Quest 181

From Ethene
Battlympics - Qualifiers (バトリンピック・予選編)
Location Luckland Coliseum Basement
Starting NPC Jakov
Description -
Requirements Quest 180 Completed 
Initial Reward Battle Master Top, Battle Master Bottom
Scroll of Experience - BTL(4)
20 points in every Battle Master Skill
Replay Reward 2070 EXP
EXP/Fame 5750 XP / 103
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 180 Next Quest Quest 182


  • Talk to Jakov. It's time to enter the Battlympics!
  • Talk to Clark upstairs in the lobby. We need to get our ticket. It would seem that the right to enter the Battlympics is first decided by a race.
  • Head to the Valley of Fear from the Puklet region in Pukuland Kingdom.
  • Defeat a Hellion at the objective marker for an event and our ticket! Return to the Coliseum to register and complete the quest.