Quest 738

From Ethene
Prisera (プリゼーラ)
Setsuran (セツラン)
Guardian Qualification (ガーディアンの資格)
Location Guardian Knights HQ (守護騎士団本部)
Starting NPC Prisera (プリゼーラ)
Description -
Requirements Have Warrior and Paladin at Level 100
Complete Warrior and Paladin Questlines
Complete all of the Skill Master Quests 
Initial Reward Unlocks Guardian Vocation
Replay Reward 1 Urbea Cooper Coin
EXP/Fame 0XP / 43
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 737 Next Quest Quest 739

  • To reach the Guardian Knights HQ (守護騎士団本部), go from Verinard West to Cuedo Hills (クエド丘陵), then go to the HQ located in B5.
  • Accept the quest from Prisera (プリゼーラ) inside the HQ.
  • Go to Hopeless Wasteland (希望なき荒地), located in Cuedo Hills (クエド丘陵) B5
  • After talking to Setsuran (セツラン) in E3, interact with the stone statue in the back, a boss battle will start.
  • Complete the boss battle and go back to Prisera in the Guardian Knights HQ
  • She'll ask you to use the "Pray (いのる)" Gesture in a sparkling place located in Orseco Highlands D5
  • After that, you should go to Zama Pass C8 to Pray in another sparkling place.
  • A event cutscene will play.
  • Go back to Prisera and the quest will be completed.