Quest 551

From Dragon Quest X
World at Your Fingertips (指先で触れる世界)
Location True Arahagiro Region (真のアラハギーロ地方) (E2)
Starting NPC Starfighter Zelan (星拳士ゼラン)
Description -
Requirements LV103or higher 
Initial Reward Level Cap raised to 108 (レベルの上限が108になる)
Replay Reward Urbea Gold Coin x1 (ウルベア金貨1枚)
EXP/Fame 28,640P/295P
Replay EXP/Fame 14,320P/XXXP
Previous Quest Quest 511 Next Quest Quest 572




  • Talk to Starfighter Zelan
  • Take off your equipments. (head/top/bottom/arm/leg)
You don't have to take off your accessories,weapons.
Also you can use your Glamour. AI don't have to take off them.
  • Talk to Zelen again.
  • Check the "????" next to Zelen.
 You can get the hints by touching it.(4times)
  •  Answer:Moai Minstrel(クラウンヘッド)

Moai Minstrel.png

  Place:Popolia Mushroom Mountain around F5 etc.
  note:You can use Bazoom girl.
  You'll get Key Item 	Heatful Fruit(かげろうの実)
  • Repot to Starfighter Zelan.

note: You will receive the next level cap quest when you reach level 106.