its surroundings 2 times, and reduces lightning resistance. 60 Example
Reverse Enlightenment (げきりんのさとり) Increases your spellcasting speed and all of your spells will guaranteed go haywire for 18 seconds. 300 Example
Star of Charity (慈愛の明星) Restores about 400 HP to allies around you. 600 Example
Chaos Circle (災禍の陣) Places a magic circle on the ground that causes any enemy inside to take 50% increased damage. The circle lasts 18 seconds. 600
Chaos Circle.gif
Scape Guard (スケープガード) Reduces damage taken from nearby enemies by 100 and automatically protects nearby allies for 30 seconds. 600 Example