Quest 552

From Ethene
Name Dolboard Origins!
Location Daraz Large Vein
Coordinates (Forced Labor Camp)
NPC Bonzo
Requirements Clear Quest 446
Main story of Version 4.3 started
Any Vocation level 50 or above.
Initial Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards Dolboard Tank Expansion
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards -
Quest Progression
Previous 446
Next -


  1. Speak to Bonzo (ボンツォ) to start the quest.
  2. Go to Daraz Large Vein C2 and examine the glitter. You have 5 minutes in real life to return to Bonzo and give him the item.
    • You cannot use the Ethenel Cube to return to him faster, you need to go there using your dolboard.
  3. After reporting to Bonzo, you need to return to the present and search for Menme in Mount Gatara.
  4. Menme will ask you to defeat Caterwaulin' and get an item from it.
  5. Report to Menme and she will give you the item Bonzo needs.
  6. Get back to the past and give it to him to clear the quest!

After clearing this quest you will have three Dolseline tanks instead of two! If all three are full, you can use the dolboard for 90 minutes without refilling! Pretty nice, right?