Quest 71

From Ethene
Name Yarn Tearful Iron Fist
(ヤーン 涙の鉄拳)
Location Julet Town
Coordinates D-6
NPC Yarn
Requirements Martial Artist Lv30 or above
Quest 70 complete
Initial Rewards
Experience 7900 P
Fame 172 P
Rewards Martial Artist Proof
6 Exp. Scrolls (MRT)
+20 Skill Points in all Martial Artist skills
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards 1 Urubea Gold Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 70
Next -


  • Talk to Yarn in D-6 Julet Town to accept the quest
  • Go to Rhonda's Ice Cave, and enter the Rattle Hole (ガラガの穴) in the 3rd basement floor.
  • After the event cutscene, a boss battle will start.
    • The boss this time is Warrior Demon Gaurad (武闘魔ガウラド).
Warrior Demon Gaurad (武闘魔ガウラド)
    • His high tension attacks can be dangerous to a low level party.
    • It's recommended to have an ally with skills that delete good status effects from an enemy, like: Sage's Clear your Mind, Demon Swordsman's Disruption Wave, or Claws Rake 'n' Break.
  • After beating the boss, watch the event cutscene and now your next objective is to go to Luckland's Coliseum (コロシアム).
    • To reach the Coliseum, you need to go to Entertainment Island Luckland (娯楽島ラッカラン), you can go there by train, is one of the last options with a white icon.
  • In Luckland go outside the building, then go to D-6 to find the Coliseum (コロシアム in the Map) and Talk to Glara (グララ) who's beside the door.
Glara (グララ)
  • After talking, you'll be inside the Coliseum and a 1v1 Boss Battle will start.
    • The boss this time is Heavenly Warrior Yarn (超天道士ヤーン)
Heavenly Warrior Yarn (超天道士ヤーン)
    • You can fight Yarn with ANY class if your Martial Artist isn't strong enough.
    • If you're low leveled his attacks with high tension can be dangerous, try to decrease his tension with Morale Masher (Warrior 40SP skill).
    • Be prepared with healing items if your current class doesn't have healing spells.
  • When you defeat the boss, watch the event cutscene and you'll clear the quest and receive your last rewards.
  • You can exit the coliseum by checking the door behind.