Quest 109

From Dragon Quest X
Polanpan (ポランパン)
Hatred Spirit Tree (憎悪の精霊樹)
Quest 109 - The forest is alive (森は生きている)
Location Molinara Forest (モリナラ大森林)
Starting NPC Polanpan (ポランパン)
Description &nbsp
Requirements Ranger Lv30 or above 
Initial Reward Ranger's Proof
6 Exp. Scrolls (RNG)
+20 Skill Points in all Ranger skills
Replay Reward 1 Urubea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame 7900 / 172
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 108 Next Quest Quest 110

  • Talk to Polanpan inside the hut at A-8 Molinara Forest to order the quest.
  • Exit the hut and then go to the Green Sanctuary at C-4 to engage in a boss battle.
    • This boss is called Hatred Spirit Tree (憎悪の精霊樹)
    • Important: The battle will boot you out early (or tell you to retry it) if you don't use Brownie Boost, Ranger's Coup-de-Grace.
    • Coup-de-Grace's are charged moves, the fastest way to get to use them are by receiving a large amount of damage by the enemy or by having equipment with a special effect to increase the chance to get your Coup-de-Grace early.
    • It's recommended to have a team with multiple characters who can revive (Priest, Sage, etc.) because this boss can hit hard, but don't forget a strength-based teammate too.
  • After beating the Boss, watch the event cutscene and then return to A-8, go inside the hut and talk to Polanpan to clear the last Ranger quest.