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A Weddie in the Ranger class armor

This is a page that will be used for information about the Ranger class.

Class List



Class Quests[edit]

Unlock Quest: Quest 99 - This Ranger Association (こちらレンジャー協会)

Quest 105 - First mission is Molinara (初任務はモリナラ)
Quest 106 - Follow the loggers! (伐採者を追え!)
Quest 107 - Forest Convict (森の断罪者)
Quest 108 - Spirit Trials (精霊の試練)
Quest 109 - The forest is alive (森は生きている)

Class Tree Skills[edit]

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current class.

Ruggedness (サバイバル)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
みのがす (Minogasu) Overlook Mercy If the target enemy is weaker than you, the enemy will escape from the battle. You won't receive any experience points or gold, but stolen items will still be obtainable. Skill 2 - 2
全職業できようさ+20 (Zen shokugyō de kiyōsa +20) Dexterity In All Occupations +20 Natural Deftness +20 - Passive - - 12
てなずける(専)(Tenazukeru) Win Over (Exclusive) ? Causes the target enemy to fight other monsters for 1 minute. Skill 0 - 22
全職業でみりょく+20 (Zen shokugyō de miryoku +20) Charm In All Occupations +20 Natural Charm +20 - Passive - - 34
メタルトラップ(専)(Metarutorappu) Metal Trap (Exclusive) ? Attempts to stop the target enemy from escaping for 30 seconds. Skill 0 - 46
全職業できようさ+20 (Zen shokugyō de kiyōsa +20) Dexterity In All Occupations +20 Natural Deftness +20 - Passive - - 54
まもりのきり(専)(Mamori no kiri) Defensive Fog (Exclusive) Mist Me Nullifies the damage of the next breath attack used against you. Effect lasts 120 seconds. Skill 0 - 68
全職業でかいふく魔力+20 (Zen shokugyō de kaifuku maryoku +20) Healing Magic Power In All Occupations +20 Natural Magical Mending +20 - Passive - - 78
全職業できようさ+20 (Zen shokugyō de kiyōsa +20) Dexterity In All Occupations +20 Natural Deftness +20 - Passive - - 82
オオカミアタック(専)(Ōkamiatakku) Wolf Attack (Exclusive) Wolf Whistle Deals two attacks to a single target. Damage is based on Deftness. Skill 0 - 100
先制攻撃率アップ(専)(Sensei kōgekiritsu appu ) First Strike Rate Up - Increases your chance to get a first strike at the start of a battle. Passive - - 110
きようさ+20(専)(Kiyōsa +30) Dexterity +30 (Exclusive) Deftness +30 - Passive - - 120
あんこくのきり(専)(Ankoku no kiri) Dark Fog (Exclusive) ? Lowers surrounding enemies' attack power by 1 stage, defense power by 1 stage, and inflicts blindness. Skill 4 25/90 130
ジバルンバ(専)(Jibarunba) Jibarunba (Exclusive) Ridgeraiser Sets a seal on the ground that will explode after a duration and hit nearby enemies for extreme earth damage. Spell 16 25/45 140
フェンリルアタック(専)(Fenriruatakku) Fenrir Attack (Exclusive) ? Deals four attacks to a single target that ignores defense. Damage is based on Deftness. Skill 6 25/60 150
ケルベロスロンド(専)(Keruberosurondo) Cerberus Rondo (Exclusive) ? Deals three attacks to a single target, with a chance to increase damage that the enemy takes by 1.5 times for 20 seconds. Skill 10 I(110/220), II(90/180), III(55/110) 180*
紅蓮蝶のきり(専)(Guren chō no kiri) Crimson Lotus Butterfly Fog (Exclusive) ? Increases all nearby allies' attack power by 2 stages and grants them an effect that nullifies the next source of breath damage taken. Skill 8 I(40/180), II(0/120) 200*