Quest 731

From Ethene
One Who Aims to be a Master (マスターを目指す者)
Location T. Alltrades Abbey
Starting NPC Sarias
Description -
Requirements Skill Master Quests
At least one level 100 vocation
Quest 130 
Initial Reward Master's Diploma
Being Able to unlock Masterclass Vocations
Replay Reward 8120 XP
1 Urbea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame 16380 XP / 223
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest None Next Quest None


  • Talk to Sarias to accept the Quest, you can reach his location by interacting with the sparkling point located in D3
  • Talk to Skill Master and then Sarias Again.
  • Go outside the temple and interact with the bell in E3, a boss fight will start
    • Resistances recommended: Breath and Fear, has a similar moveset to Legnard (V3 Superboss)
  • After the fight, go back to the temple, speak to Sarias and the quest will be completed.