Quest 726

From Ethene
Map of the Past (在りし日を示す地図)
Location Celestial City Fourion-Lower (神都フォーリオン-下層) (D6)
Starting NPC Inota (イノータ)
Description -
Requirements Cleared Quest 94, Quest 445, version 6.3 
Initial Reward Ogreed Horn (オグリドホーン)
Replay Reward 4 Itty-Bitty Bone (小さなホネ)
EXP/Fame 75300P/80P
Replay EXP/Fame 8500P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest None


  • Travel to Past Glen Castle Town and speak to Theodore (シオドーア) in the throne room in the castle's 2nd floor. (To travel back to Past Glen, you must select ???? at a train station and be in your human form.)
  • Speak to Shukwa (シュクワ) in the inn.
  • Speak to Hanna(ハンナ) in the church.
  • Head to the East Desert (東の荒野) and encounter Drag Racers (ダッシュラン) until a Polar Peckerel (コールドランナー) appears. Defeat it to receive a Cool Drop (クールドロップ).

  • Give the Cool Drop to to Hanna. She will give you the Anti-Miasma (抗魔瘴丹).
  • Talk to Shukwa and go inside the room.
  • Talk to Lada Gart (ラダ・ガート) and give him Anti-Miasma.
  • Head to Wild Settlement(荒野の集落)and speak to Gamilgo (ガミルゴ).
  • Speak to Theodore in the castle to receive the 500 Year Old Map (500年前の地図).
  • Go back to Celestial City Fourion and speak with Inota (イノータ) to complete the quest.