Story Quests

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Offline Prologue Story

Version 1: Awakening of the Five Tribes

Starting Village Quest

  • Rangao Village (Ogre)
  • Pukulet Village (Pukulipo)
  . Get the angel slime hat from the puko with a pink name next to one of the stands
  . Enter house marked yellow on the map (south west in the village, opposite the inn)
  . Go to the mayors house for another cutscene (red roofed house)
  . Exit the town via the entrance to the north, then head west out the zone and enter the cave highlighted yellow on your map
  . After cutscene, head back to village
  . Go check both houses you have been in before (mayors and your friend's), then head up north until you get to the land of the dead
  . After clearing this dungeon and beating the boss, cutscenes will play but then zoom back to the village
  . Head west back to the sage's cave for cutscene, then head back to village
  . Talk to mayor and friends in house, mayor should give you a stamp on your book - you are now ready to progress onto the main story
  . You will be given 3 party members, take them with you all the way west through several zones until you get to Ophelea town 
  . Proceed with Ophelea town key emblem quest (see below) or hop on the train and go elsewhere for another quest
  • Rene Village (Weddie)
  • Tsusukuru Village (Elf)
  • Agurani Village (Dwarf)
  . Go to church and enter room on left
  . Enter mines where you started
  . Progress through the mines until you reach a double door
  . Speak to the guard on the left then return to the village church
  . Enter the biggest house via the lower floor and proceed to the central room
  . Re-enter the mines and go back to the sage/old man
  . Continue through the mines until you reach a decorated doorway
  . Fight boss
  . Return to big house for a cutscene, you will recieve your stamp and you can proceed with the key emblem quests

Key Emblems

  • Glen Castle
  . Talk to the Ogre King in the castle at the top of the town
  . After the cutscene, leave the jail
  . Go to the Inn and head to the back left door
  . After cutscene, leave town through west exit to Glen West
  . Go north to Becon Valley
  . Head north into a small cave next to the teleport crystal
  . You will have to fight a boss at the end of the cave
  . Head back to Glen Castle Town
  . Go to the inn and head to the back left door
  • Azlan Town
  • Mountain City Gatara
  • Olphea Town
  . Talk to the puku with the purple name by the church (make sure you have completed your intro village quest to trigger the cutscene)
  . Enter the tent in the middle of the town via the front entrance on the left (if you are facing the tent with both doors in view)
  . After the cutscene head into the tent via the back stage entrance, trigger cutscene 
  . Exit the tent and exit west out the town
  . Head all the way south down to wrinkle zone and then directly south again to Silver Hill, until you reach a cutscene
  . After the cutscene, head back to the circus tent in Olphea Town - enter through the back stage entrance again
  . After the cutscene(s), exit the town west again and head northwest towards Mureal Forest 
  . The boss fight takes place in the south east area of the forest
  . Head back to Silver Hill for a cutscene
  . Head back to Ophelea town and enter the front entrance of the circus tent, cutscene will play and you will recieve the key emblem for this quest chain
  • Julet Town
  • Gartland Castle
  • Royal Capitol of Kamiharumui
  • Dolworm Kingdom
  • Magistris City
  . To get to the city, head west out of Olphea Town -> then head south west towards the Windmill Way -> Head south of Windmill Way to Magistris Zone 
  . Entrance to city is in the north west of the Magistris Zone
  . Head to the castle in the north of the city
  . After you are let inside the castle, head up the stairs in front of you, turn right and (can't remember exactly, will check) find the king's chambers
  . After cutscene head out the city and back to Windmill Tower in Windmill Way

  • Verinard Castle


  • Reyda Metes
  • Heart of the Dark Lord

Version 2: The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies

2.0: The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies

2.1: The Land of Overlapping Fates

2.2: Spinning the Bonds of Courage

2.3: Twin Wings of Hope Flying in the Sky

2.4: Decisive Battle at the End of Eternity

Version 3: Lore of the Ancient Dragon

3.0: Lore of the Ancient Dragon

3.1: Liberator of the Holy Flame

3.2: Beyond Ice, Snow and Blessings

3.3: A Paradise of Moonlight Embracing Darkness

3.4: The Truth is in the Depths of Blue Water

3.5: The Void of Guilt that Pierces the Storm

3.55: Nadragand's Decisive Battle

Version 4: The 5000 Year Voyage to a Faraway Hometown

4.0: To a Faraway Home

4.1: Glorious Heroes and Forgotten Allies

4.2: Twin Princes of the Red Earth

4.3: Demonic Empire on the Sand

4.4: Cradle of Silent Flowers

4.5: Journey to the Far Future

Version 5: The Thorned Maiden and the God of Destruction

5.0: The Thorned Maiden and the God of Destruction

5.1: Magic World War

5.2: Coronation of the King

5.3: Resurrection of the Brave

5.4: Divine Awakening

5.5 (First Half): The Source of Darkness