Quest 547

From Ethene
Honey Party! (ハニーパーティー!)
Location Playhouse by way of the Cat Island Pier at Muse Coast
Starting NPC Lucky (Lucchie)
Description -
Requirements Quest 546 Complete. 
Initial Reward Gadabout Clothes, Gadabout Fake Nose
20 points in every Gadabout Skill
Replay Reward 10000 EXP
2 Urbea Silver Coins
EXP/Fame 20000 / 115
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 546 Next Quest Quest 548


  • Talk to Lucky for an event.
  • We're going to turn Honey Lake into a hot spring and then use it to make pancakes.
  • There's nothing here that could possibly go wrong.
  • We've been given a shopping list!
  1. Five Warmaline -- Easiest gotten from the Traveler's Bazaar
  2. Delicious Pancakes from Orphea at E5
  3. Any swimsuit -- Easily obtained from Julet Town

  • Once you've gotten the necessary ingredients for FUN, put on only your Swimsuit (accessories are okay) and interact with the shining column in Epistea Hills at Honey Lake for an event.
  • Return to Lucky at the playhouse to complete the quest.