Quest 572

From Ethene
Name See Truth in the Mind
Location True Jyra Jungle - Kudus Spring
Coordinates G-5
NPC Starfighter Shadowpon
Requirements Any Vocation level 103 or above.
Initial Rewards
Experience 30,160 P
Fame 298 P
Rewards Level cap raised to 110
Replay Rewards
Experience 15,080 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Urbea Gold Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 551
Next 614


  1. Talk to the ???? NPC with a purple name to receive the quest.
  2. Defeat Brimstone Bulbs (じごくのたまねぎ) until they drop Cloudy Drops (曇切のしずく). You can find them around G5 in True Jyra Jungle (真のジャイラ密林).
  3. Go back to the spring and give the Cloudy Drops to ????.
  4. Find and talk to the real Shadowpon and a teleportal will appear.
  5. Talk to NPC with the white hair who will ask you a question. The answer does not matter, the result will be a boss fight. Go inside the teleportal to fight the boss.
  6. After deafeating the boss, you'll receive Blue Sky Drops (蒼天のしずく).
  7. Give the drops to Shadowpon.
  8. Once again, speak with the Shadowpon in which you think is real. (It looks completely different from the other NPCs, so you can find it easily this time.)
  9. The quest will be cleared after the cutscene.

NOTE: You can receive the next level cap quest when you reach level 108.