Quest 686

From Ethene
Quest 686: Apprentice's Terms (ガンコ職人の息子)
Location Gartlant Castle Town
Starting NPC Puck: located inside the well @ F6
Requirements Previous Quest complete
Initial Reward Kaleidoskin x2, Increased item bag capacity from 80 → 90
Replay Reward Hardy Hide x3
EXP/Fame 55,200/66
Previous Quest Quest 466 Next Quest N/A


  • Go to Gartlant Castle Town and talk to Pack at F-6 inside the well
  • Head to Goz Valley. The easiest way to get here is to zoom to Landonfoot from a Bazoom Girl and head west
  • Follow along the path in the valley and defeat Angola Faun
  • Get back to Gartlant Castle Town and speak to Pack in the well again
  • Take the many-pocketed bag to Tote in Julet.
  • Head to the Abandoned Castle on the Eltona Continent and defeat Cutterflies / Evil Flies until they give you the seven-colored phosphorous.
  • Deliver the seven-colored phosphorous and Tote's letter to Pack in Gartlant Castle Town