Quest 273

From Ethene
Name Wanna Be a Monster Master? まもの使いは いかが?
Location Orpha Hill
Coordinates C-2
NPC Klaha クラハ
Requirements Quest 34 Completed, 30 Different Types of Monsters Slain
Previous Quest -
Next Quest 274
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 2580 P -
Fame 43 P -
Rewards Monster Master Unlocked 1 Single Phial


  • Speak to Kraha (クラハ) inside of the Monster User House at C2 to receive the quest.
  • You need to slay a total of 30 different types of monsters. This is retroactive, so if this is completed, talk to Kraha again. You can find how many types of monsters you've slain in your Records (せんれき) menu, and then going to Defeated Monster List (討伐モンスターリスト). You will see "Unique Monsters Defeated" (倒したモンスターの種類) which is your total.
  • Kraha will tell you to purchase any Monster Master scouting book from the corresponding vendor. There is one right outside the Monster User House. It doesn't matter which one you buy, so long as its icon has a picture of a paw print on it, and the description will say "For MON only."
  • Go back and speak to Kraha to complete the quest.