Quest 379

From Dragon Quest X
  • Quest Name: Lose Providence
  • Quest Giver: Sasalana
  • Location: Luckland Island Owners Mansion
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, +25 Equipment Slots.
*Talk to Sasalana in Luckland to start the quest
*Sasalana wants you to find clues to the providence of the stars in order to complete a new technique. She advises that Matoi in Royal City Kamiharmui might know. Matoi can be found in Royal City Kamiharmui North at A-6.
*After that, go to the used bookstore in south Royal City Kamiharmui South and talk to Yakumo at G-3.
*Check the bookshelves until you read the book about the Hermit and his urn (second bookshelf from the front), then head to the item store in Kamiharmui North D-2 and talk to Shoseki.
*After talking to Shoseki, go talk to Poranpan inside the hut in Molinara Forest, right next to the Zoomstone at A-8. The quickest way here is to talk to one of the Bazoom girls in Megistris or South Lender and teleport to Molinara Forest.
*He will give you the Hermit's urn. Go back to Sasalana.
*You will be asked if you are ready, at which point she will open the urn and a fight will start.
*After defeating the boss, talk to the man inside the urn, and acquire the Book of Celestial Providence.
*Give the book to Sasalana and complete the quest.