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Offline Prologue Story

Version 1: Awakening of the Five Tribes

Starting Village Quest

  • Rangao Village (Ogre)
  • Pukulet Village (Pukulipo)
  . Get the angel slime hat from the puko with a pink name next to one of the stands
  . Enter house marked yellow on the map (south west in the village, opposite the inn)
  . Go to the mayors house for another cutscene (red roofed house)
  . Exit the town via the entrance to the north, then head west out the zone and enter the cave highlighted yellow on your map
  . After cutscene, head back to village
  . Go check both houses you have been in before (mayors and your friend's), then head up north until you get to the land of the dead
  . After clearing this dungeon and beating the boss, cutscenes will play but then zoom back to the village
  . Head west back to the sage's cave for cutscene, then head back to village
  . Talk to mayor and friends in house, mayor should give you a stamp on your book - you are now ready to progress onto the main story
  . You will be given 3 party members, take them with you all the way west through several zones until you get to Ophelea town 
  . Proceed with Ophelea town key emblem quest (see below) or hop on the train and go elsewhere for another quest
  • Rene Village (Weddie)
  • Tsusukuru Village (Elf)
  • Agurani Village (Dwarf)
  . Go to church and enter room on left
  . Enter mines where you started
  . Progress through the mines until you reach a double door
  . Speak to the guard on the left then return to the village church
  . Enter the biggest house via the lower floor and proceed to the central room
  . Re-enter the mines and go back to the sage/old man
  . Continue through the mines until you reach a decorated doorway
  . Fight boss
  . Return to big house for a cutscene, you will recieve your stamp and you can proceed with the key emblem quests

Key Emblems

  • Glen Castle
  . Talk to the Ogre King in the castle at the top of the town
  . After the cutscene, leave the jail
  . Go to the Inn and head to the back left door
  . After cutscene, leave town through west exit to Glen West
  . Go north to Becon Valley
  . Head north into a small cave next to the teleport crystal
  . You will have to fight a boss at the end of the cave
  . Head back to Glen Castle Town
  . Go to the inn and head to the back left door
  • Azlan Town
  • Mountain City Gatara
  • Olphea Town
  . Talk to the puku with the purple name by the church (make sure you have completed your intro village quest to trigger the cutscene)
  . Enter the tent in the middle of the town via the front entrance on the left (if you are facing the tent with both doors in view)
  . After the cutscene head into the tent via the back stage entrance, trigger cutscene 
  . Exit the tent and exit west out the town
  . Head all the way south down to wrinkle zone and then directly south again to Silver Hill, until you reach a cutscene
  . After the cutscene, head back to the circus tent in Olphea Town - enter through the back stage entrance again
  . After the cutscene(s), exit the town west again and head northwest towards Mureal Forest 
  . The boss fight takes place in the south east area of the forest
  . Head back to Silver Hill for a cutscene
  . Head back to Ophelea town and enter the front entrance of the circus tent, cutscene will play and you will recieve the key emblem for this quest chain
  • Julet Town
  • Gartland Castle
  • Royal Capitol of Kamiharumui
  • Dolworm Kingdom
  • Magistris City
  . To get to the city, head west out of Olphea Town -> then head south west towards the Windmill Way -> Head south of Windmill Way to Magistris Zone 
  . Entrance to city is in the north west of the Magistris Zone
  . Head to the castle in the north of the city
  . After you are let inside the castle, head up the stairs in front of you, turn right and (can't remember exactly, will check) find the king's chambers
  . After cutscene head out the city and back to Windmill Tower in Windmill Way

  • Verinard Castle


  • Reyda Metes
  • Heart of the Dark Lord

Version 2: The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies

2.0: The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies

*Please Note
•This guide is a makeshift creation to help those who can't get the translations or API's working somehow, this is indeed a work in progress & the wiki hosts got permission to edit, change or remove this for something hopefully better

Begin your brand new adventure by starting Quest #264 make sure you got some armor or a decent squad!

·With Boarding pass now in your inventory head to South Port Lendor to begin your new journey!

Talk to Director Sugimu located at South Port Lendor

What movie did he direct in?

After a small cutscene, you can now board the ship! Talk to Crain to get started

Next, go up the stairs twice and then up to the Bridge

After a cutscene head down to the first floor, and head to the rear room After yet another cutscene albeit a cool one, head to room guide Brent, located on the same floor

Welcome to Cocolata! Head to Coniware Plain then to the Three Way Gate, where you'll be greeted with a cutscene

1st Butterfly: Head outside, then head south to Melsandy Grenary Belt, then to Melsandy Village to be greated with a cutscene and then head to the Chiefs House for another cutscene

head out of town and go north towards Melun Watermill and enter the home to have a cutscene with granny, she ask's for help with the watermill, head out and go north to the mill, after a cutscene go back to Kobe's home for another cutscene, and then head yet again to the water cabin for another cutscene

Head back to Melsandy Village & after a cutscene head to the inn & a cutscene when you rest. Head to Sunbeam square west of the village for another cutscene, jump down the well to be surprised by the interior!

*Underground Waterway

Follow the path to head to your next destination on this now wet journey

  • Warning! This fights a bit tough around level 70 so ensure you have a good squad with you!

After fighting the boss and a wonderful cutscene, head back to the village and to the Chiefs House for another cutscene. Congrats on your first butterfly!

*Second Butterfly

Head South to Rhone Forest Belt and then keep heading south to Caledot Mountain Pass then head east to The Town of Celed, After an interesting cutscene head North East to the High Church

Speak to Bosch

You are sent to defeat Hacksaurus until you obtain an item from them

Return to Bosch and enter the building for a cutscene, after the cutscene (and no snacks :( ) you talk to Liesolette on the 2nd floor

After talking and leaving you see a cutscene, after thats done, head north to Linjahar Coast, and then head towards the tower, make sure you're prepped!

After a couple of floors up there'll be a dark door, this is a boss battle! ensure you are prepared!

keep going up and experience a cutscene, afterward head back to Celed, make sure you heal up at the inn before going to the next cutscene,

After an awesome boss battle head towards The Alltrades Abbey, after a awkward cutscene, you obtain your second butterfly! Congrats!

*Third Butterfly

Head out of Celed Town and head North East, to Lyana Desolate Area, then if needed take a pit stop at the waterfall village to rest & pray, then towards Al-Ahagiro Region, where you'll then go north to the Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro!

Welcome to the Kingdom! Head up to the 3rd floor for your cutscene, then head down to the first floor and go north into the monster arena, head right and up the stairs for your next cutscene.

After thats done, head out of the kingdom and go west to Murudo Mountain, after a cutscene head back and now go to Defel Desert. Head West to the Jyra jungle, before you can enter, there is a door! Whats inside? A boss battle! prepare accordingly.

after thats done head inside, and go north through the jungle, after 2 cutscenes head back to Al-Ahagiro Kingdom after a cutscene head out of the kingdom and enter the east side entrance, after a cutscene head right and to the elevator, be prepared before going in.

after the battles over head to murudo mountain, and a lore filled cutscene occures.

Congrats! You have collected all 3 butterflies! 

You will be asked if you want to teleport back to the Three Way Gate, when you're there talk to christoph on the left,

then walk away from the gate for a cutscene.

Welcome! Lets go North to Reviewle Highway North, Then North East To Gran Zedora Territory & follow the trail into gran zedora kingdom, and then head north for a cutscene, from here head north for another one, then up the stairs for your next one, then go south and up stairs for your next one, then head to the east tower and rest in the bed, and then go to the throne room after your very short cutscene for yet another one. Head out of the kingdom once you're done here.

Head south to the rovos highlands & then south east to the zedra cave. Great you're here, are you healed up? Another one of those doors are here on your way to the dragons nest, after arriving be greated with a cutscene, and e-vacubell outa there, go back to the castle and head to the third floor for a cutscene, exit the castle and teleport to your next destination (Seabreeze Cave north of reviewle highway north) and enter the cave, after a cutscene, go deeper into a cave and up a ladder and guess whats there, another trial gate! Be safe!

Travel onwards into a door, enter and go down, there'll be a cutscene and continue going up, and now you're in the secret room, interact with the wall and you're now in the tower room, engage in a cutscene and prepare to enter a interesting area

Head to the private room located outside the bedroom, after that cutscene head to the terrace and after a cutscene head out and speak to a hooded man, then youll be teleported, enter the room and speak to the sleeping girl where you'll offer the story book, cutscene and then head to the throne room, cutscene, head downstairs for another one at the hero statue, speak to the hooded man get teleported and go inside the room and speak with anlucia again, after a cutscene you'll need to head out the castle, prepare for a one vs one!

After an amazing cutscene. its time to make your escape! head through the wall and down the ladder, after a cool cutscene, you will need to go to alltrades abbey, theres a shortcut outside to let you quickly teleport to your next destination, do that or teleport and heal up before going in.

Alltrades abbey

Go inside and go through the now unlocked door and go downstairs to enter the portal, welcome to this familiar place(?) Head north, then north again, a cutscene will occur and enter the cave of creation! Traverse through the cave entering the Pathway to emptiness and you'll eventually reach a door, its a boss battle! be prepared as this one hurts! After that's done, a cutscene and you'll see a portal spawn, that is located north, picture provided for clarity

follow the map and enter yet another boss battle! hope you got spare resources!

Next exit and go through the teleporter that takes you to your next objective, and prepare for yet another boss battle!

The final part is coming, this is 3 separate battles, so please heal and prepare, follow the map and initiate the cutscene and prepare for the boss gauntlet! you'll be healed after each battle so go all out! after the battle a cutscene happens and shows over!

*Congrats on beating 2.0! See you for the next one!

2.1: The Land of Overlapping Fates

2.2: Spinning the Bonds of Courage

2.3: Twin Wings of Hope Flying in the Sky

2.4: Decisive Battle at the End of Eternity

Version 3: Lore of the Ancient Dragon

3.0: Lore of the Ancient Dragon

3.1: Liberator of the Holy Flame

3.2: Beyond Ice, Snow and Blessings

3.3: A Paradise of Moonlight Embracing Darkness

3.4: The Truth is in the Depths of Blue Water

3.5: The Void of Guilt that Pierces the Storm

3.55: Nadragand's Decisive Battle

Version 4: The 5000 Year Voyage to a Faraway Hometown

4.0: To a Faraway Home

4.1: Glorious Heroes and Forgotten Allies

4.2: Twin Princes of the Red Earth

4.3: Demonic Empire on the Sand

4.4: Cradle of Silent Flowers

4.5: Journey to the Far Future

Version 5: The Thorned Maiden and the God of Destruction

5.0: The Thorned Maiden and the God of Destruction

5.1: Magic World War

5.2: Coronation of the King

5.3: Resurrection of the Brave

5.4: Divine Awakening

5.5 (First Half): The Source of Darkness