Death Master

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A Death Master of the Weddie race.

The Death Master (DTH) (デス) is a unique vocation, calling on the spirits of the dead and manipulating power based on beings that are killed: be they friend or foe. They have access to a range of utility skills and several different spirits that have their strengths based on the current situation. They can summon the following:

  • Skeletons: Summons skeletons that continually pelt the enemy for physical damage.
  • Ghosts: Summons ghosts that continually cast Sizz magic at the enemy.
  • Armor: Summons a suit of armor that supports the party with healing spells, buffs, and revival.

Death Masters can only have one kind of spirit summoned at a time, and the spirits are able to receive damage, meaning they will die if they sustain too much.

The Death Master's unique resource is Death Power, which appears during battle as a gauge at the bottom left corner of the screen with four segments. The gauge can be filled from a variety of sources, be it skills, enemies dying, and even allies dying. Most of the Death Master's unique skills cost Death Power to use, and you can have at most up to 4 Death Power accumulated. Their coup de grace is Death Power Boost, which instantly boosts their Death Power to its maximum amount. Their vocation medal grants them a small chance to not consume Death Power when using a skill that requires it.


Vocation Quests

Unlock Quest: Quest 603 - Twilight Deathmaster (黄昏のデスマスター)

Quest 604 - Injured fan (けがされた扇)
Quest 605 - Is the Stone Tape a Crybaby? (地縛霊は泣き虫?)
Quest 606 - Please Bentler Coin! (お願いベントラーコイン!)
Quest 607 - Take you from twilight (黄昏より君を連れて)
Quest 608 - You swear to the soul that rises to heaven (天に昇る魂に君は誓う)

Vocation Tree Skills

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current vocation.

Spiritual Ability (れいかん)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
死霊召喚(専)(Shiryō shōkan) Spirit Summon (Exclusive) ? Summons one of three different types of spirits to aid you in battle. Skill 0 - 0
死霊の導き(専)(Shiryō no michibiki) Spirit Guidance (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack to a single enemy, and causes your spirit to change its current target to that target. Skill 2 - 8
全職業でこうげき魔力+10 (Zen shokugyō de kōgeki maryoku +10) Attack Magic Power In All Occupations +10 Natural Magical Might +10 - Passive - - 16
デスパワー解放(専)(Desupawā kaihō) Death Power Release (Exclusive) ? Strengthens your currently summoned spirit. Consumes 4 levels of death power. Skill 0 - 28
蘇生時25% バイキルト(専)(Sosei-ji 25-pāsento baikiruto) 25% Bikilt When Resurrecting (Exclusive) ? Gives you a 25% chance to raise an ally's attack power by 2 levels when resurrecting them. Passive - - 40
呪詛(専)(Juso) Curse (Exclusive) ? Deals three darkness-attribute attacks to a single target, and raises your death power slightly. Skill 10 - 48
全職業でちから+5 (Zen shokugyō de chikara +5) Power In All Occupations +5 Natural Strength +5 - Passive - - 56
深淵の契り(専)(Shin'en no chigiri) Abyss Contract (Exclusive) ? Increases your attack and recovery magic power by 2 stages, and grants you a revive after death effect. Consumes 1 level of death power. Skill 0 - 70
ギラ系呪文+10%(専)(Gira-kei jumon + 10-pāsento) Gira-type Spells +10% ? Increases the damage of your Sizz-type spells (Sizz, Kasizz, Kasizzle) by 10%. Passive - - 80
蘇生時25%で魔力覚醒(専)(Sosei-ji 25-pāsento de maryoku kakusei) 25% Magical Awakening When Resurrecting (Exclusive) ? Gives you a 25% chance to raise an ally's magic attack power by 2 levels when resurrecting them. Passive - - 90
反魂の秘術(専)(Hankon no hijutsu) Secret Soulless Art (Exclusive) ? Recovers HP of all allies in range, as well as reviving any dead party members in range. Skill 10 25/75 100
死霊の守り(専)(Shiryō no mamori) Spirit's Protection (Exclusive) ? One ally will be protected by a spirit, reducing their damage taken by 10% for 60 seconds. Skill 6 45/90 110
2% デスパワー消費なし(専)(2-Pāsento desupawā shōhi nashi) 2% No Death Power Consumption (Exclusive) ? Gives you a 2% chance to not consume death power when using an ability that requires it. Passive - - 120
サクリファイス(専)(Sakurifaisu) Sacrifice (Exclusive) ? Explodes one of your spirits, dealing large damage and raising your death power by 1 level. Skill 12 20/45 130
大呪詛(専)(Dai juso) Greater Curse (Exclusive) ? Deals a darkness-attribute attack to a single target and any surrounding enemies, and stuns any enemies afflicted with the curse status. Raises your death power by 1 level. Skill 18 30/60 140
マヒャデドス(専)(Mahyadedosu) Mahyadedos (Exclusive) Kacrackle Deals extreme ice damage to one enemy and the surrounding area of enemies. Spell 24 25/60 150
ギラグレイド(専)(Giragureido) Giragrade (Exclusive) Kasizzle Deals extreme fire damage in a straight line. Spell 24 I(60/120), II(40/80), III(30/60) 180*
死霊覚醒術(専)(Shiryō kakusei jutsu) Spirit Awakening (Exclusive) ? Strengthens your current spirit, increasing its tension by 1 level and an effect that increases tension when an action is used. Also nullifies the next source of damage it would take. Consumes 1 level of death power. Skill 12 I(30/65), II(20/50) 200*

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