Quest 379

From Ethene
Name Lost Organization
Location Luckland Island
Coordinates E-4
NPC Sasalana
Requirements Level 72+
Initial Rewards
Experience 17600 P
Fame 69 P
Rewards Equipment bag can hold up to 125 items (+25)
Replay Rewards
Experience 4400 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Lottery Ticket
Quest Progression
Previous 239
Next 467


  • To begin the quest, speak to Sasalana on the 2nd Floor of Owner's Mansion.
  • Go to Royal City Kamiharmui North and speak with Matoi at A-6.
  • Next, go to Royal City Kamiharmui South and speak with Yakumo at G-3.
  • Examine the second bookshelf from the right titled "The Hermit of the Cherry Blossom Field".
  • Examine the third bookshelf from the left titled "Seishin no Kotowari".
  • Go back to Royal City Kamiharmui North and speak with Shoseki at D-2.
  • Go to Molinara Forest and speak with Poranpan at A-8 inside the cabin to acquire the Hermit's Pot.
    • Having a Bazoom girl teleport you will put you directly in front of the cabin.
  • You'll be offered to teleport directly to Luckyland. Speak with Sasalana to begin a boss battle.
  • Speak with ??? to obtain the Celestial Document.
  • Speak with Sasalana to complete the quest.