Quest 177

From Ethene
Hop to it, Battle Master! (パシれ!バトルマスター)
Location Luckland Coliseum Basement
Starting NPC Jakov (ジェイコフ)
Description -
Requirements Clear Quest 34 
Initial Reward Battlemaster Unlocked
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Silver Coin (ウルベア銀貨)
EXP/Fame 2580P/43P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 179


  • Give Jakov a Wakerobin (めざめの花) and an Antidote Herb (どくけしそう) to accept the quest. If you don't have them, walk up to the first floor of the Coliseum and buy one from the Item Shop.
  • Equip the given Trial Bangle (試練のバングル) and defeat 1 Weaken Beakon (デッドペッカー) with Fisticuffs (unequip any weapons). They can be found in Verinard North (ヴェリナード領北) around B3. You will need to deal the killing blow, so it's best to remove any damage-dealing party members, but recommended to bring a Priest to keep you alive.
  • The Trial Bangle will drastically reduce your accuracy, by around 75%!
  • Only the killing blow need be with the Trial Bangle + Fisticuffs. A valid strategy is to lower the enemy's HP as far as you like with anything you like, and then switch your equipment.
  • Once done, return to Jakov to unlock Battle Master