Facility Unlock Quests

From Ethene

These quests unlock extremely useful facilities for the player. It is advised to do them as soon as they become available.

Storage Expansion

Very useful in case you want to store some of your items or equipment for later.

Adventurer's Tavern

This quest is very important if you want to play solo, it will allow you to use the characters of other real players as party members, even when they are offline!

  • Quest 31 ➜ You can start recruiting other players for your party.

Sweat and Tear Gems

Doing these quests you can turn used equipment into Sweat and Tear Crystals, a material for crafting.


This one is very important too, as it unlocks the functions of the Travel Concierge NPCs, the people with orange uniforms at most inns. With this quest cleared, you can use lottery tickets, exchange charge hours (they refill each hour you do not play), get weekly bonuses and more!

  • Quest 32 ➜ Travel Concierge becomes available

Mini Medal Exchange

After finishing this quest, you can talk to Chief Golek to get goodies in exchange for your mini medals.

  • Quest 33 ➜ Mini medal exchange unlocked

Job Change Priest

These quests are also extremely important, so do them as soon as possible.

Skill Resetting

Ever made a mistake when assigning skill points? These quests will allow you to easily reset your skill points.

  • Quest 94 ➜ You can reset your skill points at the blue flame (Gartlant & Alltrades Abbey)
  • Quest 445 ➜ You can reset your skills at any church

Hot Spring

The Hot Springs give a continuous healing status for 30 minutes, recovering 1 HP every 10 seconds.

  • Quest 173 ➜ You can enter the hot springs at Azlan for 50 G
  • Quest 638 ➜ You obtain a hot spring for your garden

Dress Up System

This quest unlocks the ability to transmog your current equipment using anything else from your equipment bag by talking to Popol (ポポル) in Megistris City.