Quest 145

From Ethene
Welcome ♪ Rising Star (ようこそ♪ひよっ子ちゃん)
Location Megistris City
Starting NPC Salvarita at C-7
Description -
Requirements Quest 34 Completed 
Initial Reward Superstar Unlocked
Replay Reward 1 Urubea silver coin
EXP/Fame 2040 / 34
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 34 Next Quest Quest 151


Requirement!! : You must know and use a tension increasing skill such as Bonk or Psyche Up. It is recommended to take on this task as a Martial Artist and complete it through the use of Psyche Up.

  • Speak to the Salvarita in the corner of the Tavern who wants you to be a Superstar. Show her your resounding charisma by defeating a one-eyed mage at Windmill Way while at Super High Tension.
  • Make your way to Windmill Way. The mobs are incredibly easy to find, they look like one-eyed, red-robed mages just outside the town's gate. The killing blow must be one dealt while at maximum tension.
  • With the deed done, return to Megistris City and speak to the NPC once more. No ceremony, but Congratulations! you can now become a Superstar!