Quest 407

From Ethene

== QUEST 407 Light the Voids Darkness

Npc location: holy city erjarna- guidance temple at D-3                                                                                              

Requirements: Must have version3 (v3) 
Rewards: opportunity and nails, you will be able to use 6
Replay Rewards: 1 Urubea gold coin
Exp - 7,560


1. talk to the npc to start the quest

2. He will charge you with defatting a wonder wyrtle, and bring back proof that you did it

3. go to the red dessert in the fire realm to kill them ( they can be found around A-5 and B-5

4. I recommend buying miracle perfume from the casino at luckland island , this will help the chances of you actually fighting them

5. after defeating them go back to the npc you got the quest from.

6. after speaking to him examine the red flame right in front of him

7 .then speak to the starting npc, to turn in the quest.