Quest 216

From Ethene

Quest 216 - 夢の倉庫追加計画!(Plan to Add My Dream Warehouse!)

Location - Any storage facility
Requirement - Lv 28 and Quest 30 cleared
Initial Reward - Another storage unlocked with 50 item slots
Replay Reward - Single phial
EXP/Fame - 1480P / 52P
      • This quest is only available to subscribed players.
  • Give the NPC 20 Flintstones(つけもの石). These can easily be bought from the Material Shop on Luckland Island and at Port Town Lendor (North).
Flintstone Icon
  • Give the NPC 50 Strong Medicines (上やくそう). The 20 Flintstones will be returned. This item can't be bought from NPCs, so you'll have to get them from item drops, glittering pickups, or from the Alchemy Pot. This can also be bought from the Traveler Bazaar, but this is unavailable to Trial Players.
Strong Medicine Icon
  • Give the NPC 99 Single Phials (まほうの小ビン). the 50 Strong Medicines will be returned. These can easily be bought from item shops for 50G each.
Magic Phial Icon
  • Wait 3 real world minutes then talk to the NPC again. The Single Phials will be returned and the quest will be cleared.