Quest 180

From Ethene
Moonlight Flower Picking (月光の花摘み)
Location Luckland Coliseum Basement
Starting NPC Jakov
Description -
Requirements Quest 179 Completed 
Initial Reward Battle Master Helm
Scroll of Experience - BTL(4)
20 points in every Battle Master Skill
Replay Reward 2070 EXP
EXP/Fame 4140 XP / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 179 Next Quest Quest 181


Requirement!! : In order to complete this quest, you must know and use the skill "Clap Trap", the first Battle Master attack skill from the Guts Tree.

  • Before getting quest, speak with Jakov at the coliseum for information
  • Head to Mogare Cave, which is north of Mogarim Highway on Dwachakka.
  • Reach the end of the cave, watch the event cutscene and accept the Quest from the Agent NPC.
  • Defeat Direlogs, these are floating stump creatures with a single eye. Defeating one has a chance to collect a Moonlight Flower.
  • Once you have 3 such flowers, return to the Agent to complete the quest.