Quest 446

From Ethene

Quest 446 - Dolboard Boost! (ドルボードブースト!)

Name Dolboard Boost!
Location Mount Gatara
Coordinates D-4
NPC Menme
Requirements Level 40+
Quest 219 cleared
Initial Rewards
Experience 31400 P
Fame 94 P
Rewards Charge Boost (ドルボードをパワーアップする)
Replay Rewards
Experience 7850 P
Fame ? P
Rewards 1 Dolsoline
Quest Progression
Previous 219
Next 552


  • Speak to Chunig (チュニグ) located in the Dolworm Crystal Palace - Sky Garden|Dolworm Crystal Palace - Sky Garden (ドルワーム水晶宮-空中庭園)]]. This is located inside Dolworm Kingdom (ドルワーム王国) by entering the palace and taking the elevator to the top floor and using the stairs to go up.
  • Chunig instructs you to seek out the shell of a Scarab King (スカラベキング) located at Goble Desert East (ゴブル砂漠東) at E2. (You can reach this area by entering the cave found at F2 and riding the minecart.) Defeat them until they drop a Champion Shell (王者の甲殻).
  • Return to Chunig and give him the shell. He will give you the Turbo Parts (ターボパーツ).
  • Go back to Gatara and talk to Menme once again.
  • Head to Daraz Quarry (ダラズ採掘場).
  • Check the shiny spot at the ground at G6 to get the Junk Parts (ジャンクパーツ).
  • Return to Gatara and speak to Menme to complete the quest.

Your Dolboard will now have a charge boost. While riding your Dolboard, you will see a charge gauge underneath the fuel gauge that will fill after 9 seconds. Once it is full, enter autorun mode (R key/LB) and push and hold forward to boost forward at double the speed. Note that while boosting, your ability to turn is much less. You can turn off autorun to end the boost effect early.