Beginners Quickstart Guide

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Dragon Quest X! If you’re new, you’re in the right place. Dragon Quest X is an MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game, not unlike Final Fantasy XIV or RuneScape. However, the difference is that DQX is very much a Dragon Quest title with online components, instead of an online game that happens to be Dragon Quest. You will be navigating through the story, saving the world and unlocking greater power as you progress, just like in any other Dragon Quest title.

For MMO veterans: DQX uses a “turn-based” command system, where commands can be selected approximately every five seconds, with a higher Agility granting faster turns. There are no hotkeys for spells, so get used to memorizing where certain abilities are! You can remove unnecessary spells and skills from your battle menu, or reorganize it entirely. (Main Menu > Misc > Settings > Character > Battle Commands)

For Dragon Quest veterans: In DQX, you can move on the battlefield during combat, so positioning is important. Furthermore, you can shove enemies (and this is a genuine combat mechanic) to keep them from assaulting your backline. Larger enemies require more people or a specific Vocation to shove properly.

Below we’ve got a route to take to get you set up for success in DQX. This is not the only route, and you may do things out of order if you wish, but this route is optimized for those looking to hit all of the key points on their way through the game.

Getting Started

First and foremost, if you have not registered an account or downloaded the game, do that first. DQXAbbey has a very good, very precise guide that you need to follow to get setup. If you do not speak/read Japanese, it is highly recommended that you install DQXClarity as well for live translation.

This guide assumes that you have bought the game and are no longer a trial player. If you are a Trial player, you can still follow this guide, but be aware that you will be unable to progress or participate in certain quests or objectives.

Second, be aware that DQXClarity uses DeepL to live-translate the game, and machine translators are inherently kind of bad at translating Japanese to English. While there are some excellent hand-translated pieces courtesy of the DQXClarity team (primarily story quests, menu items, and phrases like “This quest has been transgressed with finesse!”), some parts of the game will lack the standard polish you’d find in a normal Dragon Quest release. This is not the developers fault, nor is it DQXClarity’s fault either — translation and localization are difficult and AI cannot do it at the level actual human translators can, so always keep a wiki tab open if you get lost.

Useful Links

The wiki websites you should be aware of, aside from Ethene, include:

  • Dorakue10 — A Japanese wiki. This has pretty much any and all info you could ask for…in Japanese. If you cannot read Japanese, you will need an addon for your browser that translates Japanese to English.
  • Draquex — A Dragon Quest X database. Use this for finding weapons, armor, and which monsters drop what.
  • DQJP Ten — Another Japanese wiki. This one was recommended specifically for questing, as the guides on it tend to be more precise than others.
  • DQ10 IKE — Another Japanese wiki. This one has more pictures and images if that’s more your speed, but also can be outdated.

Finally, be aware that as this is a Japanese online MMO, some things will be expected of you as an overseas player — never forget that you are a guest, as this game is not intended for overseas audiences. Do not spam local chat or party chat with English phrases — in fact, it’s probably better not to speak English in public at all. There are dedicated English “Teams” (guilds, free companies, etc.) that have no problem with English in Team Chat, but other JP players may find you annoying if you cannot communicate in Japanese.

Thankfully, there is a nifty text injection tool called “SendToChat” that you can use to cover the most basic of phrases, such as “Good luck” and “Thank you!” if you get invited to JP groups. This tool is also handy for clearing a few quests that require you to type out a phrase in-game, so it’s recommended you grab it.

If SendToChat is too much, you can also edit your common phrases using Hiroba, which is Dragon Quest X’s version of a Mogstation. Specifically, their Emote Preferences page (requires log-in.) Again, you’ll need a translation tool to navigate around, but once here you can edit things to your liking. Ask in the Discords for a list of common phrases to add.

With all of that said, let’s get into it! Your journey awaits!

Tutorial: The Hidden Village of Ethene

If you’ve never played Dragon Quest X before, we highly recommend completing the intro tutorial. It sets the stage for the rest of the game’s story, and also teaches you the basics of navigation, battle, and so on. It will run you approximately one hour to complete, and gives you an excellent feel for what the rest of the game will be like.

When you create your character, you must spell your name in Japanese. We recommend running your screen name through a Japanese tool and then selecting the appropriate kana — if you mess this up, you will have to pay 1100 yen to change your name via a paid service. If in doubt, ask in the Discords — someone may be willing to help! I also recommend checking out the character naming guide.

Do not worry about grinding levels in this tutorial — your level will be reset at the end of it, and you will lose items you acquired (they’re all beginner items anyways, so no loss.) You only need to be around level 8 to 10 to clear the final encounter.

Version 1: Tale of the Five Awakened Tribes

How To Use This Guide // Basic Info

  • If a section header is in red, that means that the section is important and/or mandatory. You should read the section carefully for more information on what you should be doing.
  • If a section header is in green, that means that the section is optional at this stage of the game. It’s still recommended you read through the information and decide if it’s something you are interested in.

Race/Vocation Selection

After you complete the tutorial, you will be asked to select your chosen race from a list of five: Ogres, Weddies, Elves, Pukulipos, and Dwarves. This racial choice is final, but your choice ultimately matters little. Pick whichever race you like the most.

If you like Human the most, you will regain access to that form in short order, so don’t worry.

Once you’ve customized your race’s appearance, it will prompt you to select one of six Vocations (classes, jobs) — Warrior, Priest, Mage, Martial Artist, Thief, and Minstrel. These are the starting six Vocations, but you will eventually unlock the other 16 as you play.

You will be playing all of these Vocations at one point or another to level them up. This means that your initial selection matters little, so pick whichever one you like most — except Priest. Priests in particular have a rough time starting things off due to low offensive options — and in particular will struggle with enemies that have high Defense.

If you are looking for an easy way into the game, Thief, Minstrel or Warrior are solid first picks. Thief and Minstrel are good all-rounders, both having access to Heal, while Warrior has enough bulk to not eat dirt when fighting bosses (and also allows you to really give the shove mechanic a go.) Again, however, this matters extremely little, so pick whichever you like except Priest.

For those who are more endgame-minded, most Vocations, including the starting six, can be used in endgame content. As with most MMOs, this is not equal and some are clearly more prized than others, but generally speaking you will find a place in the party for your main Vocation. That being said, it's a good idea (once you get the opportunity) to level multiple Vocations so you're able to fulfill multiple roles if needed.

Once you have finalized your appearance, you will be booted back to the main menu. Select your character — the game will prompt you to select a server as well. Select either server 9 or 10, the ones marked New/Returning Players. Playing on either server 9 or 10 allows you to participate in Metal Rookie Corps Invasions, which are an excellent source of experience for alternate Vocations (more on this later.)

Upon entering the game and watching the opening cutscene, you will find yourself in your starting race’s village. Paths between the five races will converge soon enough, so for now explore your starting village at your leisure. Let’s take this time to get familiar with some core concepts of the game.

First off, NPCs with a pink name offer important information for you, while NPCs with a purple name offer a quest (these also appear on your map as an exclamation mark.) Be aware that sometimes NPCs with white names can still be important for quests. NPCs with a yellow name offer an important game mechanic, and talking with them will reward a mini medal the first time you talk to them.

Second, take a look at your map, and you should see some symbols. Get familiar with these symbols, as they highlight important shops and businesses in towns. This directory below will label them for you.

<image to come soon>

Main Story Quest and Progression

When you have had your fill of exploration, bring up your Main Menu (by default this is Square/X on controller, V on keyboard) — at the bottom of your menu, you should see a window that says “Walkthrough”:

This is your primary objective the game will dictate for you. At first, this will be Main Story quests but eventually will veer off into quests that unlock useful functions. It's imperative to do these as soon as you can, as your walkthrough will not update until they are finished. You should do them as soon as you get them, anyway. With your Main Menu open, press the map button (displayed next to Destination), and this will show you your next destination on the map. If you are not currently on the same map as your objective, it will ask you if you wish to warp nearby — you can do this even if you haven’t visited the area yet. This will be known from now on as a Walkthrough Warp.

Be aware that as you progress further through the game, you will stop being offered warps if you haven’t been there yet and must navigate there on your own, so get used to reading the map and charting a course.

Also to note is that the objective of the walkthrough CANNOT be changed manually. If there is a main story quest you want to check the objective of that isn't displayed in the walkthrough, you need to view the story by opening the menu and going to Records -> The Story So Far, and then choose the story you're currently progressing.

Lastly, the Walkthrough Warp is available up to the version that is 2 versions behind the most current version. (For example, as of this writing version 7 is the most current version, so the Walkthrough Warp will work through version 5. Once version 8 is released, this will extend to version 6, and so on.)

First Quest: Find a Zoomstone! (Level 1~10)

Your first quest involves recovering a Zoomstone. We’ll talk more about these later, but for now, that is your primary objective.

Before you leave your starting village, locate the Hat Clerk and Vehicle Clerk NPCs!
  • The Hat Clerk grants you the Angel Slime Cap, which gives triple experience up to level 115 so long as you wear it. Put it on and get used to it, you won’t be unequipping it for a while. The most recently released Vocation (in terms of release date) is unable to benefit from this, so be aware!
  • The Vehicle Clerk gives you a Dolboard, which is DQX’s version of mounts. This is a rental, but you will eventually unlock one of your own. Dolboards can be summoned by holding the autorun button (by default L1 or R on keyboard) while in a field or dungeon, but not in cities or towns. You can engage or be engaged by monsters while riding a Dolboard, and upon exiting combat, you will immediately remount.

While you’re heading towards your quest objective, take out a few Slimes and gain some levels. You don’t need to go wild here, but try to get level 5. Now is a good time to talk about the Rookie Metal Slime Invasions.

Rookie Metal Slime Invasions

Every two and a half hours, Rookie Metal Slimes will join all random encounters on servers 9 and 10. This event lasts 30 minutes. These Rookie Metal Slimes function like any other Metal Slime, in that they take zero spell damage, have 1 HP, and have high defense and evasion. They can run away, so focus them down immediately. They give approximately 1850 EXP per kill (with the Angel Slime Hat on), and is primarily how you will level alternate Vocations up to level 30. Rookie Liquid Metal Slimes and even Rookie Metal King Slimes can join in on the fun, so take advantage of this while you can.

If the Rookie Metal Slime Invasion is going on at any point during your playthrough, immediately drop what you are doing and go kill some Metal Slimes until your Vocation is level 30. You will receive a 10-minute warning prior to the event starting, and you can sign up for a reminder alert via the Dragon Quest X Worldwide Discord Server. If you do not wish to use Discord to track the timer, Hiroba has a schedule (scroll to the bottom.) You can also check the schedule in game by opening the Menu and going to Misc. -> Play Guide -> Content Forecast -> Metal Rookie Army. Note that the times are displayed in Japanese Standard Time (JST).

Treasure Chests and Items

While you murder Slimes with reckless abandon, or go off exploring the land, you may discover a Treasure Chest. If you are in a party, each party member will see their own Treasure Chest and can open it themselves, so there is no fighting over Chests.

There are several types of Treasure Chests, so familiarize yourself with their benefits below:

  • Brown Treasure Chests drop from monsters periodically upon defeat. They often contain crafting materials, but these do not often sell for much Gold. Considered the “Common Drop” chest.
  • Silver Treasure Chests drop from monsters periodically upon defeat. They contain upgraded gear — however, this gear cannot be sold or dismantled. You can, however, pick up the gear to add it to your Armor Encyclopedia, which can ultimately grant you a pose for filling it in. If you have the book icon for a piece of gear already, however, leave it or delete it from your inventory.
  • Blue Treasure Chests appear randomly on the map in fields and dungeons, and will spawn and de-spawn over time in different locations. These often hold Mini Medals, Gold, useful items, or even can contain a Cannibox!
  • Purple Treasure Chests drop from boss encounters. These are one-time drops and become sort of a weekly or daily reset reward from content like the Magic Maze or Book of Bosses.
  • Red Treasure Chests are found in the environment in set places. These are opened once for loot.
  • Jade Treasure Chests are found in the environment in set places. These require a Jade Key to open, and there are 25 Jade Keys total. Jade Keys can be found in a number of locations, such as the Mini Medal King, the Fish Trader, and the Casino. This is absolutely worth doing in your spare time, as finding all of the green chests will grant you a Zoomstone (more on this later.) Bear in mind that, in order to find all of the Jade Keys, you will need the Thief’s Key. You cannot meaningfully clear Jade Treasure Chests without clearing Version 2.
  • Black Treasure Chests are found in the environment in set places. These require the Thief’s Key to open. (obtainable at level 40+ from completing Quest 37: The Keymaker’s Box.)
    • You can check the total Red, Green and Black Treasure Chests discovered via Main Menu > Records > Treasure List.

Your Item Bag can only hold 30 items to start, and your Equipment Bag can only hold 25 items to start. You can expand these later, but for now be aware that inventory space is at a premium. In general, sell materials or equipment you no longer need.

Skill Points

As you level up, you will gain Skill Points. These can be put into any skill for your Vocation to become more proficient in that skill — those who invest in Swords, for example, will find their attack power greatly increased while wielding a Sword.

For all Vocations, place your points into the bottom skill on the list. For example, Thieves’ bottom skill is “Acquisitiveness”, Warriors have “Courage”. The reason is that some passives in this tree (labeled like “Natural Agility”) grant bonuses to your entire character, not just your Vocation! This means that if you level this bottom skill up in every Vocation, whatever your main Vocation is will have greatly increased stats — enough to put you on par with a Version 3 character!

To stress how important this is, the extra stats you get from putting all skill points for all Vocations into the bottom skill are:

  • 200 HP | 160 MP
  • 140 Magical Might | 90 Magical Mending
  • 80 Strength | 110 Resilience
  • 230 Agility | 190 Deftness | 150 Charm

Starting out, your Skills will cap at 100 points per skill. Eventually, you will complete quests that will grant you baseline skill points, and you can invest your earned points into something else, up to 200. Until then, focus on that bottom skill!

Continue on your quest to find and acquire your first Zoomstone. Once you have obtained it, head to the Church and bind the Zoomstone to your starting village.


Zoomstones function similar to a Hearthstone or Home Point from other MMOs, except there is no cooldown for teleporting using them. As such, it's very important to keep your Zoomstones bound to locations you visit often. Be aware that you cannot use Zoomstones in interior spaces, such as shops or dungeons — basically anywhere with a ceiling. It is funny to see you hit your head though!

Since you do not need to manually save your game like in other Dragon Quests, Churches serve primarily as home points to bind Zoomstones. You can also bind Zoomstones to Crystals in the wilds, and sometimes Priests will camp out near a field or dungeon, so if you know you’re going to be around an area for a while, bind your Zoomstone! You will eventually unlock multiple Zoomstones, but for now, keep your single one bound to the starting village.

The Intercontinental Train Pass, Mark of Adulthood, and Support Companions

Continue following the main quest until you reach the boss (you may wish to grind to around level 8 on the monsters just outside the boss fight.) Set the boss fight to “easy” when prompted (you will lose some experience but for these early levels, it doesn’t matter.) You have 20 Medicinal Herbs in your inventory, so don’t be afraid to heal when you need to.

Upon completion of the fight and cutscene, you will find yourself at or around level 10. Use your Zoomstone or Walkthrough Warp to head back to your village, and turn in the quest. You should end up with a new key item, the Intercontinental Train Pass! This is your primary way of traveling around the five islands, but you first have to reach a town that has a Train Station.

You will also receive the Mark of Adulthood, a key item that allows you to talk to “important people”, and three Support Companions.

Support Companions are computer-controlled allies that fight according to your orders, such as “Fight Wisely.” The ones you receive from completing your starting village are fine for now, but eventually you will want to replace them — in fact, almost immediately upon reaching your first city. Follow the in-game Adventure Guide to do so — when you arrive at your starting city (Orphea, Julet, Mount Gatara, Wind Town Azlan, or Glen Castle), get ready to do some serious side-quests.

Travel Instructions to First Major Cities

Remember, to progress the main quest, open your Main Menu, hit the Triangle or Y button, and accept the Walkthrough Warp if offered. If not, you will have to manually find your way — your starting city is not more than a few maps away from your starting village, however, so you shouldn’t get lost!

Once you reach one of these major cities, you will be able to travel by train to the other four.

  • Ogres — To reach Glen Castle from Langao Village:
    • Langao Mountains > Lion Gate > Glen East > Glen Castle Town
  • Weddies — To reach Julet Town from Lane Village:
    • Colt Region > Lenam Fields > Lower Jule Island > Muse Coast > Julet Town
  • Dwarves — To reach Mount Gatara from Agrania Town:
    • Raniakka Fault Zone > Mogarim Highway > Gatara Fields > Mount Gatara
  • Elves — To reach Wind Town Azlan from Tsusukul Village:
    • Tsusukul Plains > Kirika Steppe > Azlan Region > Wind Town Azlan
  • Pukulipos — To reach Orphea from Pukulet Village:
    • Pukulet Region > Popola Region > Orphea Region East > Orphea

Checkpoint #1

This guide will utilize Checkpoints for you to verify your progress. Optional items will be marked in green text and labeled as optional, however, everything else listed is mandatory, and marked in red.

  • Achieved ~Level 10
  • One Zoomstone
  • Mark of Adulthood and Train Pass
  • Arrived at first major city

The First Key Emblem (Level 10-25)

Reminder: if Rookie Metal Slime Invasions are active, drop whatever you are doing, head to the nearest field, and start killing things!

Upon entering your starting city (Glen Castle, Julet Town, Wind City Azlan, Mount Gatara or Orphea), you will get a cutscene with a fairy who grants you the Yellow Diary. From now on, you will see NPCs with yellow names — talk to them for a free Mini Medal and, more important, one free Zoomstone!

Join a Team, No Seriously, Do It Now

There are a ton of things for you to take care of, but first and foremost is joining a Team. If you’re reading this, you are likely unable to read Japanese, so you should pick one of the fantastic English communities listed on DQXAbbey and ask for a Team invite. They’ll need your ID and Player Name, which you can find via Main Menu > Stats. Be aware that your “translated” Player Name will not work — they need the kana specifically.

While waiting for a Team invite, head to the Post Office, indicated by a letter icon on your map. If you bought the All-In-One edition and input the code during registration, you should have received a welcome package in your mail. Retrieve it. There should be 10 Golden Petals in your inventory now. Head to the nearest item shop and sell these for a whopping 100,000 Gold a piece. You now have enough Gold to get you through the majority of the story.

  • If you are not on a Vocation that has Evac innately, buy some Evac-U-Bells from your nearest Item Shop. I recommend around 50, since you never know how many you will eventually need, and they’re cheap. If a quest takes you deep into a dungeon, you’ll be glad you had these instead of having to backtrack!
  • We also recommend buying a full stack of 99 Treasure Land Eye items, if you are interested in checking off every Treasure Chest as you play, so you don’t have to backtrack later.

Head to the Church and bind one of your Zoomstones to the city. You can hit up the Weapons and Armor shop to update your gear if you wish, but this is not necessary.

Important Side Quests

  • First, head to any Material Shop in your city. These are denoted by a “gem” icon on the map. Accept Quest 129 - Sweat, Tears and a Material Store’s Hat. This is the one time you will (temporarily) swap out your Angel Slime Hat, as it requires you to equip the Hat and kill 10 enemies near your level.
  • Before you head out of town, accept Quest 30 - The Love and Trust Depository! to unlock the ability to bank items in your Storage! Bubble Slimes are found in each of the regions connected to your starting city, but it may take some hunting/roaming until you find where they spawn. The maps they spawn on are Glen East, Azlan Region, Mogarim Highway, Lenam Fields and Orphea Region East. Remember to keep your Material Hat on until you’ve defeated 10 enemies near your level.
  • Turn both quests in once completed. Re-equip your Angel Slime Hat!
    • Consider putting most of your Gold into Storage, just in case. Death without being resurrected by a party member will result in a 50% loss of your Gold. We highly recommend putting 90% of your Gold into Storage. Accidents happen, and you’ll be glad you did!
    • While not important now, Sweat and Tears Gems are used in Crafting. If you obtain some of these, you can either shove them in storage or sell them on the Traveller’s Bazaar.

It’s time to get your first Key Emblem. Follow the main story quest, which should run you about 15~30 minutes. Do not forget that you can Walkthrough Warp near each objective by opening your Main Menu and hitting the Walkthrough Warp button (Triangle / Y on controller // map key on keyboard). Your Support Companions should be able to carry you through the entire adventure.

Checkpoint #2

  • Achieved ~Level 15 - 20
  • Two Zoomstones
    • One bound to your starting city (Glen Castle, Julet Town, Mount Gatara, Orphea, or Wind Town Azlan)
  • Joined a Team
  • Registration gift claimed from Post Office, Gold Leaves sold for 100k Gold a piece
  • Some Evac-U-Bells purchased (recommended: 50)
  • Some Treasure Land Eye items purchased (recommended: 99)
  • Quests 129 and 030 completed.
    • This unlocks your Storage and Sweat and Tears Gems
    • Put 90% of your Gold into Storage
  • Completed Main Story up to earning your first Key Emblem

Once you have your first Key Emblem, you may be tempted to continue to follow the main story — and you totally can — but since you are around level 15~20, there are some things you should do first.

Mandatory Side Quests

  • Head to the nearest Tavern. You will need to clear Quest 31: Welcome to the Tavern, Adventurer! to unlock the ability to recruit Support Companions. Upon completion, talk to the Tavernkeeper and remove your Support Companions that arrived with you from the starting village. Let’s find some good party members, shall we?
    • Select Party Search. At the bottom, where it says “Target”, switch this to “From Team”. Hit “Begin Search.” It’s important to recruit from your Team as much as possible, as the gold cost is halved. If you add Team Members as friends, you can recruit “From Friends” and reduce the gold cost even further — to zero!
      • You will see a number of members from the Team you are currently in. Their levels will vary quite a bit, but generally, anyone level 100 or higher is plenty strong enough to carry you through Version 1 and 2. You do not need to necessarily worry about gear — if they have a weapon and a couple of pieces of armor, they’re fine.
      • Recruit three members. Generally, you want a healer/hybrid support (Priest, Druid, Minstrel), a frontline fighter (Warrior, Paladin, Guardian, Demon Swordsman), and whatever other high-level character you can find that isn’t a Priest or Minstrel. When you recruit a member, make sure you set the time for the longest, which is 168 hours. This ensures that you have plenty of time to get what you need done.
  • Next, visit the nearest Inn and complete Quest 32. This one is super simple, just step outside your city and kill a She-Slime until it drops Astolnium.
    • This unlocks the Concierge, which unlocks a lot of nice benefits. First off, you will start banking “Charge Hours”, which you can spend on EXP Items. It is generally advised to spend your Charge Hours on Metal Maze Express Tickets.
    • You will receive a weekly set of tickets for the Casino, which we will cover later on in the guide. Make sure to grab these before Friday every week!
    • You also unlock the ability to get free rewards based on your Fame Level every Friday (Japan time). Speaking of…
      • Fame is your level of renown, which you earn from completing quests, defeating monsters, and more. The higher the Fame level, the more weekly “support gold” you get from the Concierge, the more titles you can earn, and you gain access to certain quests as well. You can only level Fame up when you rest at an Inn.
  • Next, head to your nearest Train Station, locate a Slime NPC named Adventurer Seminar. Accept and complete Quest 443 - The Rosy Life of an Adventurer Begins! This does not have a wiki page on Ethene (yet), but essentially this quest has the Slime NPC teleport you to a quiz room, where they ask basic questions about the game. Completion of this quest grants you a hat you will never wear and some Gold.
    • You can talk to this NPC after this quest and go through four additional categories for further rewards, including the real reason you’re doing this quest — a new Zoomstone!
  • Next, hop on the train towards Luckland Island to accept and complete Quest 33 - The Medal Owner’s Regret. This takes a bit of walking to get done, but it’s worth it — for a measly 3 Mini Medals you can get another Zoomstone! Do not leave without it! You should now have four Zoomstones.
  • Find an NPC near the gates of your city named something like Strike Force <name>. These NPCs will offer you a daily quest to go kill things for a nice EXP and Gold reward, with yellow options offering better rewards for their difficulty. With your three Team members, you should have no problem accepting the option worth the most EXP, but if you haven’t yet, I’d still put the majority of your Gold into Storage just in case you die.
  • Finally, if you are at least level 20, head to the Tavern and unlock the ability to change Vocations by completing Quest 34 - Abbey Trials. This will require you to visit Glen West, which is accessed via Glen Castle Town. If you didn’t start as an Ogre, you can reach this by going to the Train Station and selecting Glen Castle Town as a destination.
    • From this point forward, you should isolate a “main” Vocation from the ones you have unlocked. Even if it’s not the one you want to play long-term, pick one to focus on for clearing the story. If you are undecided, Warrior is perfectly serviceable.
      • During Rookie Metal Slime Invasion, if your “main Vocation” is level 30 or higher, you should swap to a level 1 Vocation and start gaining levels in it. Remember to dump all skill points into the bottom skill! Don’t worry, your high-level teammates will carry you and revive you if you die.
    • Death is a big deal when you’re starting out. If none of your party members have the ability to Zing you back to life, you will lose gold upon warping back to town — a whopping 50% of Gold you’re currently carrying on you! If you wish to protect your Gold, hit up the Storage facility and deposit however much Gold you want to save.
      • There is an item that you can earn (much later on) that will negate Gold loss on death permanently, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
    • It’s entirely possible to level two Vocations to 30 during one round of Rookie Metal Slime Invasion (Angel Slime Hat + Bonus Orb) if you can find a few Rookie Liquid Metal Slimes.
    • Once RMSI is over, swap back to your “main” Vocation and continue with the guide.

When you’ve knocked these out, you should be approximately level 25. A little higher is fine, a little lower means you need to go murder some more things or do some side quests.

Checkpoint #3

  • Achieved ~Level 25 in at least one Vocation
  • Completed Quest 034 to unlock Vocation Change
    • Settled on a "main" Vocation to take through the story (this does not mean you will only play this Vocation forever.)
  • Completed Quests 032, 443 and 033
    • This unlocks the Concierge and more Zoomstones.
  • Four Zoomstones
    • Bind these however you see fit for now, but we recommend keeping one bound near a Train Station somewhere. Consider binding one at Mount Gatara for some upcoming side quests.
  • Completed Quest 031 and recruited three high-level Team members

Key Emblem Roundup, Additional Sidequests, Vocation Quests (Level 25-50)

At this point, all of the five races should have converged in the story. From here, you will be traveling to each of the race’s islands and completing the “story” of their starting city to earn more Key Emblems. The Walkthrough Warp (again, Main Menu > Triangle/Y or map key) will guide you through this part. Each story will take about 15-30 minutes, so you can expect to spend around 2 hours to finish gathering your first five Key Emblems.

  • With your party members composed of level 100+ murder machines, you should set the boss difficulty to Strong for all of these boss fights and get some extra EXP.

There are technically another five Key Emblems, and you will eventually need to get them all for a total of 10, but for now, it’s quickest if you head to Megistris City (located on Pukulipo’s Island) and complete that storyline for your sixth Key Emblem. However, if you wish to travel to other major cities, instructions are provided below:

  • To reach Megistris City:
    • Train to Orphea > Orphea Region West > Windmill Way > Megistris Territory > Megistris City
  • To reach Gartland Castle:
    • Train to Glen Castle > Glen East > Gert Strait > Landonfoot > Zama Pass > Gartlant Territory > Gartland City
  • To reach Verinard:
    • Train to Julet Town > Upper Jule Island > Kyuarana Coast > Verinard South > Verinard Castle Town
  • To reach Royal Capital Kamiharmui:
    • Train to Wind Town Azlan > Azlan Region > Inamino Highway > Kamiharmui South > Royal City Kamiharmui
  • To reach Dolworm Kingdom:
    • Train to Mount Gatara > Gatara Fields > Chaldea Mountain Road > Goble Desert East > Dolworm Kingdom

Regardless of which city you choose, we recommend binding one of your Zoomstones there. Upon riding the next train you will be given your mission of defeating the Dark Lord who blanketed your home in evil mist. But first...time for another side-quest bonanza!

  • First, take the train to Port Town Lendor. Head to the Northern section of the city and locate Majirik (C-5). If he does not have a quest for you, ensure you are on a Vocation that is at least level 24.
  • Head to Mount Gatara — you are looking for an NPC by the name of Menme (D-4). Accept and complete Quest 199 - Ride On, Dolboard! This will unlock your personal Dolboard forever.
    • If you are at least level 30, also accept and complete Quest 219 - Dolboard Tuning! Bind one of your Zoomstones to Dolworm City when you arrive to save time, as future quests will require you to visit here a lot. This quest doubles your Dolboard’s timer capacity.
  • Head to any Storage facility on a Level 28+ Vocation. Accept and complete Quest 216 - A Plan For My Dream Warehouse!.
    • With your wealth, you should have no problem buying these items — the Strong Medicines can be bought via the Traveler’s Bazaar. You now have an additional 50 Storage slots.

By this point you should have achieved level 30 in at least one Vocation. It’s time to talk about Vocational Quests (or Class Quests).

Vocational Quests

Vocational Quests are quests that unlock for a certain Vocation upon reaching a specific level. The starting six Vocational Quests unlock at level 30. Not only do these quests give decent gear for your level, they give an absolutely bananas amount of experience and experience scrolls — enough to get you most of the way to Level 50.

You also earn up to 100 free points in all of your Skills by completing the questline — freeing up Skill Points to advance beyond 100 (once you unlock the feature, at least.) Furthermore, you will unlock your “coup-de-grace”, which is a special skill that has a random chance to be selectable on your turn. These are often powerful skills — Warrior gets Critical Claim, which guarantees a critical hit on all enemies within a cone in front of them, for example.

Upon completion of the final quest in the series, you will unlock a “Proof”, which is an accessory that provides substantial power at this stage in the game. For example, the Warrior Proof will allow you to occasionally repeat an attack for free — including Skills.

Needless to say, this is worth the time spent to complete, on as many Vocations as possible.

  • Warrior: Glen Castle Town, Agapei (C-7)
  • Priest: Wind Town Azlan, Monk Bert & Karan (F-3)
  • Mage: Port Town Lendor (South), Innkeep Molten
  • Martial Artist: Julet Town, Yarn (D-6)
  • Thief: Mount Gatara - Darul (H-5, inside the Tavern)
  • Minstrel: Orphea - Polfan (D-4, at the Cave Entrance)

Follow each questline to their conclusion (five quests total per Vocation), spend all of your Experience Scrolls, and you should be approximately level 50, or at the least level 45.

  • Your Equipment inventory is probably getting a little tight with all this gear coming in, so it’s time to fix that. Head to Luckland Island and go up to the second floor. Talk to Sasalana and accept and complete Quest 93 - Bag Organization Techniques. Your Equipment Bag can now hold 50 items.

Just in time too, because guess what? It’s time to unlock some more Vocations!

Unlocking More Vocations

There are a number of additional Vocations, and as mentioned earlier, most of them are feasible all the way through to the endgame. All of them, however, are worth unlocking and leveling, so you might as well get started on that now. You can do as many or as few as you wish, but the time spent unlocking and leveling these Vocations will pay dividends later, so it is highly recommended you put a pause on things to get this done.

  • Battle Master can be unlocked via Quest 177.
    • This will require you to set your party members to “Leave it to me!” so they don’t kill your target. (Main Menu > Misc > Support Party)
  • Paladin can be unlocked via Quest 098.
    • You will need “Whipping Boy” from the Warrior’s “Courage” skill tree.
  • Armamentalist can be unlocked via Quest 144.
    • You will need “Magic Ward” from the Mage’s “Spellcraft” skill tree.
  • Ranger can be unlocked via Quest 099 - The Ranger Association.
    • You will need “Half-Inch” from the Thief’s “Acquisitiveness” skill tree.
  • Sage can be unlocked via Quest 178.
  • Superstar can be unlocked via Quest 145.
    • This will require some way of increasing your Tension to maximum. The easiest way is to do this on Martial Artist and use Psyche Up.
  • Monster Master can be unlocked via Quest 273.
    • You need at least 30 different species of monsters slain.
    • Ensure that the book you purchase is for Monster Masters and not Item Masters. You can purchase this ahead of time if you wish.
  • Item Master can be unlocked via Quest 303.
    • This quest requires you to have Version 2 purchased. If you bought the All-In-One during the Installation guide, you are good to go.
    • Ensure that the book you purchase is for Item Masters and not Monster Masters. You can purchase this ahead of time if you wish.
  • Dancer can be unlocked via Quest 393.
    • This will require you to set your party members to “Leave it to me!” so they don’t kill your target. (Main Menu > Misc > Support Party)
  • Fortune Teller can be unlocked via Quest 431.
    • This quest requires you to have Version 3 purchased and installed. If you bought the All-In-One during the Installation guide, you are good to go.
    • This Vocation requires a lot of time, effort, money and planning to get stable, so be warned.

There are a few other Vocations, but they are not obtainable quite yet — you must be at least Level 50 in one other Vocation and for Demon Swordsman, must have started Version 2, which we’re not quite there yet.

As with all of your previous Vocations, if a Rookie Metal Slime Invasion occurs, stop what you are doing, switch to a low-level Vocation, and get them leveled to 30, putting those points into the bottom skill category. Once you have unlocked all of these Vocations and got them to level 30, start completing their Vocation Quests.

You should be at least level 46 in one Vocation if you completed your Vocational Quests and have used your Experience Scrolls. You’re approaching your limit, and it’s time to break through them.

Limit Break

Once you hit 46+, this is a priority. You should do this prior to hitting level 50 for those sweet EXP rewards, but ultimately it matters little, as you can retrieve quest EXP rewards from the Concierge.

  • Head to Sunset Meadow (B8) and speak to Chamimi. Accept and complete Quest 097 - Those Who Aim High. Congratulations, your Level Cap is now 55.
  • From now on, when you are within four levels to your Level Cap, you should continue the Goddess’ Will & Liberation Limit Break questline. That means your next quests will be at level 51+, then 56+, 61+, 66+, 71+, and 76+.
  • Your Level 100+ Team Party Members can carry you through these no problem.

If you are level 50+, there are some more Vocations for you to unlock...

  • Gadabout can be unlocked via Quest 544.
    • This quest requires you to have Version 4 registered to your account. If you bought the All-In-One during the Installation guide, you are good to go.
    • Gadabouts are notoriously difficult to play properly due to their eccentric skills. You will likely not find endgame groups on this Vocation unless you have friends who are very cool, funny, and good-looking too.
  • Druid can be unlocked via Quest 485.
    • This quest requires you to have Version 4 registered to your account. If you bought the All-In-One during the Installation guide, you are good to go.
  • Death Master can be unlocked via Quest 603.
    • This quest requires you to have Version 5 registered to your account. If you bought the All-In-One during the Installation guide, you are good to go.
  • Pirate can technically be unlocked via Quest 694, but only if you complete the Gartlant story and obtain the Gartlant Key Emblem. This is something you will eventually have to do, so might as well, right?
    • Additionally, you also need Version 6 registered on your account. If you bought the All-In-One during the Installation guide, you are good to go.

Checkpoint #4

  • Achieved ~Level 46-50 in at least one Vocation
    • Completed your “main Vocation” Vocational Quests for big EXP and decent gear for your level.
    • You should do this on as many Vocations as you can, but it’s not mandatory.
  • Completed Limit Break Quest, increasing your level limit to 55.
  • Five Zoomstones
    • Completed Quest 035 for your fifth Zoomstone
    • One bound to Dolworm City, one bound to Megistris City
  • Complete Quest 199 for your own Dolboard
  • Complete Quest 036 and 216 for expanded Inventory and Storage.
  • Unlocked additional Vocations
    • It must be stressed that every Vocation you unlock and level adds to your character’s power. This is extremely worth doing, but it is not mandatory at this point in the game.

Crafting Professions and Fishing

Now that you are approximately level 50 and have broken past your limits, we need to double back and unlock some more things. We assure you this is worth it, but if you’re feeling a bit burnt out on traipsing around the world doing sub-quests, now would be a good time to relax and pick up Fishing or a Crafting Profession!

  • Fishing can be unlocked by heading to Port Town Lendor (South) and speaking to Old Fish Master Harmors. Accept and complete Quest 286.
  • Once you hit Fishing level 19, you may progress his quest chain with Quest 351 There are additional unlock quests all the way up to Fishing level 50.
  • While this is listed as optional, the unlocking quest is extremely easy, and Fishing does play a part in the main quest later on. Might as well unlock it now.

Crafting is a very lengthy topic to cover, so this guide will only touch on the basics. If you played Dragon Quest XI, most of these Crafting Professions use a variation of the Fun-Sized Forge minigame to create items. Each tradeskill can level up to 70, but be warned — once you hit 30+ it becomes a heavy gold and time sink to level.

Here are the Crafting Professions, what they make, and where you can join their ranks:

  • Weaponsmiths make One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, Daggers, Axes, Spears, Claws, Whips, Hammers and Boomerangs.
    • You can become a Weaponsmith at Glen Castle.
  • Armorsmiths make metal armor, typically worn by Vocations like Warriors or Paladins, as well as Shields.
    • You can become an Armorsmith at Dolworm Kingdom.
  • Toolsmiths make tools, such as metalworking hammers, sewing needles, woodworking knifes, and so on, as well as making metallic furniture.
    • You can become a Toolsmith at Port Town Lendor.
  • Woodworkers make Wands, Staves, Battlestaves, Fans and Bows, as well as wooden furniture.
    • You can become a Woodworker at Royal Capital Kamiharumui.
  • Tailors make cloth armor for casters, as well as cloth furniture.
    • You can become a Tailor at Julet Town.
  • Lamp Alchemists and Pot Alchemists add additional effects to already existing gear.
    • Lamp tends to focus on MP or Magical Effects (Magical Might/Mending, for example). You can become a Lamp Alchemist in Luckland Island.
    • Pot tends to focus on HP or Physical Effects (attack/resilience up, for example). You can become a Pot Alchemist in Port Town Lendor.
  • Chefs make food. Good food. Food that boosts your stats extra good.
    • You can become a Chef in Orphea.

You can try any or all of these Crafting Professions up to level 9 with no penalty, but at level 9 you must commit to one of them by completing a quest that locks you into your chosen Crafting Profession.

  • You can swap the cost of 100 Mini Medals. Don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing.
  • You can train Crafting Professions for free using the Training Area located in each of the guild halls...but you cannot quick-craft in the Training Area and must manually craft each item.

Casino and Sugoroku

Even though the Casino is traditionally optional content, it is highly recommended that you make at least one trip.

Head to Luckland and find the Casino on your map. Upon entering, talk to all Yellow Names, buy 1000 Casino Tokens, and immediately head to the North Hall. You should have some Casino Play Tickets from talking to the Concierge and retrieving your weekly rewards. It’s time to play some Sugoroku!

  • Sugoroku is a board-game that you play with three other players, and functions as a multiplayer mini-version of the original Dragon Quest games. If you played Pachisi/Treasures n' Trapdoors in Dragon Quest 3 or 5, this is extremely similar!
  • We recommend waiting for another player to sit down first, as whoever sits first, chooses the map. The snowy map is the one that most people play on.
  • You do not need to be on a specific Vocation to play, the game automatically makes your Sugoroku character a Minstrel at the start of play.
  • It’s recommended that you say “よろしくお願いします” (Nice to meet you/Looking forward to working with you) at the start of play, and “ありがとう!” (Thank you!) at the end of play or when a player heals you. Hold the B Button on controller or B on keyboard, these are both on the first macro page. Just a nice thing to do, you know?
  • Minstrel is powerful for…most of the game, since players are trying to land on Metal and Gold Slime tiles, and they get a multi-hit ability called Have a Ball! They also get Hustle Dance, which is the only AoE heal in the game aside from Sage’s Multiheal.
  • Generally, Minstrel can hold it down all game, but if you land on a Super Alltrades Abbey space, consider making the change to Sage (SGE). Kazammle and Kazing are powerful!

The reason the Casino is mandatory is because after one round of Sugoroku, you should have enough Casino Tokens to buy two things: a shiny new Zoomstone and the VIP Ticket. These are your first two priorities, after that generally you want to buy the other “blue-named” items, like Jade Keys.

You may continue to play at the Casino if you wish, but after acquiring the Zoomstone, it is not mandatory. If you are out of Casino Play Tickets, you may play Bingo, Slots, Poker or Roulette. Bingo has more consistent payouts, but you can play whatever you like.

Dolboard, Skill Reset, Expanded Inventory, Thief's Key

If you’re feeling nice and chill from Fishing and Crafting, it’s time to get back at it. You are now level 50+, so let’s unlock some more things.

  • Head back to Mount Gatara and talk to Menme again. Accept and complete Quest 219 (if you didn’t do it earlier) AND follow that up by accepting and completing Quest 446.
    • Your Dolboard can now hold up to 60 minutes of fuel and also boost for a few seconds.
    • In order to activate the boost, hit autorun (L1 on controller or the R key on keyboard), and then press and hold forward on your left analog stick (controller) or W key (keyboard). You speed up considerably, but your turning capability is non-existent, so be careful!
  • Head to Gartlant Castle and find Jiuba (located in the back area called “The Flame”. Accept and complete Quest 094.
    • You may now purchase stones to reset your skill points. Keep in mind that the base 100 skill points from your Vocational Quests are automatic and cannot be reassigned.
  • Head back to Julet Town and find the well where you expanded your inventory earlier. Accept and complete Quest 174. Your bag now has 50 slots.
  • Head to Castle Megistris in Megistris City (specifically, the third floor.) Head to D-7 and speak with Nejiro. Accept and complete Quest 37.
    • You now have the Thief’s Key, and if you are so inclined, may go traipsing around the world unlocking Black Treasure Chests. This can be advantageous...if you can stomach putting the story on hold for a bit longer.
  • While you’re here, head to G-4 in Megistris City proper. Speak to the Black Hat Pukulipo. Accept and complete Quest 128.
    • You may now participate in the true endgame of any MMO — Fashion.
  • Head to Wind Town Azlan and locate the Inn. Seek out the NPC Manju, and accept and complete Quest 173.
    • You can now enter the Hot Springs and gain a minor regen effect which heals 1HP per 10 seconds for 30 minutes. This results in 180 HP healed over the entire 30 minute timespan.
    • You can do this quest much earlier, but with a Priest party member from your Team, you do not need this minor buff.

Checkpoint #5

  • Achieved ~Level 55.
  • Unlocked Fishing and chose a Crafting Profession.
    • This is optional, of course, but we recommend unlocking Fishing at the least, due to how short the quest is.
  • Completed one round of Sugoroku and purchased the Zoomstone with your Casino Tokens, bringing your Zoomstone total to six.
  • Completed Quest 219 and Quest 446 to buff up your Dolboard.
  • Completed Quest 94 to alter your Skill Points.
  • Completed Quest 174 to expand your bag further.
  • Completed Quest 37 to obtain the Thief’s Key.
  • Completed Quest 128 and Quest 173 to unlock Fashion Quest X and the Hot Springs.

Hey champ. Guess what? You have now, officially, unlocked just about everything you could possibly unlock at this stage in the game. Pat yourself on the back because you are as feasibly prepared for the game as you can possibly be. It’s time to put Version 1 (and Version 2, to be honest) to rest.

Wrapping Up Version 1

Completing Version 1 will take you a fair amount of time — at least an hour or two — due to how story dense it is. In order to continue with the story, you need to head to the nearest Church and race change to Human, then head to the nearest Train Station and select the ???? option on the map.


Gathering up the rest of your Key Emblems is a good idea at this stage of the game. You will eventually need all 10, so there is no reason not to do them now. If you followed this guide, you should have Megistris City’s Key Emblem already. It should be noted that the Walkthrough auto-warp will not work, as gathering Key Emblems is no longer your “main quest”, so you will have to ride your Dolboard everywhere.

It truly does not matter which city you do in which order from this point forward — with your team of level 100+ party members, none of the bosses will stand a chance. Remember to set each Boss difficulty to Strong for that extra EXP!

  • If at any point you get lost in the sauce, Main Menu > Records > The Story So Far, and then select the city that isn’t marked as “Complete” for information on where to go!

Now that you have all ten Key Emblems, we can wrap up Version 1. Head to the past by selecting ??? at any Train Station as a human. The next half hour is nothing but cutscenes and walking around, with the occasional mandatory kill quest. Eventually you will make your way to a new type of dungeon that has a time limit of two hours. With your squad of elite adventurers, it should not take you even half as long, so don’t worry.

Defeating the boss and returning to your own time will lead you through more story and eventually to Nergal’s dungeon. Again, nothing in this dungeon is truly dangerous with your team, but it is worth noting that Nergal does have the capability to kill your character in a single hit, even if you were wearing the best gear possible, so ensure you have someone on your team that can Zing you back to life.

Upon completing the boss fight, watching the (gorgeous) cutscenes, and ending up in town, there’s a few things to grab before we head off towards Version 2.

Master Orb

First, head to any Inn and speak with the Concierge — you’ll receive a lot of items for clearing Version 1, and a quest which you should accept, but the most important of them is a new Zoomstone and the Master Orb. You should now have seven Zoomstones.

The Master Orb is an additional way to increase your character’s power. Even though you aren’t at level cap yet (not even close, to be honest) you already have an alternate way to progress your character!

  • Note: trial players do not have access to this item.

In order to activate the Master Orb, you need to find a Master NPC, which can be found in most cities. The closest one to a Train would be in Luckland Station, just through the doors after you arrive — he’s wearing black robes, you can’t miss him.

In short, you can have up to 12 jewels set to a specific element, and each jewel can only be ranked up to rank 6. There is no reason to keep a jewel you have equipped at Rank 1. These jewels confer specific bonuses — Fire, Water and Wind offer general stat boosts, Light offers Vocation-specific bonuses, and Dark offers weapon-specific bonuses. You will need to research your primary Vocation’s strengths and weaknesses, as this would fall outside this guide’s capacity to teach.

You can, if you wish, start to grind out Jewels to add to your Master Orb collection — this wiki page has a pretty solid writeup of where to find which Jewel — but most locations are not available to you quite yet, so this is not recommended. Instead, you should accept and complete the weekly Master Quest, which grants a random allotment of Jewels — some of which can only be obtained from said quest. The quest is the same for all players, so ask for help in the Discord if you get confused.

Level Difference

It’s worth noting that, depending on how many Vocations you’ve unlocked and leveled, how many dailies you’ve been doing, and if you’ve settled on a primary Vocation or not, that your level may be wildly different than what is in the guide.

You should be around level 60 at this point if you’ve stuck to a single Vocation outside of Rookie Metal Slime Invasions, but if you’ve swapped around, you may be lower-leveled. This is fine — your party will still be able to carry you through the rest of the content — but at this point it is worth noting that you should really be focusing on a single Vocation moving forward.

Free Items

By this point, you have likely decided if Dragon Quest X is for you or not. We hope you’re enjoying yourself, and if you are, recommend that you take some time to collect some freebies. Log into your account on Hiroba by clicking this link and open up this webpage in a different tab/window. Start copy/pasting the codes under the プレゼントのじゅもん heading into the item code redemption box on Hiroba.

There are a lot of codes, but you are getting a ton of Bonus Orbs, Lottery Tickets, and so on that can be beneficial to you! Some prizes include Metal Coins and other Magic Maze rewards as well.

Afterwards, hit up any Inn in a starting city (Glen Castle, Orphea, Wind Town Azlan, Mount Gatara or Julet Town) and find the Guide NPC. Play the Lottery and spend those tickets! You can typically find useful stuff, but the majority of it will be stuff that you will sell to NPCs, like Magic Water.

Magic Maze and Metal Maze

Head to Port Town Lender and look for a yellow-named NPC in the North Section (B-6) named Ronde, he has the model of a green fluffball monster. He will introduce you to the Magic Maze, and offer you the opportunity to join a “trial” run of it. Take the offer, you will be matched with someone (or level-appropriate NPCs). Once you defeat the boss, exit the Magic Maze and speak with Ronde to fully unlock the Mokomoko House, which you should enter immediately.

Set a bind point at the crystal here, and keep it permanently bound.

The Mokomoko House is one of the best bind spots in the game, as you have instant and immediate access to nearly every facility you could want, including a Vocation Change NPC, a Monster Master, Storage, an Introducer, and even some exchange shops!

The Magic Maze will become more important later on, as it serves primarily as a way to farm Accessories. To do so, you need Boss Coins, Boss Cards, and Boss Tags, which you may have found a few of already.

We will not cover the Magic Maze completely in-depth, but the general gist is that several accessories that are important for endgame builds can be found here by entering the Magic Maze and offering Coins, Cards or Tags to the statue at the beginning of each run.

  • Coins are permanent items and do not expire, Cards have a set time-limit that you must use them within or they vanish, and Tags are for practice purposes (they drop no loot.)
    • You can sacrifice up to 4 of the same Coin or Card. This does not increase the boss difficulty or power, but does give you one extra loot (up to 4.)
  • You will need multiple copies of the same accessory in order to upgrade them to their end-game state. This can be done at the Accessory Shop in Verinard Castle Town (see Accessory Fusion for more info.)
  • Anything around level 100+ you may wish to ask your Team to assist you with. Ultimate Aamon, for example, is actually threatening to end-game players.

The real reason you’re here is the Metal Maze. Before you do anything, check to see how far away you are from level cap. If you can do the next quest to limit break, do that first, then come back.

Check your inventory — you might have a Metal Maze or Metal Maze Express ticket already. If so, talk to Dorothy, select the appropriate ticket, and get ready for a boatload of experience. The Metal Maze is a special dungeon that has only Metal Slimes in it — and the best part, all of your attacks automatically crit!

It’s recommended to bring a Vocation that can use an AoE skill such as Gigaslash, as you can one-turn all Metal Slimes with ease. Be aware that if you do not, they can still run away! Each run, including the boss, will net you approximately 800,000 experience (with a Bonus Orb)!

If you have enough Metal Maze Tickets, you may wish to grind out your main Vocation here, which is absolutely what you should do, but this guide assumes you have little access to Metal Maze. If you did overlevel, you can still follow the guide, just ignore the minimum level requirements.

With that done, onward to Version 2!

When you obtained your Master Orb, you also should have received Quest 264. This serves as the gate to Version 2 and all of its content. With your wealth, you can buy the Magic Waters and Chronocrystal (Mount Gatara Material Shop), but the third item requires you to travel to the Ragi Snowfield (near the Ogre starting village, Langao Village) and hunt Killing Machines. Head back to any Inn, turn in the quest, head to the port at Lendor, enjoy the intro cutscene and you’re off to Version 2!

Final Checkpoint

  • Approximately Level 60.
  • All 10 Key Emblems obtained.
  • Version 1 completed.
  • Seven Zoomstones.
    • One bound to Mokomoko House for instant access to important facilities.
    • You may wish to keep one or two bound to Version 1 towns. Luckland and Lendor are good choices for one, as they have a Train Station, and your Crafting guild is a good choice for the other.
    • If you are playing Fortune Teller, consider keeping a bind at the Divine House in Orphea. This is not necessary if you are using the phone app to manage your Tarot fusions/deck.
  • Master Orb unlocked by speaking with a Master NPC.
  • Unlocked the Magic Maze and Metal Maze.
  • Quest 264 completed to unlock Version 2.
  • Collected your many, many free items via Hiroba and Item Codes.

Version 2: The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Ally

Getting Started

As a reminder — keep an eye on your level, and whenever you approach your level limit, go complete the appropriate limit break quest!

Welcome to Lendersia! While Version 2 is not that much different from Version 1, there are a few things to take note of:

Starting with Version 2, each “Version” (expansion) has major patches that add significant story content. From this point forward, these patches will be referred to as .1, .2, .3 and so on.

  • Version 2.0 is titled “The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Ally”
  • Version 2.1 is titled “The Land of Overlapping Fates”
  • Version 2.2 is titled “Spinning the Bonds of Courage”
  • Version 2.3 is titled “Soaring Wings of Hope”
  • Version 2.4 is titled “Decisive Battle at the End of Eternity”

Altogether these form the entirety of Version 2.

Version 2 features some expanded level design — the vast, wide plains-style of the Version 1 maps are not nearly as prevalent. Version 2 maps are much more condensed, focused and complex — many dungeons feature teleporters, ramps and drop-down points, and so on. You will often find very compact tunnels guarded by very large monsters, forcing you into an encounter in order to progress.

The bosses in Version 2 are, unsurprisingly, more complex and quite a bit stronger. It is not uncommon for squishier Vocations to take massive damage, especially if you’re still wearing level 30 Vocation Quest gear. It is not important nor mandatory to update your gear at all, but be aware that you will get chunked for a large amount of your life fairly often — one of your teammates must have Zing or some form of resurrection. If your teammates are all level 100+ (preferably level 120+), you can still set all bosses to “Strong” and get double exp benefits. At this point, it is worth reiterating that if you have not unlocked all Vocations yet, now is definitely a good time to double back and do so!

Moving forward, if you wish to level any alternate Vocations up to 30+, you will do so in Version 2 areas. Not only do these enemies offer greater experience in addition to the Rookie Metal Slimes, but Version 2 encounters have increased chances to spawn Rookie Metal Liquid Slimes as well!

Story-wise, Version 2 knocks Version 1 clean out of the park, if that’s your jam. Look forward to it...and also to the incredible EXP rewards as well!

Version 2.0 Walkthrough

Your first task will be to clear through Version 2.0 in its entirety — this will take you a few hours, if you watch all cutscenes. You will periodically lose the ability to warp to story-relevant maps if you’ve never been there before, so prepare for a lot of Dolboard usage.

  • It’s recommended that you buy plenty of Dosoline (Dolboard Fuel) — at least 30, probably closer to 50 — as you will be traversing very long paths through maps. Also, restock on Evac-U-Bells if you’ve dipped below 20 and are not on a main Vocation with Evac.

After going through the Version 2 intro sequence on-board the Grand Titus and making landfall in Cocolata, you will be tasked with making your own way to Gran Zedora.

Even if you can’t “warp” using the Walkthrough Guide, hitting the map button (Triangle / Y or the M Key) will guide you towards the next zone you need to go to, so don’t forget to use it as a tool for charting a course.

Upon arrival at the Three-Way Gate, you will be tasked with gathering “three butterflies” by the mysterious Claws. Again, keep track of your progress via Main Menu > Records > The Story So Far.

First Butterfly

  • From Three Way Gate, head to Wald Headwaters > Melsandy Granary Belt > Melsandy Village. Watch the cutscenes, talk to the Mayor, and accept his request to check on his Granny.
    • Before leaving, bind a Zoomstone to the village!
  • Head out of the village and towards the North exit, labeled Melun Watermill. Complete Granny’s requests until she agrees to travel back to Melsandy Village.
  • Return to the Village and watch the cutscenes. You will be told to travel to Sunbeam Square. Do so, enter the well, and travel through the Underground Waterway.
  • Upon clearing the dungeon, you will encounter your first real boss of Version 2. Nothing your teammates can’t handle, but take note that bosses are getting stronger. After winning, return to the village via Evac-U-Bell + Zoomstone to save time. Watch the ending cutscenes.
  • First Butterfly acquired.

Second Butterfly

  • Exit the village and head south through Rhone Forest Belt > Celedot Mountain Pass and enter the Town of Celed.
    • Upon exiting the cutscenes, bind a Zoomstone to the Town entrance and head up to Alltrades Abbey to bind a Zoomstone at the crystal there.
      • This will save you a monumental amount of time later on. You can exchange the bind at Melsandy Village if you need, as you do not need to return there.
      • You can explore Alltrades Abbey if you wish, but there is nothing there at the moment.
  • Continue with the story. You will be tasked with acquiring a Hackasaurus Tail. These giant axe-wielding dinos are found just outside Celed.
  • Return to the High Church, turn in the tail, and go through the cutscenes. You will be tasked eventually with climbing the Linja Tower, accessible via exiting the city, and heading northwest towards Linjahar Coast.
  • There is a boss in the Tower, but it is not terribly difficult. Once you have seen the cutscene with the Queen at the top of the tower, Evac-U-Bell and Zoomstone back to Celed.
  • It’s recommended you heal at the Inn since it’s on the way, because once you enter the High Church you will fight the boss of this story. Watch the ending cutscenes.
  • Second Butterfly acquired.

Third Butterfly

  • Keep one of your Zoomstones bound to Alltrades Abbey.
  • From Celed, exit the city, and head north-east towards Lyana Desolate Area > Al-Agahiro Region > Kingdom of Al-Agahiro.
  • Bind one of your Zoomstones here.
    • You can replace the Zoomstone bind for Celed, as you will not need to return there for the story.
  • Head up to the third floor of the palace to begin this section proper. Follow the Walkthrough Guide in-game and go through all of the cutscenes until you are tasked with traveling to Murudo Mountain.
  • Leave the city and make your way northwest towards Murudo Mountain.
  • After the cutscene, leave Murudo Mountain and head north past Al-Agahiro towards Defel Desert > Jyra Jungle > Big Tree Root.
  • During your exploration of Jyra Jungle there is a boss fight at a Magic Door, but it’s nothing your team can’t handle.
  • After the cutscene in Big Tree Root, Evac-U-Bell and Zoomstone back to Al-Agahiro. Keep progressing by following the Walkthrough Guide in-game. Eventually you will be tasked with entering the Monster Arena via the entrance in the Al-Agahiro Region map.
  • This is the boss of this story. After defeating him, make your way to Murudo Mountain for the final cutscene.
  • Third Butterfly acquired.

Gran Zedora

After acquiring all three butterflies, you will be given a free warp back to Three-Way Gate. Take it now, submit the items, and enjoy the cutscenes.

Progress through the maps as such:

  • Reviewle Highway South > Reviewle Highway North > Gran Zedora Territory > Gran Zedora Kingdom

Welcome to Gran Zedora! Immediately bind one of your Zoomstones here. You should now have a Zoomstone bound at Alltrades Abbey and a Zoomstone bound at Gran Zedora.

Prior to progressing past this point, now would be a good time to check your gear and items. While you are not required to have gear beyond your Vocational Quest gear, it may be a good idea to at least grab a new level-appropriate weapon from the Traveler’s Bazaar, as a one-on-one fight is in your immediate future. Also, stockpile up on HP and MP healing items.

Gear Upgrading

You cannot purchase useful new gear from NPCs like in other Dragon Quest games. The only way to upgrade your gear is to craft it or find it as a drop from monsters in Silver Chests. Using Draquex, locate items that you would equip and wear for your Vocation. Many, if not all, of your upgrades can be bought on the Traveller’s Bazaar, but be prepared to pay a high price.

Some weapon replacements are provided for you below, but if your desired gear isn’t listed, you’ll have to find the items on your own. The items listed below are around Level 60 ~ 65, which is the minimum you should be at this point in the guide.

  • Sword — Stardust Sword: Hawkman (Coniwara Plains // C-6)
  • Shield — Metal Slime Shield: Metal Slime Knight (Sea Melting Cave // First two caverns // To reach here, Julet Town > Upper Jule Island > Kyuarana Coast > Sea Melting Cave.)
  • Broadsword — Force Blade: Priest Knight (Al-Alaghiro Region > Underground Cave)
  • Spear — Poker: Imp (Celedot Mountain Pass // Right outside Celed)

You should also find armor sets on Draquex and consider farming or buying a few upgrades as well. Keep your Angel Slime Hat on, as you’re not 99 yet. It is not necessary to build out a level 65 best-in-slot set, just get a few pieces and get ready to move on.

Return to Ethene

Progress through the story until you infiltrate the Castle and enter Anlucia’s Dreams. This is a story-heavy section that prevents you from bringing your teammates in — therefore, the boss of this area is a one-on-one fight. He doesn’t hit particularly hard, even against cloth-wearers, but better to be safe than sorry.

Afterwards, you will attempt to escape with Anlucia, only to run into opposition. They will beckon you to Alltrades Abbey to finish things, so exit the castle and Zoomstone there. Make your way through Alltrades Abbey down into the basement and take the portal there.

You will find yourself back in Ethene, for the first time since the tutorial. Make your way back to the cave you visited in the north and you will find a previously locked door has now been opened. The Cave of Creation has a lot of winding paths and teleporters, so constantly refer to your map as you progress. There are several mandatory mini-bosses that you must fight, but they aren’t terribly difficult for your level 100+ teammates.

Finally, at the Creatorium, you will face off with the boss of Version 2.0 — and this one has three forms. These fights are not difficult for your teammates, but the third form does have a damage cap for the first few seconds of the fight, giving the boss ample time to land a critical blow on you if you’re not careful.

Watch the ending cutscenes, enjoy the small cliffhanger, and give yourself a round of applause — Version 2.0 is in the books!

You should be approximately level ~70 at this point, or a little below that. If you are lower than level 65, you should consider doing some side-quests. Also, don’t forget about limit breaking if you get close to level cap!

Intermission (Demon Swordsman, Skill Point Uncapping)

While you will be running some side-quests, you should absolutely start 2.1 while you're in the castle.

2.1 begins in Anlucia’s room in the Gran Zedora Castle. After some short cutscenes, you will be tasked with clearing quests and helping out around Lendersia. Before leaving the Throne Room, accept and complete Quest 309 — The King’s Present. This unlocks Quest Stamp Cards, which offer rewards including a new Zoomstone.

The Stamp Card asks that you go back to the Version 1 areas and clear the quests listed on the cards. Some of these quests will become mandatory in the future, but completing all five cards plus Lendersia's cards will take you several hours. It is not mandatory to do this at this time, but the rewards are extremely nice if you can stomach it.

Head upstairs to the East Tower to meet with Anlucia. After the cutscene, you will receive two key items — the Brave Stone and Hero Princesses Zoomstone:

  • The Hero Princesses Zoomstone is a free Zoomstone that warps you to Anlucia directly. It cannot be overwritten.
  • The Brave Stone is used at specific obelisks in Version 2 maps to travel between True and False Lendersia.
    • Yup, if you’re following along with the story, there are two Lendersias — a True and a False. The True maps are prefixed with a T. and the False maps are prefixed with a F.
    • These True and False maps have different monster spawns, item drops, and treasure chests, so as a reminder, you should browse Draquex for a database of items and monsters that drop them.

It's now time to take care of some important side-quests to unlock more stuff. Leave True Gran Zedora and take the carriage to True Celed. Make your way through the city to True Alltrades Abbey.

Skill Point Uncapping

You’re probably tired of leveling up but having nothing to spend Skill Points on due to the cap of 100, right? Let’s fix that. In True Alltrades Abbey, head to D/E-3 and speak with the Skill Master. He will first offer you Master Skills, which you should go through the dialogue for, but afterwards he will offer you quests to finally uncap your skills!

Ensure your teammates are level 100+, preferably 120+, before continuing, and that you have someone who can heal/Zing.

Accept and complete as many of his quests as you are able to:

  • Quest 284 pits you against two Dragon monsters, who are not particularly scary but can survive against your Level 100+ team better than most bosses you’ve fought so far.
  • Quest 285 features the first boss you may have come across that is not only able to tank your Level 100+ teammates, but also is able to heal back to full with Fullheal!
    • Volcanic Dragon casts Fullheal when it is angry, so you need a method to knock it down or silence it when it gets angry — or, extinguish its anger somehow and pile on the damage afterwards.
    • It also has the capability to use a conal knockdown effect, so try to spread out away from your teammates.
    • It’s possible you may need to set this boss to Normal instead of Strong. Dorakue10 estimates that this boss has the following stats:
      • 35,000 HP // 585 Attack // 236 Defense
  • Quest 330 has two rounds of boss to go through, but compared to the Fullhealing boss of the last quest, these guys aren’t that scary.
    • The second form of this boss has the capacity to do multiple AoE attacks in a row, so stay spread out from your teammates if possible.
  • Quest 352 is also a two-rounder, but this one is definitely the scariest. Not only are you fighting a truly horrifying monster summoned courtesy of the Skill Master, but after you defeat it, you will have to fight not only that, but also one of each of the previous three trial fights — all at once!
  • We recommend setting this second fight to Normal or lower — the Volcanic Dragon might be able to outheal your damage unless you have some way to stop them from casting or time your burst to align with your teammates before he can get angry.
  • It is genuinely best to try and nuke down the Volcanic Dragon right away, but if you’re on Normal mode, your allies can burst down any one target before the Volcanic Dragon gets upset.

You should now have the ability to invest 50 skill points into any skill for a total of 150. We recommend that you fully invest into your Vocation-specific skill / “bottom-skill”! After that, points can go towards whichever weapon you’re wielding.

Version 2.1: The Land of Overlapping Fates

Check your Treasure Land Eye, Evac-U-Bell and Dolsoline stockpile — if you’re below 10 on either, consider buying some more.

True Melsandy Village

Some prep-work: hit up a Material Shop to buy 3x Buzzberries. (Material Shop Kagetsu in Royal City Kamiharmui has these in stock.)

  • Head to True Gran Zedora Territory and take the Carriage to True Melsandy Village. Bind a Zoomstone here. Head to the Tale Writer’s House to receive Quest 310: In The Land of Fairy-tales.
    • Leave True Melsandy Village into True Melsandy Granary Belt and look for Minidemons, teal-colored imps. They’re walking around everywhere in the fields. Kill 5 of them to obtain Melsan Wheat, then head up to True Melun Watermill.
    • Head to the Grinder and add the Melsan Wheat in to receive Melsan Wheat Flour. Return to True Melsandy Village and give the flour to Aili upstairs in the Tale Writer’s House.
    • Take the Bread to Lappet, near the statue of the Hero, Zankrone, outside. Watch the cutscene, then return to Aili’s Balcony. Turn in Quest 310.
  • Head to Rudy, on the first floor of the Tale Writer’s House and accept Quest 311: Chasing The Rabbit.
    • Head outside and speak to Andel and Letty. Make your way to True Sunbeam Square and enter the Rabbani Hole. Proceed towards the objective on your map.
    • You will fight a Magic Door mini-boss, a Bunicorn Queen and some vegetables. Let your Level 100+ teammates kill them.
    • Progress until you get a cutscene with two familiar rabbits. Return to True Sunbeam Square for a cutscene with Zankrone. Afterwards, return to True Melsandy Village, and head towards the Tale Writer’s House to turn in Quest 311.
  • Head to Aili’s Balcony on the second floor of the Tale Writer’s House and accept Quest 312: Sinful Hero.
    • Head to the Tavern and speak with Lyon, a purple-haired girl near a table to receive White Snow Butter.
    • Exit the Tavern and almost immediately next to the field right in front of you is Hanne, a pink-haired girl, who will request 3 Buzzberries. Hand these in to receive Deep Red Jam.
    • Return to Rabbani Hole and make your way to the Beast’s Garden. Defeat Jamii and Berti. Evac-U-Bell out and return to Aili to turn in Quest 312.
  • Return to Aili and accept Quest 313: Witches and Chickens.
    • Speak with Rasha just outside to the left (as you exit) who will task you with buying Chickpeas. (Use Walkthrough Warp to instant teleport there and back.) Return to Rasha and make the trade.
    • Take Clucky to True Sunbeam Square and watch the cutscene. Return to Aili to turn in Quest 313.
  • Head outside to the statue of Zankrone and speak with Lappet to accept Quest 314: Little Hero Zankrone.
    • Return to Aili, and watch the cutscene. Make your way to True Witchwood.
    • Witchwood looks like a nightmare to traverse, but follow the path and you will eventually reach True Banquet Hall. Engage and defeat the Heart-Boiled Jewel.
      • He is not difficult, but does enlarge as he takes more damage, increasing his damage output and attack range significantly. Keep your distance if you’re a caster, the body slam can deal one-hit KO damage when sufficiently enlarged.
    • Return to True Melsandy Village and turn in Quest 314. True Melsandy Village is now complete.

True Celed

  • Head to True Gran Zedora and take the Carriage to True Celed. Bind a Zoomstone here. Enter and view the cutscene. Progress towards the quest NPC, Drow, located in front of the Church Ruins, and accept Quest 315: Words Buried in Rubble.
    • Track down and defeat Holly Oliver until it drops the book. These are found right outside True Celed. Return the book to Drow, who will task you with taking the book to the Mayor.
    • Head to the Mayor’s House (B-3) and enter for a cutscene, and then return to Drow to complete Quest 315.
  • Return to the Mayor’s House and speak with Lucolia on the second floor to accept Quest 316: Letter to Heaven.
    • Exit the house for a cutscene to meet with Sadak. Afterwards, use Walkthrough Warp to travel to False Celed. Enter the High Church and speak with Lieselotte.
    • Afterwards, exit the High Church and Walkthrough Warp back to True Celed. Return to the Mayor’s House and speak with Lucolia (use the Blue Warp immediately in front of you to travel faster) to complete Quest 316.
  • Exit Lucolia’s Room and head next door to Mayor Burat’s room to accept Quest 317: A Glimpse of Scenery.
    • He will task you with killing 10 Pan Pipers, enough to gather 10 High-Quality Wool. These are located just outside True Celed on the eastern side of True Celedot Mountain Pass near the Archives.
    • Once complete, return to True Celed and head to the Item Shop to submit the Wool to Chelata.
    • Take the Pretty Parcel to the second floor of the Mayor’s House and try to use Mayor Burat’s door. He is elsewhere in town, so speak with Stina downstairs to find out where he’s at.
    • Head to C/D-4 and speak with Milane, who will tell you that the Mayor headed off towards the Church. Approach the church for a cutscene. Return to the Mayor’s house and speak with Mayor Burat upstairs to complete Quest 317.
  • Immediately speak with Mayor Burat again to receive Quest 318: In Search of Peace.
    • After the cutscene, Walkthrough Warp to True Lyana Desolate and head south, towards the top of the nearby waterfalls. You are looking for Elder Dragons, big dragons with trees on their backs. Defeat them until you receive the Peace Incense.
    • Return to the second floor of the Mayor’s House and read the note on his door. Head towards the Assembly Hall (use the map, there’s an area labeled “Path to Assembly Hall”. The entrance is at the bottom, near the water well. Celed is the worst designed town I’ve ever seen.)
    • After the cutscenes, you will have completed Quest 318.
  • Head to the Mayor’s House and speak with Lucolia on the second floor to accept Quest 319: Only One Bond.
    • Head to the Tavern and speak with Matal down by the tables. Walkthrough Warp to Linja Tower to save a monumental amount of time.
    • Make your way to the top of the Tower (you can Dolboard here.) You will fight a Magic Door Boss — Giga Needleman.
      • It can Tension Up for heavy attacks.
    • After the cutscene, head outside and Walkthrough Warp back to Celed. Make your way to the Assembly Hall for the final battle.
      • Evil Guru has the ability to Dazzle and Desperate Attack often.
    • After the cutscene, Zoomstone to True Alltrades Abbey and make your way to the top, where the chapel is, to complete Quest 319. True Celed is now complete.

True Al-Ahaghiro

  • Head to True Gran Zedora and take the Carriage to True Al-Ahagiro. Bind a Zoomstone here. Head towards the Monster Arena and speak with Lirah (pinkname NPC) just before the entrance.
    • Walkthrough Warp back out and head towards the location on your map to enter Awning Cave. Talk to the pot to receive Quest 320: Black Lump of Mystery.
    • Exit the cave, Walkthrough Warp and make your way towards the Monster Arena again. Interact with Villar, the NPC next to the pond to receive Oasis Water.
    • Walkthrough Warp again and make your way back to the Awning Cave. Interact with the Pot again, and pour the water in to complete Quest 320.
  • If you are level 70+: Head to the Treasury on the second floor to accept Quest 279 : Unopened Small Box. This is not main quest specific, but it’s good to complete now.
    • Take the box to Nejiro back in Megistris Castle.
    • Head to False Jyra Jungle and use the Brave Stone Obelisk to enter True Jyra Jungle.
      • You cannot enter the quest location from True Defel Desert, as there is rubble blocking the way. You must travel in the False World first.
    • You must defeat Snotbonce and Bilebonnets in the region while at 50% or less HP. You will need to set your healer Support Companion to “Leave it to me!” so they don’t heal you.
    • Zoomstone back to Megistris Castle (don’t forget to set your Support Companion back to normal.) Turn in the box to Nejiro, who will then ask you to return it to Grane back in True Al-Ahagiro to complete Quest 279 and earn the Great Thief’s Key. You can now open black door locks.
  • Back on track. Head to the Meeting Room on the same floor as the Treasury you just earned the Great Thief’s Key from and speak with Minister Kubusu (D-7). He will task you with heading to the dungeons of the Monster Arena. Exit outside and Walkthrough Warp there.
  • Enter the dungeons and take the first double doors you see for a cutscene. Accept Quest 321: Seaweed King’s Lamentation.
    • Head to the southern part of Al-Ahagiro Region where the shallow lake is and hunt Evil Ganesh until you find the Scepter. Walkthrough Warp back to the dungeons and submit the item.
    • Head to the throne room to complete Quest 321.
  • Re-enter the throne room to accept Quest 322: I Can’t Wait To Be Human.
    • Exit the throne room and Walkthrough Warp to Kudus Spring. In front of you is a Magic Door Boss — Buffalogre and Mohawker.
      • One will nail your team with Spell Resist Down and AoE spells, the other will max out their Tension and hit you with very powerful single-target attacks.
    • Enter True Jyra Jungle and make your way to the Kudus Spring. After the cutscene, exit the cavern, Walkthrough Warp back to the Kingdom, and turn in Quest 322 at the Throne Room.
  • Re-enter the Throne Room to accept Quest 323: Kalevan Search Request.
    • Exit the castle and Walkthrough Warp to False Murudo Mountains. Head to the quest area for a cutscene.
    • Afterwards, Walkthrough Warp and use the Brave Stone on the pillar outside False Al-Ahagiro...only to discover that it doesn’t quite work that way. Instead, Seraphi will task you with another job. Make your way towards the quest indicator on your map.
    • You need to drop down in the hole located in G-4 and land on the ledge to enter Nassem Cave. Inside the cave you will be faced with a giant sand waterfall — simply walk through it. At the area where your quest objective is, find the sand waterfall and jump off of it, then double back and go through the waterfall itself to reach a door.
      • Sweet Troll has high Charm, can shorten the cooldown between her turns, and Desperate Attacks often.
    • Evac-U-Bell out, Walkthrough Warp, and head to the Throne Room to submit Quest 323.
  • Re-enter the Throne Room to accept Quest 324: Go To Your Family.
    • Exit the castle and Walkthrough Warp to False Murudo Mountain. Reconvene with Seraphi and Kalevan. Walkthrough Warp, jump off the cliff, and go down the same hole you did in the last quest to return to Naseem Cave.
    • Make your way through Naseem Cave the exact same way you did in the previous quest, except this time make your way towards C-6. Take the Western hidden path beyond the sand waterfall and follow that path to arrive at the Forgotten Hall.
      • The...”Three Hole Filling Siblings”...are not particularly difficult. The youngest uses AoE moves, the oldest uses targeted attacks, and the middle uses support.
    • Evac-U-Bell and Walkthrough Warp back to Al-Ahagiro. Head to the Throne Room and submit Quest 324. Re-enter the Throne Room after the “Fin…” appears for a final cutscene. True Al-Ahagiro is now complete.

The Pendulum of Fate is now partially charged. Walkthrough Warp to True Gran Zedora Castle’s 2nd Floor and speak with Sage Lushenda.

  • Sage Lushenda will assign you Quest 325: Assignment From Lushenda. Head to any Version 1 city and take a train towards any city. You will meet Sage Hollow, who asks you to gather Purifying Herbs from Orc Chieftains in the Oresco Highlands. Walkthrough Warp there now.
    • You can find Orc Chieftains around C/D-5.
    • Return to a Version 1 city and take the train to receive Hollow’s Research Results. Walkthrough Warp back to Sage Lushenda and turn in Quest 325.
  • Head upstairs to the third floor and speak with Queen Julia to accept Quest 326: Queen Julia’s Wish.
  • Prior to completing this quest, let’s take yet another detour. Head to the fountain in True Gran Zedora and speak with Reybassa to accept Quest 448: Wish For Legendary Armor.
    • Exit the city and take the Carriage to True Al-Ahagiro. Enter, and take the teleporter to the Treasury. Grane will task you with finding Red Hot Fragment. You can find the Hot Dog monsters that drop this near F-4 in True Al-Ahagiro Territory.
    • Return to Grane to get the Iron Safe Key, and then return to Reybassa to submit Quest 448.
    • You now have the Iron Safe, which means you do not lose gold on death. You may withdraw all of your gold that you tossed in Storage.
  • Back on track.
    • Head to Renken at the True Gran Zedora armor shop. He will task you with gathering 10 Golden Thread from Hellbound Hairraisers. Exit the shop and Walkthrough Warp out of town, then head towards the southern Watchtowers at E-6.
      • These enemies can charm effectively, so be careful.
    • Once you have 10 Golden Thread, Walkthrough Warp back to town and head back to the Armor Shop.
    • Queen Julia will task you with taking the completed item to the Royal Tomb. Exit the castle and Walkthrough Warp to True Reviewle Highway North and look for a ramp at D-1 that heads to the Royal Tomb. After the cutscene, Walkthrough Warp to the Castle and return to Queen Julia to submit Quest 326.

The Pendulum of Fate is now fully charged. Report back to Sage Lushenda.

During the cutscene, you will be shown three locations: Wald Headwaters, Rhone Forest and Defel Desert. You will need to visit these three locations in the False World to continue. Accept Quest 327: Creeping Dark Footsteps.

  • Exit the castle.
    • Walkthrough Warp to False Wald Headwaters B-6, to the shining spot just north of the ramp. Collect the Wald Headwaters Water.
    • Walkthrough Warp to False Rhone Forest and make your way to C-5 to collect the Rhone Forest Grass.
      • There are two Great Trolls guarding the tunnel here.
    • Walkthrough Warp to False Defel Desert. Just south of your position is the shining object Defel Desert Rocks.
  • Time for another side-quest. Head North into the False Pyramid and speak with Yayoi to accept Quest 263: In Search of Gold Treasure.
    • Head to the Eastern Tomb and inspect the slab. Descend into the ruins and examine the Sarcophagus for a fight.
      • This pits a series of waves of enemies against you, mostly of the Undead family.
    • Inspect the Sarcophagus once more, collect the treasure, and return to Yayoi to complete Quest 263.
    • This unlocks the Pyramid activity, as well as Golden Treasure Appraisal.
      • This is how you obtain certain rare accessories — the gist is that you can run 9 tombs every week (resets on Sunday JST), and two of those nine will have rare accessory loot.
      • You can bring high level support companions, so this is one of your earliest weekly activities. The link above has a list of the accessories and their benefits.
      • A full run will take approximately 30-45 minutes with a solid team of support units. This is also a halfway decent way to get experience.
      • In particular, Tombs 7-9 are the only ones that can drop Ankhs, so they are especially important to clear weekly.
  • Walkthrough Warp back to Sage Lushenda to receive a new objective — head to the Royal Treasury. Exit the castle and Walkthrough Warp there now.
  • While exploring the dungeon, you may wish to open all of those Black Doors now that you have the Great Thief’s Key, but this is optional. Make your way to the quest objective at H-2.
    • This fight against Barbatos and two cronies can be a little dangerous, even with high level support units. Barbatos will regularly cast Kaboomle, while the minions will regularly raise tension and deal high single-target damage. Barbatos also has a breath attack that hits hard, so try to space away from your teammates.
  • Evac-U-Bell out and then Walkthrough Warp back to Sage Lushenda to turn in Quest 327. Enjoy the cutscene.

Version 2.1 is now complete.

Intermission (Mega Zoomstone, Accessory Fusion, Expanded Bag Capacity)

Before we fully commit to Version 2.2, we need to tie up some loose ends and unlock more stuff. However, we should still start 2.2, so immediately speak with Sage Lushenda to re-acquire the Pendulum of Fate. Head to the King in the Throne Room to get a new set of Stamp Cards.

Prior to leaving the Throne Room, speak with Captain Nogato to accept Quest 334: “Where’s Toma?”

New Vocation, Mega Zoomstone, Further Expanded Bags

Head to D-8 in True Gran Zedora Kingdom and go down the stairs towards the Sword Tavern. Inside, you will find a golden-named NPC which will give you Quest 661: Demon Swordsman Tavern. This is the Demon Swordsman Vocation unlock quest.

  • You can find Minidemons just outside Melsandy Village, and you must deal over 300 damage to them in one attack.
  • Return to the Tavern to unlock the Demon Swordsman Vocation. It’s recommended you swap to the Vocation and assign the Skill Points to the Wave skill category for those sweet omni-Vocational benefits, before swapping back to your main Vocation.

By now you should have at least six zoomstones. Head to True Gran Zedora’s Inn and speak with Lynx to accept Quest 447: Winner! Mega Zoomstone!

  • Accept Lynx’s teleport and progress through their dialogue. They will task you with finding a Lunar Zoombloom. Exit the city and take the Carriage to True Celedot Mountain Pass, then make your way to the location on your map near True Lyana Desolate Area.
  • Grab the item, return to Lynx, and accept the teleport. You will be tossed into a battle with Big Bang Rock.
    • He can minimize you and deal heavy AoE damage.
  • After successfully using the Mega Zoomstone, return to Lynx to complete Quest 447.

The Mega Zoomstone is your best friend. You can now overwrite most Five Continents Zoomstone locations you have bound and replace them with Lendersia locations. Keep Mokomoko House and your Crafting HQ bound as they are, for convenience.

Also, do not forget that both Port Town Lender and City of Megistris have Bazoom Girls, for quick access to maps far away from a Mega Zoomstone location.

  • We recommend your Zoomstone binds to look something like this:
    • Mokomoko House
    • Your Crafting Headquarters
    • Divine House (if you are a Fortune Teller)
    • Luckland (Casino)
    • False Pyramid
    • True Gran Zedora - Entry

By this point, you should be at least level 70, preferably closer to 80. Head back to Julet Town and complete as many of the Bag Quests as you can. Once you have unlocked 80 slots, you will need to travel to Gartland Castle Town and speak with the bag-maker in the well there to progress further.

Furthermore, return to Sasalana in Luckland Mansion to continue her Equipment Bag Questline, and progress through as many of them as you are able.

These are important to max out at this point, but if you are a little lower leveled, you may be level-gated. We will not mention these quests anymore in the guide, so just remember that you can unlock up to 90 inventory slots (level 80 required) and 175 equipment slots (level 82 required.)

Lastly, head to Gartlant Castle Town and hit up the Priest to race-change to Human. Speak with Jiuba inside the castle near The Flame to accept and complete Quest 445: Skilled Gamilgo’s Prayer.

  • You will have to travel to the past at some point during this quest, hence the race-change.
  • Upon completion of this quest, you will be granted the Blue Flame Key Item, which when used, allows you to use Resetta and Regretta stones in any town to change your skill points!

Accessory Fusion

If you managed to pick up a few accessories from the Magic Maze (or Casino, or False Pyramid) you may be wondering how to power them up. In Verinard Castle Town, there is an Accessory Shop ran by Synthesizer Renee, who will allow you to fuse Accessories together for a nominal Gold fee. You may need to complete her multi-part quest chain first.

  • When you fuse any two of the same accessories together, they will form into a +1 version. This +1 item has a random passive attached to it (something like +5 HP or +5% chance to avoid death). Each Accessory has its own pool of passives to pull from — use Draquex to check available rolls.
  • From here, you can fuse that +1 with another of the same Accessory — it does not have to be +1 — and you will get a +2 version. Repeat to reach +3 for a total of 3 passives on your Accessory.
  • It is important to identify which passive you wish to chase on your Accessory. For example, we recommend +5% Chance to Avoid Death x3 on Silver Rosary. Fill those three slots with that passive of choice to create a “perfect” version. It may take several extra copies of the Accessory in question to get “perfect.”
  • If your Accessory’s name is golden when you talk to Renee, that means you will have a critical fusion, and can select your passive at will from the pool! You can build “energy” by completing multiple fusions with that item, and at max, guarantee a critical fusion.
  • You can then use that “perfect” Tier 1 Accessory as fodder for the Tier 2 version to unlock a hidden fourth slot, known as a Lore slot. This pulls a random bonus from one of the three passive slots, hence why you want to get all three passives to match.
  • Some Accessories have a Tier 3 version, which functions the same as the Tier 1 to Tier 2 upgrade. You can check this by examining each Accessory.

Treasure Chests and Version 1 Side-Quests

It is here that you have a significant choice to make, in terms of time spent at least. If you are a completionist, you may wish to consider doubling back to the Version 1 islands and clearing out the Stamp Card quests and unlocking every Treasure Chest in those areas.

  • It cannot be stressed enough that this is a significant time-sink — completing a single island alone will run you several hours, and there’s five of ‘em plus Lendersia. Of all the “optional” things in this guide, this is the most optional of them all.
  • The Stamp Card quests are an excellent source of experience, and can help your main Vocation on their way to level cap.
  • There are very, very few worthwhile items in the Red and Black Chests in Version 1 locations, so if you do not have completionist brainworms, you should skip these. Version 2 onwards is where Treasure Chests start to become very worthwhile, due to Jade Keys, Stat Seeds, and materials worth selling on the Traveler’s Bazaar.

Limit Break Quests

You could possibly be nearing level 100 by this point — so it is worth mentioning the difficulty spike in the Limit Break Quests. Starting with the Level 100 unlock quest, Quest 470 — Star Warrior’s Trial, the boss fights will become truly terrifying. You must have Level 120+ Support Companions, and one, preferably two of them must have Kazing or some other way to resurrect.

  • This boss can Psyche Up III for Super High Tension and absolutely wallop whoever it hits. It’s also capable of high-damage AoE attacks, so it is heavily recommended you stay away from your teammates and have a Yggdrasil Leaf ready in case your healer dies. You may have to retry this fight, or at worst, enlist a player for help.

With all of that out of the way, it's time to continue with the Main Story Quest.

Version 2.2: Spinning the Bonds of Courage

You should have accepted Quest 334: "Where's Toma?" from Captain Nogato in the throne room of True Gran Zedora. If not, head there to pick it up.

  • Walkthrough Warp to True Al-Ahagiro and speak with Danash at F-7 on the second floor of the Palace. Exit the Palace and Walkthrough Warp to the True Pyramid.
  • Whereas the False Pyramid is a weekly activity, the True Pyramid is a normal dungeon. Be aware of pitfalls and plenty of Canniboxes.
    • You will see a Dark Metal Dragon roaming the map. Even with 120+ allies, do not engage this quite yet. You will get deleted.
    • This dungeon is quite long, so it’s recommended you bring some healing items to keep your team refreshed.
    • The boss of the dungeon is Grave Digger, who loves to Tension Up and use multi-hitting moves. Keep your HP healthy just in case.
  • Evac-U-Bell out, Walkthrough Warp back to Gran Zedora, and speak with Captain Nogato to turn in Quest 334.

In order to recharge the Pendulum of Fate, you have to traipse around True Lendersia and complete a bunch of seemingly random quests. You can do these in any order, and there is no “right order” to do them in.

Some prep work: Mega Zoomstone to Kamiharmui and head towards the Woodworking Guild. The guild material shop sells Iron Slicks for 800G — buy one. While you're here, talk to the Traveller's Bazaar NPC and buy one Toad Oil (Item Bag > Materials > Monster Drops, Page 3).

  • You can find Quest 338: Exploring Ancient Ruins at True Waterfall Village in the True Lyana Desolate Area. Speak with Dr. Rossham at the Inn, then head to nearby Solaria Canyon.
    • Track down Stone Golems and kill them until the Ancient Tablet drops. Return to Dr. Rossham and complete Quest 338.
  • Head to True Melun Watermill, near True Melsandy Village. Inside, accept Quest 335: Secret Springs Flower from Yakupu.
    • Walkthrough Warp to True Cocolata Beach and pick up the Light Red Shell near the beach.
    • While you're here, head inside the cabin to speak with Sinon to accept Quest 336: Voice on the Waves.
    • Exit True Cocolata Beach into True Coniwara Plains and make your way to the south, towards Moncello Spring Gorge.
    • Along the way, defeat Handsome Crabs (the blue crabs) until Hell's File drops, and Sasquashes (the yeti enemies) until Plum Branch drops.
    • Continue progressing south towards the Caretaker's Hut and speak with Rugina to get the Moncello Mineral Deposits key item.
      • While you are here, set a Zoomstone at the crystal next to the hut to save time in the future.
    • Exit the hut, Walkthrough Warp back to Yakupu, and turn in Quest 335.
    • Afterwards, exit the house, Walkthrough Warp back to Sinon, and turn in Quest 336.
  • Immediately head back in and accept Quest 337: The Instrument Maker.
    • Exit the house and Walkthrough Warp to True Gran Zedora Territory. You are looking for Drakulurchs, big blue dragons. Kill them until they drop Old Dragon Bone. Walkthrough Warp back to Sinon and turn in Quest 337.
  • Walkthrough Warp to South Port Lendor and make your way to the Grand Titus. Pay 200 gold coins and board the ship, then make your way up to the Bridge. Speak to Captain Abram and accept Quest 339: With Love From the Captain.
    • Head out of the bridge and Walkthrough Warp back to Port Town Lendor. Speak to Yakkoi at the Ship Bureau, who will task you with finding a Hightech Wrench. These drop from Ghouls in Ogreed Continent. The Walkthrough Warp should take you to Glen West, and Ghouls can be found in the center of the map there.
    • Once you find the wrench, Walkthrough Warp back to Yakkoi to get the Engineer's Bag key item.
    • Walkthrough Warp over to Langao Mountains, head north to Ragi Snowfield, and make your way to the Cabin in the east. After the cutscene, Walkthrough Warp back to the Grand Titus and make your way up to the Captain again to submit Quest 339.

The Pendulum of Fate is fully charged. Report back to Sage Lushenda.

After the cutscene, accept Quest 343: Fateful Encounter. Walkthrough Warp to True Lyana Desolate Area and head east into Solaria Canyon. Traverse your way through to Historic Ruins and then through to Barrier Chamber.

You have two boss fights coming up against Gullray, a demon general.

  • The first fight has him doing a combination of physical attacks, wide AoE Zap attacks, and a paralyzing tackle that hits very hard. Buff or Kabuff is really helpful in preventing your character from getting focus-fired to death.
  • The second fight is more of the same, except the boss cannot be harmed until Anlucia uses her Hero Kamehameha to lower his defenses.

After the incredibly well-animated cutscene, return to Sage Lushenda in True Gran Zedora to submit Quest 343. She will send you down the elevator to a secret room to meet with her Squire, Milt. Speak with Milt to accept Quest 344:"Gather, Crown of Wisdom!"

  • Accept the free teleport to Langao Mountains, head north to Ragi Snowfield, and make your way to the cabin again.
  • The old man inside will ask you to find a Magic Lens off the Killing Machines in the area. After you hunt it down, Walkthrough Warp back to True Gran Zedora.
  • Head down the elevator to the secret room, watch the cutscene, and submit Quest 344. You now have access to the Royal Labyrinth (or Royal Maze.)

Royal Maze

This is a solo endeavor that powers Anlucia up for any content that she appears as a guest in. In addition, you can earn some accessories and items, making this a worthwhile endeavor. It is recommended you spend some time in Royal Maze, despite it's optional status — you are given enough Courage tokens to progress through 10 floors, and powering up Anlucia will come in handy. For more information, please see the wiki page.

Here are some facts/tips for Royal Labyrinth:

  • Gear for Anlucia is restricted to a one-handed sword and a shield. Your one-handed sword choice should be Uber Falcon Sword, to grant her doublestrike — cheap versions go for about 50k gold. The shield can be the highest level shield you can buy on the Traveller's Bazaar — the Bloom Shield is level 90+ and only costs about 20k gold, if you want a budget option.
  • When adding skill points to Anlucia, put points into the fourth skill from the top, the one that boosts Strength, and max it out first. Anlucia's doublestrike combined with the stat boosts will allow her to deal severe damage often. The next skill to start putting points in would be the one that speeds up her spellcasting and cuts wait time between turns.
  • Anlucia can get to level 60 at maximum (for now) and level 120 later on, so getting her as close to 60 as possible will be useful for the rest of Version 2.
  • If you do not have a way to heal, consider setting Anlucia to Focus on Healing. Her healing is passable, and she will still execute damaging attacks if everyone's health is good.
  • When learning the Royal Maze, you shouldn't dilly-dally — you have only about three minutes to clear the first room. Ignore the copper boxes unless one is near the exit door.
  • In Safe Rooms, you can choose to spend Sparks on buffs from the Genies. Try not to leave the Safe Room with less than 200 Sparks of Courage unless you have the movement speed buff. Must-buys are:
    • Auto-Oomph
    • +20% physical and magical damage
    • +15% critical rate
    • +15% chance to double cast
    • faster run speed
    • experience boosts.
  • You can bring a monster with you if you are a Monster Master/Item Master or if you have a monster at max loyalty. This is helpful for speeding through tougher bosses, but the first 13 floors are completely soloable as long as your gear is somewhat level appropriate.
  • You can sacrifice the accessories for extra Courage charges, and you need 3 charges to enter Royal Labyrinth. It may be worthwhile to sacrifice the accessories with bad stats to get another run in. If you run out, you will get another 15 charges on weekly reset.

It is not necessary to do Royal Maze to progress in the story.

Getting back on track. Head to the Secret Room and interact with the green chair to summon Sage Broggan. Accept Quest 345: True or False.

  • Walkthrough Warp to the Monster Arena and enter. Speak the to the NPC on your left as you enter to begin the trial.
    • This fight is against an Abominable Snowman that can create illusions. He is not that difficult, but the illusions will eventually flood the battlefield, which can make movement and targeting a pain. After defeating a certain number of illusions, a cutscene will play.
    • The second round is similar to the first, except Anlucia can dispell illusions. After the first dispell, the Abominable Snowman and his illusions can Tension Up to inflict more damage. Keep cutting down his illusions and you will eventually win.

Anlucia has learned the Sacred Skill "Hero's Eye".

Return to the Secret Room in Gran Zedora via Walkthrough Warp to turn in Quest 345. Interact with the blue chair to call Sage Eidos and accept Quest 346: Guardian.

  • Walkthrough Warp to the Sage's Lair and enter. Make your way to the Toxic Grotto at the back of the dungeon to initiate a fight against Toxic Loon.
    • This first fight will require some AoE healing, as the Toxic Loon will spread AoE poison around the room. Keep assaulting it when able, but keep an eye on your HP as well. Eventually a cutscene will play.
    • In the second round, simply stand inside of Anlucia's circle to prevent the poison damage while assaulting the Toxic Loon. Healing is not necessary for this fight so long as you remain in the circle of protection.

Anlucia has learned the Sacred Skill "Hero's Shield".

Return to Gran Zedora via Walkthrough Warp to turn in Quest 346. Interact with the Yellow Chair to accept Quest 347: The Will to Fight.

  • Zoomstone to any train station and board the train to search for Sage Hollow. Accept the free teleport to Linja Tower and make your way up to the altar room on the top floor to engage Lord Magmoai.
    • In the first round, he will start off with Cry of Pain which will prevent all of your party members from dealing damage. Keep swinging and healing through his damage until the cutscene plays.
    • In the second round, Anlucia will use Hero's Heart to remove the affliction, allowing you to deal damage again. Lord Magmoai will be able to do AoE Stomp attacks now, which can knock you back and interrupt your casts.

Anlucia has learned the Sacred Skill "Hero's Heart".

Exit the room, Walkthrough Warp back to Gran Zedora, and return to the secret room to turn in quest 347.

Head outside and Walkthrough Warp to True Alltrades Abbey. Make your way up to the High Priest's room and accept Quest 348: The Time For Prayer Has Come.

  • Exit downstairs into the courtyard and Walkthrough Warp to True Linjahar Coast.
  • Make your way to D-3 to hunt down Twisted Torches until you get the Purifying Flame key item.
  • Walkthrough Warp back to True Alltrades Abbey and head up to the High Priest's Room.
  • Anlucia will appear and request that you head to the basement. A portal will be made that takes you to the first Divine Crimsonite.
    • This fight against General Phasma has him splitting into multiple copies. Anlucia will automatically use Hero's Eye to dispell the first round of illusions, but more copies will come as the fight drags on.
    • Phasma can use Kafrizz, Kasnooze, and other magic spells, so a way to negate spellcasts is handy.

After defeating Phasma, you'll be tasked with checking on the High Priest. Head up to his chambers to submit Quest 348.

Skill Point Uncapping, Master Class

Prior to progressing, there is a small detour we should take. The first two quests are mandatory, while the third is optional at this point in the guide.

Head downstairs to the Skill Master and speak with Tazzi to accept Quest 391: Helping Tazzi.

  • Zoomstone to True Gran Zedora, exit outside the city and take the carriage to True Al-Ahagiro.
  • Enter the city and head to the well just outside of the Inn. Inside the well, go inside the door.
    • The fight against Sir Man O' War is pretty easy — it will use Supreme Puff-Puff periodically to heal your party to full HP/MP, but rob you of your turn.

After the fight, Zoomstone back to True Gran Zedora, exit, take the carriage back to True Celed, and head up to True Alltrades Abbey. Take the Profound Puff-Puff key item to Tazzi to complete Quest 391. This unlocks a few things:

  • First, you gain a Skill Master Zoomstone, so you can now remove any Zoomstones you have bound here.
  • Second, the Skill Master now acts as an Inn, so you can fully recover your HP and MP at any time, for free.
  • Finally, speak with Tazzi to unlock Master Skill editing.
    • Not only can you upgrade your skills past 150 for any Vocation, but you can now choose which skills you'd like to learn at 160, 170, and 180 — this will require research for each individual Vocation, and is outside the scope of this guide.

Speak to Diego to the left of the Skill Master to accept Quest 571: Diego's Trials.

  • This boss fight is extremely hard, so recruit level 125+ team members and set the boss fight to Weak if you're having trouble with it.
    • Lava Hydra will do heavy hitting physical attacks and rapid-fire fireball spam. It can chain a number of physical attacks together, up to six. It also can emit a War Cry to knock everyone down around it.
    • Keep your health up and let your team do the heavy hitting — this boss has approximately 80k HP, so it's a long haul.
    • Watch for when the boss uses Flame Reserve or Magma Reserve, this grants the boss a Feel the Burn effect, granting it tension whenever it attacks. This buff should be removed as soon as possible (more details below).
    • Bring party members that can remove enemy buffs, such as a Demon Swordsman (Disruptive Wave), a Sage (Null Baptism), or a Claws user (Rake 'n' Break). A Ranger is very useful with its Mist Me ability that can nullify breath attacks, and a Ranger wielding Claws is even more useful able to fulfill the aforementioned buff removal role as well.
    • The boss is also susceptible to the dazzle and sleep statuses. Rangers can use the Dazzle skill as well as Dark Fog to inflict Dazzle, while Fortune Tellers can use their dazzle and sleep circles. The boss's physical attacks will be much less deadly if it is dazzled.

Return to Diego and submit Quest 571. This releases the cap to your skill points up to 200, and allows you to set two additional abilities per skill via Tazzi. Again, allocate as you wish, but check some Vocation guides or ask others for help if you are unsure.

This next quest is optional.

Touch the shining spot to the west of Diego near the wall to warp near Sarias. Speak with him and accept Quest 731: To Be A Master.

  • Touch the shining spot to return to the Skill Master for a brief explanation of Master Classes. Return to Sarias, who will tell you to activate the Bell outside Alltrades Abbey to begin the trial.
  • The fight against the Master Dragon is absolutely not a joke. The fight will automatically place you into the Strong version. Weaker tiers are unlocked should you fail to win multiple times.
  • Master Dragon has five or so attacks.
    • Kazapstrophe, which is massive AoE Zap damage.
    • A tail swipe, which will deal AoE physical damage.
    • Wing Dive, which will do high single target damage and knock you down.
    • Violent Roar, which does AoE physical damage and knocks everyone down.
    • A massive zap laser that deals extreme single-target breath damage.

Team composition for this fight should include a frontline fighter (Warrior, Paladin, etc.), a Priest, and a spellcaster with access to Kazing effects that isn't a Priest (such as Sage). A Ranger is also highly recommended due to its Mist Me ability, which nullifies damage taken from breath attacks. All should be level 126 or higher. Set the Priest to Focus on Healing, and try to stay spaced away from everyone else. If the Priest falls, you need to Kazing or Yggdrasil Leaf them up immediately. If you lose, repeatedly, it may be best to come back to this fight much later on.

If you win, however, return to Sarias to submit Quest 731. You now have the ability to unlock Master Classes.

There is only one Master Class as of this writing — Guardian. Guardian requires you to be level 100 in both Warrior and Paladin before being able to unlock. More Master Classes are planned, however — Version 7 will bring about Dragomancer, which will require 100 Mage and 100 Armamentalist.

With all of that complete, we may now resume our main story quest.

Walkthrough Warp over to True Al-Ahagiro and make your way to the throne room. Speak with the King to accept Quest 349: Desert Treasure.

  • Exit outside and Walkthrough Warp to False Al-Ahagiro, and head to the treasury to speak with Tanron to learn that a Grim Rider stole the mirror.
  • Head outside to False Al-Ahagiro Region and hunt Grim Riders until you obtain the Sun Mirror.
  • Walkthrough Warp back to True Al-Ahagiro, head to the King for a cutscene.
  • Exit the Throne Room and Walkthrough Warp to True Defel Desert. Head inside to True Pyramid and make your way to the center room.
  • Examine the stone tablet to learn the Sun Dance emote. You can now access all doors in this Pyramid, if you're interested in hunting Treasure Chests.
  • Head to the Dawn Room on the second floor and use the Sun Dance to enter.
  • In the southeastern corner of the room is an open Sarcophagus. Interact with it to remove the magic seal on the door.
  • Head upstairs to the top floor and enter the Sun Chamber.
    • General Gejura will flood the room with poison. Stay within Anlucia's Hero's Shield to negate the effect. Other then that, the boss will use auto attacks and minor magic spells.

After the cutscene, Evac-U-Bell out, Walkthrough Warp back to True Al-Ahagiro and return to the King to submit Quest 349.

Exit the palace and Walkthrough Warp to True Melun Watermill. Speak with Yakupu to accept Quest 350: Battle at the Mountainous Hot Spring!

  • If you kept the Zoomstone bound to Moncello Spring Gorge, use it now. Otherwise, accept the free warp to Coniware Plains and enter Moncello Spring Gorge, then travel to the area south of the cabin.
  • After the cutscene, follow the Generals to the Hall of Worship.
    • Generals Belinda and Brenda will start off the fight locking down the ability for your party to do damage. Anlucia will automatically cure this with Hero's Heart. Brenda casts magic like Kacrackle and Kasap, while Belinda uses more physical attacks.

After the cutscene, exit the Hall of Worship and Walkthrough Warp back to Melun Watermill. Report back to Yakupu to submit Quest 350.

The Pendulum of Fate is fully charged once more. Report back to Sage Lushenda.

After the cutscene, accept the free warp to Waterfall Village and head east into Solaria Canyon.

You are now in the Twisted Strange Land, a new area that replaces Solaria Canyon. If you did not get all chests in Solaria Canyon, you can now access it from the False World, so don't worry.

It's recommended that you use a Treasure Land Eye and gather the chests here so you don't need to return in the future. In order to progress through this dungeon, you must examine some tablets and kill specific monsters.

  • Examine the Tablet at E-7 as you approach the palace, and then examine the "tablet" at the end of the path (this is a teleporter and will be referred to as such in the future.).
  • Defeat one Orobas (the demon monsters) roaming the area to open the way.
  • Progress towards E-6 and activate the teleporter to head to the lower level.
  • Cross the bridge and activate the teleporter at D-6 up to the upper level to find a Black Chest (1/9). Head back down to the middle level to continue.
  • Make your way south to D-7 and activate the teleporter up to the upper level.
  • Cross the bridge to E-6 and activate the teleporter down to the middle level for another Black Chest. (2/9)
  • Use the teleporter down to the lower level to progress. Along the way, engage with and defeat three Wailin' Weeds to activate the next set of teleporters.
  • Use the teleporter at E-5 to the upper level, then follow the bridge and take the second teleporter to the upper level.
  • Follow the path until you come to a tablet. Head east and jump off the broken bridge down to a lower level.
  • There is a Black Chest (3/9) to the north of your current location.
  • Follow the path to a teleporter and take it to the middle level.
  • There is a Black Chest (4/9) to the south at F-5 and a Black Chest (5/9) far to the north at E-2.
  • Return to E-4 and activate the north-most teleporter. It requires you to defeat 5 Gelbatross (the purple gryphons) to proceed.
  • Take the teleporter up to the middle level. There is a Red Chest (6/9) here.
  • Take the teleporter up to the upper level. Follow the path and take the next teleporter to the middle level.
  • Follow the path north up to the final gate for a cutscene. Do not head north yet, but instead head west.
  • Continue south, ignoring the ledge on the east, all the way to D-5 and inspect the teleporter. Double back and defeat 3 Great Trolls to unlock the teleporter.
  • Head back to the teleporter at D-5 and take it to the lower level. A Black Chest (7/9) awaits you at the end of the long bridge.
  • Return up the teleporter you took and head back north until you see a ledge to the east that you can drop off. Do so, and follow the path north to find a Black Chest (8/9).
  • Head south until you find the teleporter, and take it to the upper level. Follow the path and inspect the teleporter, taking it down to the middle level. Here is the final Black Chest (9/9).
    • This teleporter does not activate until you activate all other teleporters, in case you came here first for some reason.
  • Return to the golden bridge area and head north into the Demon Palace barrier to activate a cutscene and complete the area.

The fight against Dread Incarnate is not particularly hard. He will auto-attack and use Miasma Shot to deal ranged Zam damage, but otherwise does nothing impressive.

After the cutscene, Walkthrough Warp back to Gran Zedora and report to Sage Lushenda. This concludes the 2.2 storyline.

Intermission (Zelmea, Dream World Quests)

As a reminder, you should spend some time in the Royal Labyrinth to power up Anlucia. You get a weekly recharge of 15 tokens, enough for five entries.

While we have some side-quests to do and optional areas to explore, we need to unlock an important transportation method first.

Speak with Sage Lushenda to begin the 2.3 storyline. Accept Quest 366.

Exit the castle and Walkthrough Warp to Rovos Highlands and head east into the Draklon Mountains. Speak with Wandola to progress, and then make your way up to the peak of the zone for a boss fight.

  • The Flying Dragon Trio will engage you one at a time. They each use elemental attacks corresponding to their color (red = fire, blue = ice, yellow = zap) and War Cry to knock you down.

After the fight, Walkthrough Warp back to Wandola. He will task you with travelling around the map collecting five Dragonstones. These are marked on your map already on Level 2, so head out and collect them, then Walkthrough Warp back to Wandola.

You now have access to Dragonriding. This allows you to fly over the land and drop into places you don't have memorized to a Zoomstone. Get used to the controls if you wish, and then either a) fly to Gran Zedora or b) land somewhere and Walkthrough Warp. Report back to Sage Lushenda to submit Quest 366.

Exit the castle and mount your dragon. There are a few optional areas to discuss before we continue with the story.

Isle of Ruins/Ancient Zelmea

Far to the east, on a pyramid shaped island in the middle of the ocean, lies the Isle of Ruins. This area gives you access to the Ancient Zelmea activity, which is one of the best ways to get equipment for your level, as well as a decent way to get experience.

Set one of your Zoomstones here, as you will often be returning here.

Here is a brief introduction to Zelmea:

  • When you attempt to enter, it will ask you what level you wish to explore. Choose one for the level of gear you wish to hunt.
  • Acting as a roguelite, you and your support companions will enter into a grid layout of rooms, surrounded by locked doors. You will be given three Scales (keys) to open doors with, and must choose which door to pick.
  • Sometimes, as you progress, you will reveal one of the grid spaces, allowing you to plan your route.
  • Here are some of the icons you will come across:

  • There are two types of encounters — Common Encounters, which feature waves of enemies appropriate for the level you selected, and Boss Encounters, which contain powerful creatures worth a good amount of experience.
  • Collected gear is locked until you reach the end of the activity, which happens when you run out of Scales or when you complete three floors.
  • When you reach the exit, you will be asked to choose which equipment to keep. The deeper you go, the more equipment you can keep. The rest are deleted.
  • Adventurer Jiguro at the entrance offers three buffs for you to choose from. You can only choose one per run, and it costs an additional Zelmea Crest:
    • Begin With 3 Additional Scales
      • Simply grants you 3 more Scales to unlock doors with. More rolls at loot/exploration.
    • Find All +3 Equipment
      • Increases the quality of gear you can find to max. Likely the most worthwhile buff to purchase if you're hunting upgrades.
    • Can Take 2 Extra Equips
      • If you are looking for a wide range of gear to outfit multiple Vocations, this option may be best to choose.

While this is an optional activity, if you haven't upgraded your gear in a while, it's worth committing to a run or two and updating your gear. Don't forget that your Monster Companion can also equip gear from here — you can Examine the gear in the dungeon to find out which monster can equip each piece of gear. Furthermore, if you are lacking in experience for you or your Monster Companion, this is a passable activity for EXP grinding. It doesn't compare to Metal Maze, but is a good alternative option.

Dream World Quests

Having your Wyvern for Dragonriding sure is nice, huh? Bet you wish you could use it in False Lendersia too, right?

The Dream World Questline is a seven-quest long chain of quests that allow you to use the Wyvern in False Lendersia. These quests are somewhat difficult even with a full part of 120+ Support Companions, but worth the time to complete. The last part of this questline requires you to travel to Ethene, so it lines up well with where you are at in the story.

To complete this optional questline, here are the steps:

Now that you're ready, let's get into 2.3.

Version 2.3: Soaring Wings of Hope

Mount your dragon and fly to True Ethene, landing in Ethene Village. Make your way to the glowing pit in the center of the town. Inside, head towards the inner chamber for a cutscene, where Claws will ask you to find a Tens Flower.

Make your way to nearby Nalbia Town. You can either mount your dragon and find the town just north of Ethene Village, or you can ride your Dolboard through Nurturing Land > Nameless Field > Sazamire Prairie.

Once here, set a Zoomstone to this location if you wish. Speak with Miiche for a brief overview of Nalbia, and then begin to make your way to Surea Coast.

  • Surea Coast is an excellent grinding spot for Fortune Tellers in particular. If you use Arcana Divination and get either Water, Slime or ALL, this place will net you hundreds of Tarot Fragments per session. If you are a Fortune Teller, you may wish to set a Zoomstone bind here.

While we're here, let's wrap up the Dream World Questline. Please see Quest 387 for a walkthrough.

  • This is outdated "raid" content (or 8-Player Party Alliance content). You may not be able to find a group using the in-game party finder. If so, ask in the discords for help from teammates.

With that done, head towards Issho's House to continue the main story quest. Speak with Issho have the cutscene, mention you are a relative of your sister, and accept and complete Quest 367.

Once complete, talk to Issho once more to accept Quest 368.

Afterwards, head to True Ethene Village and speak with Hana to accept and complete Quest 369.

Return to Claws and the Galapagod for a cutscene. You will automatically teleport to Gran Zedora Castle. Walkthrough Warp over to Waterfall Village and head east into Twisted Strange Land. Use the Golden Portal to head directly to the fortress for a cutscene.

Demon Palace

This dungeon has 10 treasures for you to find. It is worth taking the time to collect the treasure so you do not have to come back here. Furthermore, you are unable to run away from monsters on this map, so avoid combat when possible.

Head north to the center of the map. The NPCs will explain a little more of the story if you wish to learn it.

  • Head upstairs and interact with the golden portrait.
  • Head back downstairs and take the right-most door towards "Forest God".
  • Proceed straight past the first intersection and turn north at the second. There is a Black Chest (1/10) at the north-most point in this area.
  • Head back to the intersection and progress east into Forest God. A Black Chest (2/10) is here.
  • Return to the intersection again and head south, towards "Forest Secret". Dive into the picture for a boss fight.
    • Dark Realism will transform your allies into Mudraker monsters at random, and occasionally summon Bone Barons, but otherwise will only perform auto-attacks.
  • Exit through the far portrait to return to the center hall, then head east again into the Forest area. Instead of proceeding east, take the stairs up to the second floor and make your way up to the "Forest Keeper" room for a Black Chest (3/10).
  • Return to the center room and head north towards "Limbo". Inside is a Black Chest (4/10).
  • Head out of the Limbo room and take the stairs to the north. Follow the path towards Paradise, but at the intersection with the Giant Troll, take the south path. Continue on that path until you reach Black Chest (5/10).
  • Return to the intersection with the Giant Troll, and head west. Take the stairs down towards the "Coastal" room for a Black Chest (6/10.)
  • Return once more to the intersection with the Giant Troll and head north into "Paradise". Leap into the picture for a boss fight.
    • Evil Cubism will lash out with chains, dealing multi-hit damage on a single target. It will also cast Kafuddle, Kaswooshle, summon Ghosts and auto-attack.
  • Exit through the far picture to return to the center hall.
  • Head through the west door towards Window of Silence. At the first intersection, head south for a Red Chest (7/10).
  • Continue west towards an intersection. There is a Black Chest to the far north, far south, and immediately west here, so gather all three. (Black Chests 8, 9, and 10/10).
  • Return to the first intersection with the Red Chest and head north, then up the stairs. Enter the picture in the "Window of Freedom" room.
    • Wild Fauvism will summon Grim Keepers, cast an AoE physical ability that hits multiple times, auto-attack, but most importantly, charm your party. If you are using high-level Support Companions (125+), ensure you have a way to cure Charm otherwise they can take you out immediately.
  • Exit the boss room through the far picture back into the entrance hall for a cutscene.
  • Enter the Goddess's corrupted picture and head up the final staircase to a portal for a boss fight.
    • Anlucia will join you for this battle.
    • Zeldrad will cast Kazammle, Kaboomle, and occasionally use heavy auto-attacks. He is easily paralyzed, however.

Afterwards, mount your dragon and head towards Ethene. When landing, select "Temple of Light". After the cutscene, you have completed 2.3.

Version 2.4: Eternal Decisive Battle

This is the last patch for Version 2. No intermission this time — it's time to put Version 2 in the books.

Use your Hero's Room Zoomstone to meet with Anlucia. She will tell you to visit the King. You will receive the Lendersia III stamp card.

Exit the throne room and you will be offered a warp directly to the Temple of Light. Take it, make your way down into the temple proper, and speak with Falchion, who will tell you to defeat Great Trolls at the Cave of Creation. They will then offer you a free warp to the location. Take it and proceed north.

When you enter the Cave of Creation, Falchion will notify you that the Trolls you seek are near the Creatorium, where you fought the Maluminary in Version 2.0. Once you have the filled Goblet, Evac-U-Bell out and use the Hero's Room Zoomstone to go back to True Lendersia. Mount your dragon and return to the Temple of Light to enter the Eternal Passage.

The Eternal Passage is a dungeon with strictly one hallway, interspersed with forced encounters against a wide variety of enemies. There are four Black Chests, but they are all along the path and not hidden at all. Once you pass through three "temptations" (Ethene, Casino, Lover's Isle), you will meet up with Anlucia. Prepare for the final fights of Version 2.

Prince Toma

Prince Toma's autoattacks all use double strike, meaning that he chain attacks together quickly to rack up damage on a single target. He also has high physical dodge, so magical spells are the way to go to deal damage. His special, Blackened Blade, summons Darkness-element in a wave of energy in one direction, so simply dodge to the side to avoid it.

Great Demon King Madesagora

Madesagora is a magic caster that can unleash a wide-variety of powerful spells.

  • Scepter Ball is an AoE multihitting Zammle spell.
  • Kazapstrophe is an AoE Zapple spell.
  • Disruptive Wave will remove buffs on your party.
  • Kafrizzle is extreme single-target fire damage.
  • Cloth of Darkness will reduce damage dealt to him by 90%. Anlucia will remove this after charging up the Hero Beam.
  • Magic Burst is a long-charging AoE attack that will deal guaranteed 9999 damage to anyone not inside Anlucia's circle of protection.
  • Magical Recovery will allow him to regenerate 9999 MP once he runs dry.

You must keep Anlucia healthy for this fight. If Anlucia dies, and she is not revived in time, she may not be able to protect you from Magic Burst or remove Cloth of Darkness. Keep some Yggdrasil Leaves on hand and ready.

Worldmaker Madesagora

Worldmaker Madesagora will launch extreme-level spells at you, inflict a wide variety of debuffs and ailments, and periodically shift the battle arena to different scenes as you hit certain HP percentages. It is not necessary to keep Anlucia healthy like the last fight, but her added healing/DPS is always welcome.

  • Worldmaking - shifts scene to a new battle arena at certain HP thresholds. Each arena has a specific effect that affects everyone (your party and the boss). They go in this order:
    • World of Acceleration (90% HP) - Everyone's action interval (the time between selecting actions) and spellcasting speed is quickened.
    • World of Impurity (75% HP) - Everyone becomes more susceptible to status ailments.
    • World of Chaos (60% HP) - All damage dealt is doubled, and increases the chance of critical attacks and spells.
  • Kacrackle - AoE Crack damage
  • Lullab-eye - AoE Sleep
  • Godspeed Kafrizzle - Kafrizzle that targets a single target, but multiplies to two other targets nearby.
  • Foul Breath - Inflicts multiple ailments on all targets near Madesagora, including Poison and Curse.
  • Crackerwhack - Close-range physical Earth damage with a high chance of knocking back.
  • Kazammle Barrage - Multiple Kazammles that attack everyone within an area.

This fight can drag, even with multiple level 130 Support Companions, so you may wish to set this fight to Normal or even Weak to clear it.

Watch the cutscenes and pat yourself on the back — Version 2 is now fully complete.

In order to progress to Version 3, you will need to complete certain Stamp Card objectives. Talk to King Arios and he will highlight the specific quests that need completion. Collectively, these are called Gaiden (side story) quests. By accessing your Stamp Cards via the Item menu, you can see which quests you need to go clear. If you wish to start Version 3 right away, you can have these necessary quests temporarily "Deemed Clear". They will be set to clear status by the game to allow you to progress to Version 3— however, if you wish to complete them in the future, you must progress far enough within the main story to have their Deemed Clear status removed. This will sporadically happen throughout Version 3's story, and the game will alert you when this happens.

Quickstart Epilogue

Now that you have completed Versions 1 and 2, which contain the bulk of the missable or unlockable things in the game, it is safe to assume that you are veteran enough to explore and enjoy the rest of Dragon Quest X on your own. The intent behind the Quickstart guide was not to provide a full walkthrough of all six versions, but instead help newer players clear the earliest content and not miss the important unlockables.

There are plenty of things not covered in this guide, such as Hair Dye quests, Monster Companions, Batoen, Tycoon, Housing, PvP, and so many more topics that are yours to discover and explore.

As a final reminder, if you ever get stuck while progressing in the game:

  • Check The Story So Far in your Records menu.
  • Consult both this wiki and the JP wikis linked at the beginning of this guide.
  • Ask in the English Discords #questions channels — the people there love to help.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to not only read this guide, but also for giving Dragon Quest X a try in the first place. There truly is no other MMO like it, and we hope that this guide helped you acclimate and enjoy the game so far.

Your adventure continues, hero! Best of luck!