Quest 635

From Ethene
Name Omen of Doom -
Location False Cocolata Beach
Coordinates E-1
NPC Fabiel -
Requirements Level 100
Version 2.4 Complete
Quest 372
Quest 375
Quest 378
Previous Quest -
Next Quest 636
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 73200 P 11900 P
Fame 147 P 24 P
Rewards Seed of Sorcery Magic Water x5


It's quite possible that this is your first voice-acted questline. We recommend turning your sound on if you have had it off up until now.

  • Speak with Fabiel to accept the quest.
    • If Fabiel does not have a quest for you, ensure you meet all five of the requirements listed.
  • Speak with Niigo (D-2), Innkeeper Marona (D-2), and Edra (F-3).
  • Return to Fabiel to receive the Pure Gemstone.
  • Stand behind Fabiel and use the "Raise" emote.
  • Speak with Fabiel once more, than make your way to False Moncello Gorge Springs.
    • Fastest way is to Mega Zoomstone to Megistris City and use the Bazoom Girl (False Lendersia > False Coniware - Spring Gorge.)
    • Set a Zoomstone at the crystal here, you will need to return.
  • Use the "Raise" emote in front of the logs to reveal a locked door.
  • To unlock the door, head to E-4 in False Coniware Plain to search an abandoned ship.
  • Find the middle pillar on the upper floor, and use the "Raise" emote once more to reveal a chest.
  • Take the key back to the door (using the Zoomstone you bound earlier.)
  • You now have access to "Undone Moncello Spring Gorge", a False version of Moncello Gorge.
  • Make your way south to Undone Hall of Worship for a boss fight.
    • Unfinished Demon will cast Tension Up, Kacrackle, Hula Tornado, and other high level magic spells. Hula Tornado can knock everyone down around him, so try to stay spaced away from him if you're not a melee character.
  • After the cutscene, return to Fabiel.
  • Speak to the three NPCs from earlier (Niigo, Marona, Edra), then return to Fabiel to complete the quest.