Quest 470

From Ethene
Star Warrior's Trial(星辰武王の審判)
Location true Dharma temple (真のダーマ神殿) (XY)
Starting NPC Star Warrior (星辰武王)
Description -
Requirements (LV97or above, You can go the True Dharma temple, STORY:version 2.1) 
Initial Reward Level Cap raised to 100 (レベルの上限が100になる)
Replay Reward Urbea Gold Coin x1 (ウルベア金貨1枚)
EXP/Fame 25,720P/288P
Replay EXP/Fame 12,860P/XXXP
Previous Quest Quest 454 Next Quest Quest 511

Outside the True Dharma Temple 1st floor, accept the quest from King Stardust at E-4.


-Talk to Star King Takeshi again and enter the River of Light

-Examine the glitter inside. in a boss fight

boss strategy

After defeating the boss, examine the glitter in front of you and obtain the fruit of creation.

The quest is cleared when you talk to King Takeshi. You gain 25720 experience and 288 renown, and the level cap becomes 100. Acquire the title Human Beyond

note: You will receive the next level cap quest when you reach level 100.