Quest 698

From Ethene
Joint Front (共同戦線)
Location Ship - By way of Reppa from Cove Village in Gilzad Region
Starting NPC Captain Madlock
Description -
Requirements Quest 697 Complete. 
Initial Reward Pirate Coup-de-Grace, Ultra Cannonball
20 points in every Pirate skill.
Replay Reward 11,500 Exp
1 Urbea Gold Coins
EXP/Fame 25,300 / 160
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 697 Next Quest Quest 699


  • Talk to Cap'n Madlock to start the quest.
  • Time to gather information! Talk to the crew to see what's up.
  • Talk to Takho up top, then Galeo in the galley, then zoom over to the tavern in Kamiharmui and talk to Gedham on the left.
  • Innkeepers have been gathering information. Speak to the Innkeepers in the following Wena Island cities:

1. Lane
2. Julet
3. Verinard

  • After gathering the three pieces of information, jump back to Kamiharmui and talk to Gedham, then take a guess at which area the hideout is in. If you don't want to guess, look at the next step for the answer.
  • Prepare for a boss fight and head to Sea Melting Cave at Kyurarana
  • Talk to Cap'n Madlock to complete the quest and learn Ultra Cannonball.

Ultra Cannonball is a powerful attack Coup-de-Grace that lets you place a larger and more powerful cannon.