Quest 58

From Ethene
Baptism of the God of Eldona (エルドナ神の洗礼)
Location Wind Town Azlan - Church
Starting NPC Yakuyou
Description -
Requirements Quest 57 Complete 
Initial Reward Priest Calotte
Experience Scroll - PRI (4)
20 points in all Priest skills
Replay Reward Need Info
EXP/Fame 4140 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 57 Next Quest Quest 59


  • Talk to Monk Yakuyou twice at the church in the wind town of Azlan to start the quest. Seems we need a bonfire stone.
  • Bonfire Stones will be dropped by "Sabnak" in the Dream Forest. These are the Abracadabradors roaming this area, the pink wolves.
  • Dream Forest is north of Kamiharmui, so you can head there to get to the quest area.
  • After you've collect a Bonfire Stone, talk Yokuyou again.
  • You're instructed to head to the Kirika Maternity Chapel in Kirika Steppe.
  • Once there, enjoy the events and the quest clears.