Quest 614

From Ethene
Name Follow the Track's Scent 香りでたどる軌跡
Location True Rovos Highlands
Coordinates E-8
NPC Starfighter Sniffle 星拳士スニフル
Requirements Any Vocation level 108 or above.
Previous Quest 572
Next Quest 627
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 30,160 P -
Fame 298 P -
Rewards Level cap raised to 112 1 Urbea Gold Coin


  • Speak to Starfighter Sniffle (星拳士スニフル) and he will give you a Dark Brown Vial (こげ茶のビン) and a Dark Green Vial (深緑のビン). Using these items from your Key Items will give you a hint on the monsters you must defeat.
  • Old Fungus(まんねん菌床) can be obtained by defeating the monster indicated by Dark Brown Vial.
  • Once you have both items, return to Sniffle to complete the quest.

NOTE: You are eligible for the next level cap quest when you reach Lv 110.