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An Armamentalist of the Elf race.

The Armamentalist (ARM) (魔法戦士) is an excellent support vocation that has a variety of utility spells and abilities. Their unique Fource (フォース) skills allow them to do things such as change the elemental type of attacks, restore party member's MP, and even lower an enemy's elemental resistance. Initially, the beneficial Fource skills are single target, but they can be upgraded later to allow them to affect all party members, further increasing their utility. Armamentalists can equip swords, bows, heavy wands, and shields. It's recommended to use sword and shield for a more defensive role, or bows for their higher damage output. Heavy wands aren't recommended, since Armamentalists don't know many inherent spells to take advantage of the boosts a heavy wand grants. Their coup de grâce is Magic Roulette (マジックルーレット), which grants self and party members full MP recovery every few seconds for a short while, and a chance to boost damage slightly for a short while as well. Their vocation proof grants them a chance to recover a portion of damage dealt to an enemy as MP.


Being a more support oriented vocation, Armamentalists should focus on keeping buffs and debuffs up as much as they can. Use Oomphle on your physical attackers who need it, and Acceleratle to boost everyone's action intervals. When allies are getting low on MP, make sure to pay attention and use M-Pathy to quickly refill them. If you know the enemy's weakness, use the applicable elemental Fource ability to boost damage against it, although this is not urgent. The main ability you will want to make sure you keep up as much as possible is Fource Break, since it will reduce an enemy's elemental resistances by up to 100%, which is a pretty substantial boost to damage. Clock Charge you'll want to keep up too, since it will reduce the time of all allies' charge time skills and decrease their action intervals 2 stages. The last thing you can look out for is Magic Burst, which can deal a decent amount of AoE damage with the right buffs and setup. A good combo to use is wait until you get your coup de grace, activate it, and then use Magic Burst immediately after. This will of course drain all of your MP due to Magic Burst, but then instantly refill it due to the effect of Magic Roulette. Be careful not to be in a position where you'll die before the MP restore effect goes off, or you'll have died with 0 MP, and will have to spend a bit of time regaining it.

Vocation Quests

Unlock Quest: Quest 144 - Royal Palace Magic Warriors (王宮の魔法戦士たち)

Quest 146 - Diplomatic Mission (外交任務)
Quest 147 - Bad Feelings (うごめくモノたち)
Quest 148 - Forked Road (分かれ道)
Quest 149 - Hold Your Sword (剣をかかげて)
Quest 150 - With Pride and Love (誇りと、愛と)

Vocation Tree Skills

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current vocation.

Fource (フォース)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
ファイアフォース(専)(Faiafōsu) Fire Force (Exclusive) Fire Fource Adds a fire element to your attacks for 2 minutes. Skill 2 - 4
全職業でちから+5 (Zen shokugyō de chikara+10) Power in All Occupations +10 Natural Strength +10 - Passive - - 10
アイスフォース(専)(Aisufōsu) Ice Force (Exclusive) Frost Fource Adds an ice element to your attacks for 2 minutes. Skill 2 - 16
全職業で最大MP+10 (Zen shokugyō de saidai MP+10) Maximum MP in All Occupations +10 Natural MP +10 - Passive - - 22
ストームフォース(専)(Stōmufōsu) Storm Force (Exclusive) Gale Fource Adds wind and lightning elements to your attacks for 2 minutes. Skill 2 - 32
全職業でみのまもり+5 (Zen shokugyō de mi no mamori+5) Defense in All Occupations +5 Natural Resilience +5 - Passive - - 42
ダークフォース(専)(Dākufōsu) Dark Force (Exclusive) Funereal Fource Adds dark and earth elements to your attacks for 2 minutes. Skill 2 - 55
MPパサー(専)(MP Pasā) MP Passer (Exclusive) M-Pathy Recovers a single ally's MP by 100. Skill 10 - 68
全職業で最大HP+10 (Zen shokugyō de saidai HP+10) Maximum HP in All Occupations +10 Natural HP +10 - Passive - - 82
ライトフォース(専)(Raitofōsu) Light Force (Exclusive) Life Fource Adds a light element to your attacks for 2 minutes. Skill 2 - 100
フォース範囲化(専)(Fōsu han'ika) Force Range (Exclusive) ? When using beneficial Fource skills, they will now be applied to all allies in range rather than just a single target. Passive - - 110
最大MP+30(専) (Saidai MP+30) Maximum MP +30 MP +30 - Passive - - 120
フォースブレイク(専)(Fōsubureiku) Force Break (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack to a single target for 2 times damage, and reduces all of their elemental resistances by either 50% or by 100%. Skill 4 25/60 130
攻撃時たまにMP回復(専)(Kōgeki tokitama ni MP kaifuku) Occasionally Recover MP When Attacking ? Your attacks have a 1% chance to recover 5% of damage dealt as MP. Passive - - 140
マダンテ(専)(Madante) Madante (Exclusive) Magic Burst Deals extreme light damage to all nearby enemies. Damage dealt is based on amount of MP consumed. Afterwards, recover 2% of MP every 5 seconds for 2 minutes. Spell All 60/120 150
クロックチャージ(専)(Kurokkuchāji) Clock Charge (Exclusive) ? Reduces the time of all allies' action interval by 2 stages, and reduces the charge time of all CT skills by 10 seconds for all allies for 5 minutes. Skill 6 I(70/180), II(50/130), III(30/90) 180*
敵の弱点属性がわかる(専)(Teki no jakuten zokusei ga wakaru) Understand Enemy Weakness (Exclusive) ? Allows you to see the elemental weakness/resistances of all enemies by using the さくせん (Tactics) command during battle. Passive - - 200*
よろいが装備できる(専)(Yoroi ga sōbi dekiru) Able To Equip Armor (Exclusive) ? You are now able to equip heavy armor. (Armor normally equippable by Warriors, Paladins, and Demon Swordsmen). Passive - - 200*

Only one of the two 200p skills listed above are able to be used at a time.

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