Monster Master

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A Monster Master of the Weddie race.

The Monster Master (MON) (まも) is one of the two advanced vocations added in Version 2, and also one of the two vocations capable of scouting monsters. They can use Claws, Greatswords, Axes, Fisticuffs, and have a unique Whip tree. They have the ability to scout organic monsters such as Slimes or Teeny Sanguinis to become permanent party members.


Vocation Quests

Unlock Quest: Quest 273 - How about a true messenger? (まもの使いは いかが?)

Quest 274 - Visit Monmon Mormon (もんもん モーモン訪問)
Quest 275 - dispatched! Dragon kids (出動!ドラゴンキッズ)
Quest 276 - Advancement of the true messenger (まもの使いの前進)
Quest 277 - Leaping Mamono Tsukai (飛躍するまもの使い)
Quest 278 - Tears Scout Attack (涙のスカウトアタック)

Vocation Tree Skills

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current vocation.

Monster Master (まものマスター)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
スカウト成功率アップ(専)(Sukauto seikōritsu appu) Scout Success Rate Up (Exclusive) ? Increases your chance of successfully scouting a monster. Passive - - 2
かわいがる(専)(Kawaigaru) Pet (Exclusive) ? Pets your monster, temporarily strengthening them. Skill 2 - 12
全職業でみのまもり+5 (Zen shokugyō de mi no mamori +5) Defense In All Occupations +5 Natural Resilience +5 - Passive - - 26
ブレスクラッシュ(専)(Buresukurasshu) Breath Crash (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack to a single enemy that also seals their breath-type attacks. Skill 3 - 40
全職業でみのちから+5 (Zen shokugyō de chikara +5) Power In All Occupations +5 Natural Strength +5 - Passive - - 48
HPリンク(専)(HP rinku) HP Link (Exclusive) ? Shares HP with an ally. Skill 0 - 56
全職業でみの最大HP+10 (Zen shokugyō de saidai HP +10) Maximum HP In All Occupations +10 Natural HP +10 - Passive - - 70
MPリンク(専)(MP rinku) MP Link (Exclusive) ? Shares MP with an ally. Skill 0 - 80
全職業でみの最大MP+10 (Zen shokugyō de saidai MP +10) Maximum MP In All Occupations +10 Natural MP +10 - Passive - - 90
エモノ呼び(専)(Emono yobi) Call Monster (Exclusive) ? Causes the same type of monster as the one targeted to join the battle. Up to 11 monsters can be called in a single battle. A maximum of five monsters can be active at one time. Skill 5 - 100
なつきやすくなる(専)(Natsuki yasukunaru) Easier Attachment (Exclusive) ? Increases the chance of your attachment to your monster raising while using it in battle. Passive - - 110
転生出現率アップ(専)(Tensei shutsugenritsu appu) Increased Reincarnation Appearance Rate (Exclusive) ? Increases the chance of encountering a reincarnated monster in battle. Passive - - 120
スキルクラッシュ(専)(Sukirukurasshu) Skill Crash (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack to a single target for 2 times damage and seals their use of skills. Skill - - 130
行動間隔短縮(専)(Kōdō kankaku tanshuku) Shorten Action Interval (Exclusive) ? Shortens your action interval by 1 second. Passive - - 140
ウォークライ(専)(Wōkurai) War Cry (Exclusive) ? Increases all damage you deal by 1.5 times for 45 seconds. Skill 4 25/120 150
エモノ呼びの咆哮(専)(Emono yobi no hōkō) Roar of Monster Call (Exclusive) ? Shocks the target enemy, and causes two of the same type of monster as the one targeted to join the battle. Skill 10 I(0/90), II(0/55), III(0/35) 180*
ビーストファング(専)(Bīsutofangu) Beast Fang (Exclusive) ? Deals four attacks to a single target for 1.8 to 2 times damage. Skill 12 I(45/90), II(30/60) 200*

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