Ten Day

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Ten Day (or 10 Day) is an event that occurs every 10th of the month (in Japan time). The event(s) that occur on Ten Day can vary from meeting new players, to finding hidden treasures around the world, and more. However, there are several activities that are the same every Ten Day that most players can participate in that are worth the time to do. Unless otherwise stated, these activities must be done during the duration of Ten Day (From 6:00 AM JST on the 10th until 5:59 AM JST on the 11th)

Please note that certain activities require you to be in a certain part of the story, so some of the following may contain spoilers.

Present Tickets


Each Ten Day, a character can receive something called a Present Ticket from an NPC named Ku-chan. Only players with full (paid) accounts may receive it. This is per character and not account, so you can receive it on multiple characters if you choose.

Ku-chan will appear in one of the five minor towns each Ten Day holding a big green balloon, so she's easy to spot. The location she stands at is the same each time.

  • Julet - On the beach at C4
  • Gatara - Near the fountain at D4
  • Glen - To the right of the tavern at E3
  • Azlan - Outside the inn at F5
  • Orphea - On the hill at E5

Present Tickets can be exchanged at Exchange Shop Meripoko, located near the fountain in the center of Orphea. She carries many unique cosmetic items from past events, so be sure to check it out.

Free Boss Card


Doing any Magic Maze run will allow you to run into Pu-chan. She will be located in the hallway before the boss room. When speaking to her, you'll have a choice of five boss cards to choose from, usually with a choice of the two or three newest bosses. These cards have a 336 hour (14 day) time limit, so be sure to use them before they expire. This can be done once per character.

Monster Farm Present

If you use the DQX Companion App, go to your Monster Farm and you'll see a yellow present box in the field. Selecting this will send a God of Fortune boss card directly to the logged in character (it won't go to your storage to retrieve), so make sure you have at least one open slot in your Item Bag. You also must be logged out to accept it. The card must be used within 168 hours (7 days).

(Warning - the following activities contain spoilers for content in Version 4 and require the completion of Quest 465 to access.)

Free Mini Medals


Speak with Hana in New Ethene Village near the South Fort at F4 to receive a Medal Flower from her. Using this item item will give you 5 to 10 Mini Medals randomly. You can do this once per character. Hana will still give you a Medal Flower even if you talk to her after Ten Day ends, but won't give you another until the next Ten Day rolls around.

Rolling the Die


If you use the Dice emote in front of Chey in New Ethene Village at E3, you'll get an item depending on the number you roll. This can be done once per character. Like Hana, you can still roll a die in front of him even after Ten Day is over. This resets every time Ten Day rolls around.

Number Rolled Reward
1 to 94 5 Yggdrasil Leaves
95 to 99 One random accessory:

Earthwyrm's Jewel
Gold Rosary
Firelight Jewel
Icy Dark Moon
Thunderstorm Inro

100 Good Luck Charm

Cat Coin Bonus


Speaking with Yaku in New Ethene Village at H4 to buy Cat Coins for the nearby Ganyapon Machine on Ten Day will give you a slight bonus - you'll receive an additional 2 coins for a total of 7 in exchange for 50 Mini Medals.