Quest 606

From Dragon Quest X
Request Bentler Coin! (お願いベントラーコイン!)
Location Glen East F7, inside the well.
Starting NPC Dezlin at E2 inside the well.
Description &nbsp
Requirements Quest 605 Complete. 
Initial Reward Death Master Top, Death Master Bottom<br<20 points in every Death Master skill.
Replay Reward 11000 EXP
1 Urbea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame 22000 / 115
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 605 Next Quest Quest 607


Requirement !!! In order to complete this quest, you must get a Japanese phrase into Nearby chat. Obviously, you can talk in Nearby Chat by now, but if you are unable to key in Japanese, you'll need to prepare your Frequent Phrases.
The scope of this guide does not cover adjusting your Frequent Phrases from Hiroba.

  • Talk to Dezlin to start the request. This one's personal!
  • Dezlin is worried about Nelim. Go talk to her and see what she's got on her mind.
  • She's stressed about not being able to see dead people, but she heard about some coins that can increase psychic power.
  • It's time to buy some money.
  • You're going to need to ask the Coin Merchant in Nearby chat both now and also in a future quest in the Death Master chain. The phrase is below.


  • If you want to get a headstart and prepare for another quest, that phrase is below.

Death Masters Never Die

  • When you're ready, head to Glen Castle Town and visit the Magic Maze Coin salespeople and pop that Bentler [ベントラー] in Nearby chat for a dialogue.
  • He'll give you the coin, so let's take it back to Nelim.
  • Placebo effect, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Run back to Glen West and talk to the priest at B5
  • Nelim's in low spirits (ha), so let's talk with Dezlin and see if there's anything to do.
  • We'll watch over Nelim for now, but no sooner than we resolve to do this there's a call on the Spirit Caller.
  • Instead of killing thugs, we're giving a parting message from a deceased lover.
  • Navigate to Molinara Forest on Eltona Continent and enter Molinara Square at A6 for a scene and a boss fight.
  • Rush back to Dezlin for another scene.