Quest 407

From Ethene
Name Light the Voids Darkness
Location Holy City Erjarna
Coordinates D-3 (Guidance Temple)
NPC Izora
Requirements Must have Version 3
Level 90 or higher
Initial Rewards
Experience 15,120 P
Fame 223 P
Rewards Unlocks Chance skills
Replay Rewards
Experience 7,560 P
Fame -
Rewards Urbea Gold Coin (1)
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Talk to Izora (イゾラ) to accept the quest.
  • He will charge you with defeating a Wonder Wyrtle, and bring back proof that you did it .
  • Go to the Red Desert area in the fire realm, and search for Wyrtles around A-5 and B-5.
    • It's recommend to buy Miracle Perfume from the Casino at Luckland island, or coming as a Monster Master with the Proof of MON equipped and their passive vocation skill learned (bringing multiple MON will not stack this effect, as only the person who initiates the battle will have their effects applied). The perfume and MON passive traits do stack, so for the greatest probability, you should use both.
  • After defeating the requested monster, go back to Izora.
  • Examine the red flame right in front of him.
  • Then speak to Izora again to turn the quest. Congratulations, you just unlocked the "Chance skills"!

You can read more about the Chance Skills on the Special Skills page.