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A Superstar of the Pukulipo race.

Superstar (STA) (スパ) is a unique class that fills mostly a support role, and one of the six advanced vocations from Version 1. They can use Whips, Wands, Fans, Sickles, Shields, and Fisticuffs. They can charm, enthrall, and dazzle enemies with ease, and can even increase the amount of experience and Gold that enemies give.


Vocation Quests

Unlock Quest: Quest 145 - Welcome ♪ Hiyokko-chan (ようこそ♪ひよっ子ちゃん)

Quest 151 - Ufu ♪ Ama-chan is still there (うふ♪まだまだ甘ちゃんね)
Quest 152 - You like being hot ♪ (お熱いのが好きでしょ♪)
Quest 153 - Come on ♪ It's in full bloom (さあ♪咲き乱れるのよ)
Quest 154 - The stage is yours ♪ (舞台はあなたのモノよ♪)
Quest 155 - Ultimate Expressive Area (究極の表現領域)

Vocation Tree Skills

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current vocation.

Je Ne Sais Quoi (オーラ)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
サインぜめ(専)(Sain zeme) Sign Attack (Exclusive) Autograph Deals an attack to a single target. Costs 25G to perform. Skill 0 - 4
全職業でみりょく+20 (Zen shokugyō de miryoku +20) Charm In All Occupations +20 Natural Charm +20 - Passive - - 10
スキャンダル(専)(Sukyandaru) Scandal (Exclusive) Scandal Eyes Attempts to dazzle all nearby enemies. Skill 6 - 16
全職業ですばやさ+20 (Zen shokugyō de subayasa +20) Agility In All Occupations +20 Natural Agility +20 - Passive - - 22
メイクアップ(専)(Meikuappu) Makeup (Exclusive) Extreme Makeover Nearby enemies become easier to dazzle. Skill 2 - 32
全職業でこうげき魔力+10 (Zen shokugyō de kōgeki maryoku +10) Attack Magic Power In All Occupations +10 Natural Magical Might +10 - Passive - - 42
ボディーガード呼び(専)(Bodīgādo yobi) Call Bodyguard (Exclusive) ? Calls a bodyguard that will protect you. Its HP is dependent on the color of its suit. (Black: Same HP as the user; White: Double HP; Gold: Quadruple HP) Costs 250G to perform. Skill 0 - 55
全職業でみりょく+60 (Zen shokugyō de miryoku +60) Charm In All Occupations +60 Natural Charm +60 - Passive - - 68
ベストスマイル(専)(Besutosumairu) Best Smile (Exclusive) ? Experience points and gold received after the current battle will be increased by 1.1 to 1.5 times. Skill 12 - 82
ゴールドシャワー(専)(Gorudoshawā) Gold Shower (Exclusive) Gold Rush Deals approximately 300 damage to enemies in range. Costs 1000G to perform. Skill 0 - 100
みりょく+30(専)(Miryoku +30) Charm +30 (Exclusive) Charm +30 - Passive - - 110
みとれる+2%(専)(Mitoreru +2%) Dazzle +2% (Exclusive) ? Increases your chance to dazzle enemies by 2%. Passive - - 120
バギムーチョ(専)(Bagimūcho) Bagimucho (Exclusive) Kaswooshle Deals extreme wind damage to one enemy and the surrounding area of enemies. Spell 16 25/45 130
ボディーガード強化(専)(Bodīgādo kyōka) Bodyguard Strengthen (Exclusive) ? Strengthens your bodyguard, increasing their HP by 1.1 times, increasing their defense power by a large amount, and increasing their resistance to all attributes by 25%. Passive - - 140
ミリオンスマイル(専)(Mirionsumairu) Million Smile (Exclusive) ? Increases the experience points, gold, and training stamps you receive after the current battle. Enemies are also easier to dazzle. Skill 12 0/30 150
ラグジュアルリム(専)(Ragujuarurimu) Luxury Rim (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack for large damage to surrounding enemies. Damage is based on Charm. Also, any skills that require Gold to perform have their costs reduced to 0 for 1 minute. Skill 10 I(100/210), II(80/170), III(60/140) 180*
プレシャスレイン(専)(Pureshasurein) Precious Rain (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack for large damage to surrounding enemies. Damage is based on attack power and Charm. Costs 1500G to perform. Skill 0 I(50/160), II(30/100) 200*

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