Quest 551

From Ethene
Name World at Your Fingertips
Location True Al-Ahagiro Region
Coordinates E-2
NPC Starfighter Zelan
Requirements Any Vocation level 103 or above.
Initial Rewards
Experience 28,640 P
Fame 295 P
Rewards Level cap raised to 108
Replay Rewards
Experience 14,320 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Urbea Gold Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 511
Next 572


  1. Talk to Starfighter Zelan at True Al-Ahagiro Region E-2.
  2. Take off your equipment (Head, Chest, Legs, Hands, Feet)
    • You don't have to take off your accessories or weapons.
    • You can also keep your glamour equipped.
    • AI doesn't need to remove their equipment.
  3. Talk to Starfighter Zelan again.
  4. Interact with the ???? next to Starfighter Zelan.
    • You will receive a hint each time you interact with (up to 4 times).
      • Hint #1: The monster has rough, rocky skin.
      • Hint #2: Appears to be a giant, bumpy, shapeless mass.
      • Hint #3: Has a big round nose on the front of its face.
      • Hint #4: The back of the monster is covered with fluffy hair.
  1. You can find Moai Minstrel in Popolia Mushroom Mountain around F-5.
    • Use one of the Bazoom girls to get there quickly.
  2. Defeat the Moai Minstrel until you receive a Heatful Fruit.
  3. Report back to Starfighter Zelan to complete the quest.

NOTE: You are eligible for the next level cap quest when you reach Lv 106.