Skill Master Quests

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After gaining access to the True Alltrades Abbey in version 2.1, you'll be able to undertake several quests to unlock skills beyond the normal 100 points. Note that you'll need to be in the indicated version to accept some of these quests. Furthermore, much like the level cap quests, you'll only need to do them once to unlock them for all vocations.

Skill Point Upgrade

SP Quest Story Progress Required
120 Quest 284 - Master's Special Lesson (マスターの特別レッスン) 2.1
130 Quest 285 - Master's Source of Worry (マスターの悩みの種) 2.1
140 Quest 330 - Master's Top Disciple (マスターの一番弟子) 2.1
150 Quest 352 - Master's Final Trial (マスターからの最終試練) 2.1
180 Quest 391 - Tazzi's Help (タッツィのお手伝い) End of 2.2
200 Quest 571 - Trials from Diego (ディエゴからの試練) End of 2.2

Master Class Unlock